Thoughts on The Flash "Power Outage"
  • So Eddie Thawne is not the Reverse Flash…yet. He was in the hospital for a seemingly while and was injured. 
  • Did like the two duel storylines with two completely different villains. II wish Clock King didn’t have that illness since he has a timer on his character
  • Blackout was pretty bland. Though it was interesting to see someone actually come after Wells, blaming him for the accident. He keeps mentioning how he is a pariah but we never actually see it.
  • This whole Iris thing is getting kinda weird. They’re trying too much to make her like Lois Lane. I don’t hate it but it can easily fall on its face.
  • There were a lot of DC Comics heroes references. I caught Elongated Man, Blue Devil, Hawkman, Hawkgirl, and of course Firestorm.
  • So Wells wants a way to replicate the Flash’s powers? So is he not the Reverse Flash…yet? Time travel is pretty wonky.
YEAR/SUPERHERO - (Fun/Incomplete)

Perhaps, if you’re into superheroes, you might dig this. Ordered, it is Year/Superheroes of that year, alphabeically… There are notes at the bottom. This is a lot yet very incomplete. The Spread, which I’ve copied and slammed here looks awesome, but this is kinda fun…. -DW

1935 Doctor Occult, Rose Psychic,  1936 The Clock, Merlin 1937   1938 Crimson Avenger, Superman, Tex Thomas,Wing, Zatara,  1939 Amazing Man, Batman, the Eye, Fantom o/t Fair, Flame, Green Mask, Human Torch, Invisible hood, Lady Dorma, Masked Marvel, Samson, Sandman, Shazam, Shock Gibson, Stardust t Super Wizard, Sub Mariner, Ultra-Man, The Wizard, Wonder Man(Fox), 1940 Airman, The Arrow, the Black Condor, The Black Hood, Bullet Girl, Bullet Man, Captain Freedom, Cat Woman, Comet, Daredevil(Lev), Doc Strange(ABC), Dr. Sivana, Dynamo*, (*Electro), the Firefly, Flash 1, The Fox, Ghost, Green Hornet, Green Lama, Green Lantern 1, Hawkman, Hour Man, Human Top, Ibis The Invincible, Johnny Thunder, The Joker, JUSTICE SOCIETY, The King, Lady Luck, Lex Luthor, Madam Fatal, Magno, Makkari, Master Man, Max Mercurey, Mister Scarlet, Neon the Unknown, The Presence, Red Raven, Robin, The Shield, The Spectre, Spy Smasher, Uncle Sam, Woman In Red, 1941 711, American Crusader, American Eagle(St), Aquaman, Black Cat(hvy), Black Fury, Blue Tracer, Bucky Barnes, Captain America, Captain Battle, Captain Flag, Captain Marvel Jr, Captain Midnite, Captain Nazi, Dioby Dickles, Doctor Mid-Nite, Doctor Nemesis, Fighting Yank, Firebrand, Golden Girl, The Jester, Johnny Quick, Liberator, Minute Man, Miss Victory, The Mist, The Penguin, Phantom Lady, Plastic Man, Pyroman, Red Skull, Sandy(GB)Hawkins, Sargon the Sorcerer, Scarecrow, SEVEN SOLDIERS O VICTORY, Shining Knight, Speedy, Spider Queen, Spirit of ‘76,  Star-Spangled Kid, S.T.R.I.P.E., Tarantula, U.S. Jones, Vigilante, The Whizzer, Wonder Woman,  1942 Doctor Poison, The Gay Ghost, Guardian, Harvey Two-Face, Ibac, Kid Eternity, Liberty Belle, Manhunter, Mary Marvel, Mister Terrific, Robot Man, Stuff t/Chinatown Kid, TNT, V-Man, The Web, Weeper 1, Wildcat, 1943 Captain Triumph, Miss America, Mister Mind, MONSTER SOCIETY OF EVIL,  Sabbac, 1944 The Bouncer, Giganta, The Magnet, Mr. Mxyzptlk, Queen Clea, Solomon Grundy, Vandal Savage, Yellowjacket, 1945 Black Adam, Fighting American, Scarab, Superboy,  