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Why do you even cosplay, buying all this resin and fabric and whatever along with going to super expensive cons and the like when you're clearly in a financially disadvantaged situation? Oh wait. Maybe you can afford it all with your 'surgery' money. Nobody believes it any more.


If you actually know anything about me, which is pretty easy considering I basically liveblog my life, you’d know you’re fucking dumb.

Maybe because I make a business off of cosplay, I quit my job to make props and costumes because I can do it on my own time when I’m feeling up to it. I have my EIN and am officially doing business legally in the state of NY. Did you see my post about sorting reciepts for taxes for my business the other day? Oh right, no you didn’t because you’re a piece of shit.

A resin re-order of all materials costs about 500$, two big helmets and a little one cover that cost. I can make twice that amount of props with the materials (there’s other costs too, but whatever, cost is recouped and profit still being made). It’s called math, learn you some.

I went to school for fashion and costume design, a huge amount of the fabric I have was purchased with grants, taken from the free student stockroom, or purchased years ago as I have been sewing for eighteen years. I occasionally clean up at Joann’s when they have 50% off red tags and they have stuff that I continually sell and can profit on. I’m working through old stock, and even costumes I make for myself are for sale - if someone is my size and has money it’ll be in the mail in 24 hours.

I am not going to a single convention this year that I have not been either invited to (free), or paid to attend. This is the important one. Surprise, I’m more successful than you. Going to conventions is a net win; there has not been one yet wherein the amount of money I’ve made due to networking, appearances, sales, and the like has not allowed me to at the very least break even, some of them have been profit in the four-digit range. Oh my god, it’s like its my job or something.Also most of the cons I go to are within a few hours drive of my house. It’s also not glamorous when it isn’t nearby, we pile like eight people into a hotel room and bring our own food from home so as to minimize cost and maximize profit.

I don’t actually own anything I sell on my shop. Yep, it all goes to customers. You know how many times I’ve sold a Lady Loki helmet that I made special for myself because I needed money and cosplay is a luxury? I cannot afford to have and keep most of the costumes I make on my blog, taking commissions allows me to do what I went to school for and make money while working with materials I could not afford. All of my ‘main’ costumes now (har har all two of them that weren’t made with random shit from the back of my closet) have recouped their cost and made profit via cash prizes for costume contests - it’s like it’s *gasp* profitable if you’re skilled. I’ve sold my Loki, my Thranduil crowns, my Margaery dress.

I don’t even remember half of DragonCon 2014 because I had issues on wound upkeep and had to have oral surgery the day prior to leaving and was high as balls on codeine the whole time.

“Nobody believes it anymore” It’s really not that hard to go back through my history and watch me get sicker and sicker as I fail at life.  Me and my husband have made the informed decision not to have kids because I am not well enough to do so and burdening a child with all my genetic issues is cruel. There’s even a fair amount of hospital selfies. I used to be a competitive and touring dancer. Now I can’t always get out of bed and have such severe intestinal problems from all my medications that I’m shitting blood. Yep, totally doing that for attention. It’s also a LOT of fun to have six root canals and four teeth pulled and worry about losing your jaw. Oh, also ever have shitty dental insurance and have work done without novocaine because its expensive when not covered? I suggest you try it, super relaxing and gets you loads of sympathy, amirite?

I just got this fun shit in the mail today. My oral surgeon felt so goddamn bad for me that she held back billing so it fell into a new calendar year so that part of this would be covered by insurance and I’d have time to save up money. That and she didn’t want me to skip treatment because then the situation could escalate.  Luckily half of that got covered, so like 500$ is on me. I am going this week and it’ll cost ~500$ to me after insurance again. My dental insurance covers 1k of copay per year. i have 3k (after insurance) of surgery left after.

I’m not financially disadvantaged as a whole. My hubby has a decent job and I work from home. We’re both paying off student loans, which is loads of fun. No one who is not obscenely rich is ever, ever prepared for a serious medical emergency in the US (I distinctly remember my mom crying and talking about re-financing their mortgage when I had to be hospitalized for testing and surgery for two weeks as a teenager). We were saving for a house, all of that money went directly into my face, and set us back about four years. Four years of mutual savings. Four. Years. Do you even have four years of savings? I actually have a screencap on my phone of my bank app prior to all this shit going down, because I was really proud/impressed that I’d managed to save that much money and might be able to move somewhere cool. Now I’ve got ~100$ that isn’t already ear-marked for the 2/3 of surgical costs that I’ve managed to put aside myself since September. And that 100$ is shipping money for people’s orders. So really I don’t have any money.

I’ve sold lots of my cool toys. I used to model, and had fun stuff from it. I’ve sold ALL my designer clothing, lolita clothing, movie props, even any normal clothes that Plato’s Closet will take on consignment. I ebayed lots of books I didn’t need. My husband sold his Harley, some Warhammer armies, his PS3, etc. I’ve kept a couple of my swords and things that have sentimental value, or are so long discontinued I’ll never be able to reacquire them once I climb out of this pit. 

In closing:

Shove your stupid opinions and false accusations up your ass.

I hope you’re a cosplayer too, come up to me at a con and I will gladly show you my scars and unfinished dental implants, punch you, and then proceed to be a far more successful and happy person with all my problems than you will ever be without them.

Being blind sucks. Doron was pretty sure he’d stumbled into more tables than he remembered owning. Was he in his room? God he hoped so, otherwise this was going to get awkward really fast if someone showed up. Though it would explain the table thing….