1946 Bronze Man, The Cavelier, Miss Masque, Oggar, Princess Pantha,  1947 Black Canary, Huntress(vil), Mister Atom, Namora, 1948 Frankenstein(dc), Gimmick Girl(Merry), The Riddler, Star Sapphire, Sun Girl, VILLAINY INC., 1949 Circe, Owlman, 1950 Deadshot, 1951 Doll Girl, King Kull,  1952 Detective Chimp, Phantom Stranger, 1953 Captain 3-D,  1954 Marvelman, 1955 Kid Marvelman, Krypto, Martian Manhunter, Young Marvelman, 1956 Batwoman, Flash 2, Zaza the Mystic, 1957 Captain Cold, 1958 Adam Strange, Bizzaro,Brainiac, Cosmic Boy, LEGION OF SUPERHEROES, Lightening Lad, Saturn Girl, Supergirl, Ty M. Master, 1959 Abin Sur, Aquagirl, The Fly, Gorilla Grodd, Green Lantern 2, Metallo, Mr Freeze(Zero), Pied Piper,  1960 Amazo, Aqualad, Arrowette, Atomic Knight, Captain Atom, Captain Boomerang, Chameleon Boy, Clock King, Colossal Boy, Elongated Man, JUSTICE LEAGUE, Trickster, 1961 (MARVEL) The Atom, Batgirl, Bouncing Boy, Brianiac 5, Doctor Druid, FANTASTIC FOUR, Flygirl, Hawkwoman, Human Torch, Invisible Girl, Jaguar, LEGION OF SUPERVILLAINS, Lightening Lord, Mon-El, Mr. Fantastic, Phantom Girl, Saturn Queen, Sinestro, Thing, Tomar-Re, Zod,  1962 Antman, Chemo, Chronus, CIRCUS OF CRIME, The Clown, Comet(Horse), Doc Magnus, Doctor Doom, Doctor Light,  Doctor Solar, Felix Faust, Hulk, Human Cannonball,  Loki, Matter Eater Lad, Mercury Man, METAL MEN, Odin, Ringmaster, Spider-Man, Ultraboy, Wizard,  1963 The Ancient One, Angel, AVENGERS, Baron Mordo, Beast, Catman, Chameleon, Cyclops, Doctor Polaris, Doctor Strange, DOOM PATROL, Dr. Weird, Ecipso, Element Lad, Firelad, Flamebird, Iceman, Impossible Man, Iron Man, The Leader, LEGION OF SUBSTITUTE HEROES, Lizard Man, Mad Thinker, Magneto, Marvel Girl, Mera, Nick Fury, Professor-X, Red Ghost, Reverse Flash, Sandman, Super Skrull, Trapster, Vanisher, The Vulture, Warlord Krang, Wasp, The Watcher, Whirlwind, X-MEN,  1964 Baron Strucker, Black Widow, Blue Beetle, Daredevil, Dormommu, Dream Girl, Enchantress, Great Gambonnos, Green Goblin, Hawkeye,  Kang, Karnilla,  Mandarin, MASTERS OF EVIL, Mysterio, Scarlet Witch, Time Trapper, Trinity, Wonder Man, Zatanna, 1965 Absorbing Man, Animal Man, Beast Boy, Black Bolt, Count Neferia, Crystal, Donna Troy, Dragon Man, Eternity, Glorith, Gorgon, INHUMANS, Judomaster, Karnak, Ka-Zar, Medusa,   Lockjaw, Metamorpho, MIGHTY CRUSADERS, Nuklo, Princess Python, Pycho-Pirate, Son of Vulcan, The Stranger, TEEN TITANS, Triton,  1966 Batroc the Leaper, Black Panther, Bee-Man, The Collector, Enchantress(dc), Ferro Lad, Galactus, High Evolutionary, Jigsaw, Klaw, Maximus the Mad, Nightshade, Peter Cannon TB, Poison Ivy, Prince Evilio, Princess Projectra, Rhino, Shrike, Silver Surfer, Spyman, Thor, Tiger, White Witch(dc), 1967 Abomination, Bizarro, Black Manta, Cobalt Man, Deadman, Element Girl, Emerald Emperess, FATAL FIVE, Kingpin, Livewire, Mano, Modok, Peacemaker, Persuader, Prankster, Ronan The Accuser, Shocker, Sun Eater, Tarantula, Tharok, Validus, 1968 Creeper, Doctor Dorcas, Guy Gardner, Jester, Mephisto, Murdru, Satannish, Tiger Shark, Tornado Twins, Ultron, The Vision, 1969 Charlie-27, The Glob, Grandmaster, Greyshirt, GUARDIANS O/T GALAXY, Kal-L, Martinex T’Naga, Nightmaster, Sauron, Silvermane, Yondu,  1970 Darkseid, The Nameless One, Surtur, Valkrie,  1971 DEFENDERS, Desaad, The Forever People, Klaatu, Llyra, Manbull, Man-Thing, Ra’s Al Ghul, Swamp Thing, 1972 Adam Warlock, The Cat, Captain Paragon, The Demon, Ghost Rider, Hammerhead, Luke Cage, Shuma Gorath, Starbreaker, Thundra, Werewolf by Night,  1973 Basilisk, Blade Vamp-Hunt, Captain Mar-vell, Chemistro, Damian Hellstrom, Doctor Spectrum, E-Man, FREEDOM FIGHTERS, Klarion t/Witch Boy, Mantis, Serpent Squad, Thanos, Venus,  1974 Cottonmouth, Firelord, Iron Fist, Nitro, Nuklo, Omac, The Punisher, Sise-Neg, Tara Freemont, Tigra, Wolverine, WRECKING CREW,  1975 Colossus, Deimos, Isis, Justice, Korvac, Moonknight, Nightcrawler, Starhawk, Storm, Thunderbird, Warlord, 1976 Absorbancy Boy, Atomic Skull, The Calculator, Captain Britain, The Eternals, Floronic Man, Machiste, Nikki(Gold), Nova, Power Girl, Ragman, Rocket Racoon, SKULL, 1977 Black Lightening, Cheetah(M), Constrictor, Corsair, Dawnstar, Dreaming Celestial, Gladiator(K), Hepzibah, Infinite Man, Lightmaster, Lord Chaos, Machine Man, Master Order, Ms. Marvel, Sphinx 1, Spider-Woman, STARJAMMERS, Tasmanian Devil, 1978 Arsenal, Blackout, Firestorm, Killer Frost, Madame Xanadu, Mystique, 1979 ALPHA FLIGHT, Black Cat, Blok, Captain Universe, Fire, Northstar, Sasquatch, Terrax,  1980 Black Mamba, Cyborg, Dazzler, Deathadder, Deathstroke, Emma Frost, HELLFIRE CLUB, NEW TEEN TITANS, Raven, Sebastian Shaw, Shadowcat, Shakira, She-Hulk, Sidewinder, Starfire, 1981 All-Star Squadron, American Eagle, Arisia, Bushmaster, Caliban, Elektra, Firebrand, Fearsome Five, Gizmo, Hybrid, Hydroman, Jack O Lantern, Midknight Man, Morpheus, Nexus, Phobia, Plasmus, Psimon, Rogue, Shimmer, Siryn, Terminator, Trigon, Vixen,  1982 Brother Blood, Cannonball, Cloak, Computo, Dagger, GLOBAL GAURDIANS, Monitor, Moonstar, NEW MUTANTS, The Rocketeer, Satanus, Sunspot, Thunderlord, Wolvesbane, 1983 Baron Bedlam, Beta-Ray Bill, Chameleon Girl, Cheshire, Comet Queen, Coyote(Ep), DNAGENTS(Ecl), Gargantua, Geo-force, Halo, Hobgoblin, Jade, Katana, Killer Croc, Lobo, Nightveil, Nuklon, Obsidian, Olympian, OUTSIDERS, Puck, Selene, SENTINALS OF JUSTICE, Stardust, 1984 The Beyonder, Big Sir, Blue Devil, Crowbar, Cypher, Forge, Gypsy, John Constantine, Lady Liberty, MASTERS OF DISASTER, Mr. Monster(D.St), Nightwing, Overmaster, Power Pack, Shakedown, Tezcatlipoca, Titania, Vibe, Warpath, Windfall, Zot(Ecl), 1985 Anti-Monitor, Black Mass, Boom Boom, THE CADRE, Fastball, FEMFORCE, Harbinger, Jinx, Looker, Miracleman(Ecl), Mojo, Nightfall, Nimrod, Rattler, SERPENT SOCIETY, Shatterfist, She Cat, Spiral, Superboy Prime, 1986 Apocalypse, Bad Samaritan, Booster Gold, Duke of Oil, Ecstasy, Kilowog, Miraclewoman(Ecl), X-FACTOR,  1987 Manticore, Marshall Law, Mr. Sinister, JIHAD, Red Rocket, Rictor, Silver Banshee, 1988 The Adversary, Betty Clawman, Extrano, Gloss, Ice, Jet, Matrix, NEW GUARDIANS, Powerbolt(Ecl), Ram, 1989 Crimson Fox, The Crow, Demogoblin, Eradicator, Freedom Beast, Huntress, INJUSTICE LEAGUE, Jubilee, Madman, NEW WARRIORS, Night Thrasher, 1990 Blaze, Cable, Gambit, Laurel Gand, Neon, Scarlet Skier, Sihlouette, X-FORCE,  1991 Bishop, Comet, Deadpool, Darkhawk, Domino, Feral, Lady Death, Kruggar, Shatterstar, Speedfreak, Talon, X-FORCE, 1992 (IMAGE) Azrael, Badrock, Bloodshot, Brigade, Chapel, Cougar, Dart, Doomsday, Dragonmage, Ganthet, Grifter, FREAK FORCE, Majestic, Malebolgia, Maul, Mighty Man, The Question, Photon, Prophet, Ripclaw, Riptide, Sam & Twitch, Savage Dragon, Shadowhawk, Shaft, Spartan, Spawn, Spoiler, Super Patriot, Supreme, Velocity, VICIOUS CIRCLE, Violator, Vogue, Voodoo, Warblade, WILDCATS, YOUNGBLOOD, Zealot,  1993 Angela, Backlash, Bane, Cogliostro, GEN 13, Ghost, Glory, Harley Quinn, Hellboy, Horridus, Knight Watchman, Maya, The Maxx, Pitt, She-Dragon, Static, Steel, STORMWATCH, Technocrat, Union, Prime, Firearm, 1994 Coldheart, Conduit, Impulse, Justice(Img), Knockout, Marrow, Osiris, Overlord, THE PACT, Parallax, Psilence, Savant, Scarlet Spider, Stryker, Thundergirl, Tremor, Ultiman, Wildstar, 1995 Bootleg, Curse, Freak, Gates, Ladytron, Lori Morning, Neron, Pete Wisdom, SOVEREIGN SEVEN, Swift, Witchblade,  1996 Aztek, Celestine, The Darkness, Onslaught, 1997 Angel(TV), Asmodel, Cobalt Blue, Jessica Priest, Resurrection Man, Smasher, Zauriel, 1998 Cameron Chase, Lagoon Boy, The Moth, Nyx, YOUNG JUSTICE, 1999 Cobweb, First American, Jonni Future, Mammon, SENTINELS OF MAGIC, Stargirl, Strange Visitor, Tom Strong, 2000 Agamemno, Imperiex, Jack Staff, Smax, 2001 Cassandra Nova, Double Down, EXILES, SMASH,  2002 Cyborgirl, The Hood, Invincible, Isis(img), Fantomex, Omni-Man, Atom Eve,  2003 Allan the Alien, Brit, Dupli Kate, Elixur, Firebreather, The Immortal, Rexplode, Robot, 2004 Captain Dynamo, Warlock’s Daughter, X-23,  2005 Black Light, Breach, The Drama Twins, DYNAMO-5, El Campion, FRESHMAN, Gravity, The Green Thumb, The Intoxicator, Long Dong, Post-It, The Puppeteer, Quaker, Rebound, Scandal Savage, The School Mascot, The Seductress, SHADOWPACT, The Squirrel, (Marvel Zombies) 2006 Bomb Queen, Cyclone, Dream Boy, Emissary, Karnevil, Miss Martian, PENTACLE, Sobek, Zera, 2007 Atrocitus, Cyblade, Daken, Earth-Man,  Larfleeze, Manegerie, Meme, Proof, Ramjet, Saint Walker, Supervision, Visionary, Wolfman(Ast), Wriath, 2008 THE END LEAGUE, Red Hulk, 2009 Haunt, King Chimera, 2010   2011 JUSTICE LEAGUE DARK, Pandora, Super Dinosuar, White Lantern(KR), 2012 Hummingbird, NEW CRUSADERS,  2013 Sun Girl, 2014             …..NEEDS RESEARCH: Starfire 1981-85, Bullet Proof-Image03-04?, Angstrom Levy Image, Sludge Image, Minimidget 39-44? Monster Society of Evil. Tex Thomas/Mr America, Dr. Riddle, Her Highness and Silk, New Wave dc, Bloodclaw, Catspaw, chemical kid, Firefist, Newmen, Dr. Stellar Image), Cacophony, Frost Img), Liberty (and Justice(img)), Heatwave, Knightsabre(img), Masada, Mr U.S., Mr. Martian, Noble Causes, Protplasm Man, Troll, Vita Man bbang#!), Wildguard, Strikeforce: Morituri, Overt-Kill, Carnacki, (Synn, Rayda, Colt, Firebeam(AC)), Terrific Three, Starfighter and Underlord, Barb Wire, Team Membs the End LEague, Freedom Fightrs roster, bozo th iron man, Human Bomb,        …..DOES NOT QUALIFY: Blackhawk, Empowered, The Escapist, First Family, Flaming Carrot, Jason Wynn, Megaton Man, Normal Man, Sabrina(Arch), Sgt Rock,  Splash Brannigan           …..Marvel was Timely and aquired Malibu and owns Maxx and Epic      DC sucked up old America’s Best Comics, is Vertigo and owned Helix   Top-Notch as well as MJL/Red Circle comics becomes Archie comics 



Barry (Grant Gustin) is thrilled when Oliver (guest star Stephen Amell), Felicity (guest star Emily Bett Rickards) and Diggle (guest star David Ramsey) come to Central City to investigate a case involving a deadly boomerang. Excited about teaming up with his friend, Barry asks Oliver if he’d like to help him stop Ray Bivolo (guest star Patrick Sabongui), the meta-human Barry is currently tracking. Bivolo causes people to lose control of their emotions and has been using that skill to rob banks. Unfortunately, the superhero partnership doesn’t go as smoothly as Barry expected. When Oliver tells Barry he still has a lot to learn, Barry sets out to prove him wrong by attempting to stop Bivolo alone. However, when Bivolo infects Barry and sets him on a rage rampage, everyone is in danger, and the only one who can stop him is the Arrow. Meanwhile, Iris (Candice Patton) is furious when Eddie (Rick Cosnett) tries to get a task force to stop The Flash, Joe and Dr. Wells (Tom Cavanagh) agree the Arrow is a bad influence on Barry, and Caitlin and Cisco deal with a new team in S.T.A.R. Labs. 

When I firest heard that the first part of the Flash Arrow crossover would be called ‘Flash vs Arrow’, I was a tad off put. It’s just too easy, especially when Pied Piper is involved, good o’ll mind control as plot device for hero on hero action. However, if its rooted in a prexisting macho jock rivalry this could really work. 

Earth 2 #28

The Apokoliptian Invasion! Run for your life!

Since World’s End has taken to telling a fairly linear story about the Not Quite the Justice Society’s battle against Apokolips, Earth 2 hasn’t been given any time at all to talk about them. So what will this comic book be about? I’ve got a feeling it will tell the secret origins of the Fab Furies of Apokolips! Remember them? They’re the ones that were going to cause widespread devastation and tons of exciting plot twists but haven’t really done shit for five full issues. What are they doing? They traveled across the universe to destroy Earth and they’ve simply all gone AWOL! I suppose I’ll get my fill of them here.

The credits show four full sets of artists, so I guess each set will be doing one story each or something. The first story takes place on Czarnia. Oh great! With a special appearance by Twat Lobo, I bet! Is Twat Lobo from Earth-2’s Czarnia? Is that all the explanation we need? Is his really Earth-Twat?!

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Why The Flash is Smallville


Fans of Arrow and The Flash on CW have 10 seasons of Smallville to thank for this golden age of superhero television. The WB/CW’s retelling of Clark Kent’s transformation into Superman might have soared closer to mediocrity more often than brilliance but there’s no denying the show’s winning formula. As Clark discovered the full extent of his powers, he battled “meteor freaks” and formed a support network of friends, family members and super-powered colleagues. The Flash and Green Arrow even showed up to form a nascent Justice League.

I was a diehard Smallville fan. I’ll defend the show even to this day, three years after its series finale. That show’s blend of standalone episodes and mythology-heavy hours helped it survive 218 episodes spread across 10 seasons each with 20+ episodes. I thought I’d never see that kind of grind again given the shorter episode orders we see today. The second season of Arrow certainly made 23 episodes seem like a breeze. What’s funny is that as I watch The Flash sprint through a thoroughly entertaining first season, I’m seeing numerous parallels between Barry and Clark’s journeys.

I’ve come to believe The Flash is Smallville reborn. Here’s why:

  • Accidental abilities: Smallville was rocked by a meteor shower that gave the small town’s residents a crazy collection of powers and deposited a new hero in their midst. The particle accelerator designed by Harrison Wells exploded and rained down abilities on Central City’s best (Barry) and worst (pretty much everyone else).
  • One at a time: We’ve watched Barry slowly uncover the extent of his powers this season. We know more are on the way. Reminds me of the big reveal before each season of which super power Clark would be developing that year. (Never flight, sadly.) 
  • Unrequited love interest: Barry loves Iris West, who’s dating Eddie Thawne, the pretty boy detective everyone loves. In Season 1 of Smallville, Clark loved Lana Lang, who was dating Whitney Fordman, the pretty boy quarterback everyone loved.
  • Tugging on the geeky heartstrings: With his true love unavailable, Barry has developed a simmering romantic connection to Felicity Smoak, the adorkable computer whiz from Starling City. Clark tread the same path in Season 1 and beyond with his love for Chloe Sullivan, burgeoning master hacker.
  • The mysterious mentor: Harrison Wells is from the future and might be Reverse Flash, Flash’s greatest enemy. (If not, don’t hurt me. I don’t read the comics.) For now, he’s Barry’s mentor at STAR Labs and a trusted ally. Sounds like Lex Luthor, who transformed over the course of seven seasons from Clark’s best friend into his greatest enemy.
  • A father and a dad: Barry was raised by Joe West after his father went to prison for the murder of Barry’s mom. Barry is working to get his father out of prison, but for the time being, he’s only a voice on the other end of a phone. Clark was also reared by an adoptive dad and stayed in touch with an absent father who was only available via a voice in the arctic (also a cave wall).
  • Episodic similarities: Both shows employ the “freak of the week” pattern that Smallville used exclusively its first season. The Flash has done a nice job setting up a season-long arc that ties together separate episodes into a larger narrative. That said, there are some similarities too obvious to miss. Such as:



There’s something magical about damsels held hostage at school.



All it takes is electricity to lose your powers?



Tornado CGI has come a long way in a decade!

There’s bound to be some similarities between Smallville and The Flash since they both take place in the DC Universe. That doesn’t explain the déjà vu I get sometimes watching Barry Allen’s earliest days unfold. I’ve been here before, many years ago, in a town called Smallville.


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           ”Aqualad!” He jumped a moment, then turned around to see the teen there. “Wasn’t expecting you—” And slightly embarrassed at being startled at all by him. “Hope everything’s alright.”

Reviews: Deathstroke, Catwoman, Gotham by Midnight

Reviews: Deathstroke, Catwoman, Gotham by Midnight

Alrighty, let’s reach into Man Cave’s comic box this week to see what’s good.

credit: DC Comics

Gotham by Midnight #1

R.I.P. G.C.P.D. If that’s too many initials for you, just know that Batman: Gotham City Police Departmentwas a much beloved title that tackled the street-level repercussions of the caped crusader’s superpowered tussles. It was aces, and shame on you if you haven’t read it. You…

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