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Light and shadow in drawings by Dylan Andrews

Dylan Andrews is currently a third year student on the Drawing and Applied Arts course in the University of the West of England. His work centers mainly around portraiture and studies of the human form. He aims to portray emotion without the use of obvious facial expressions, instead he manipulates light and shadow in his images in order to construct dramatic moods and atmospheres. The use of pattern and texture is also prominent in his studies, as he explores the different ways that these components can form a surreal aspect to his work.

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question for my teacher tumblr-ers

Boyfriend and I talk a lot about the myth of the “digital native”, this story told about the current generation of students and how their immersion in technology means they are tech-savvy when in fact many of our students struggle to make use of basic applications like Word and Excel, they struggle to register for websites or use Google Docs or conduct a proper Google search, and the list goes on.

Yes, they can figure out how to use a smartphone and play Mario Galaxy, but when it comes to applying critical thinking to a problem or utilizing technology in a more complex way, they often throw in the towel before they’ve begun.

So here is my question. How are you embedding tech education and practice into your classes? How much time do you spend explicitly instructing students on the use of commonly used applications and what are areas in which you think your students need to improve?


You think of him a lot. The beautiful boy who was too good at keeping secrets.

You know that the fact that he decided to leave is worse than the fact that he’s gone. You wonder why he’s different to all the other faceless third and fourth and tenth years who left nothing but faint rumors of timeless adventures and names/countries/years in etched in desktops. You hear clichés about footprints on hearts, about loving and letting go, about the beauty of choice and the choice to disappear in the middle of the night being one of them. You know they mean nothing when shadowed by tidal waves of missing him, tsunamis that ebb and flow as the months go by and that come crashing down when you suddenly realize that it’s been a year.

You write about him, you dream about him, you fantasize about the way things might have been because. Because you know that you could have saved this beautiful boy, this adolescent Atlas who carried the weight of everyone’s sadness on his shoulders, but who couldn’t help but dissolve in the torrent of everyone’s tears. You lock memories away in the darkest recesses of your mind, to be pulled out only when in a haze of intoxication and hysteria.

You watch the uncertainty around you, the discomfort that arises when honesty and frank conversation prevail, and you wonder why people choose to live in this world of delusion and denial. You refuse to understand that loss doesn’t end in empathy; but as hard as you try to look away, you see it ending in a combination of pity and revulsion, a need to remove oneself from the raw grief and pain of bereavement. You seek comfort in the uncomplicated: the beauty of the open ocean through the bottom of a glass bottle, the feeling of waking up in a friend’s arms - anyone’s arms.

You bury yourself in a tangle of limbs and blankets and books, hoping for days that don’t remind you of the months you spent with him. You remember - the doubling over of his laugh, the smart-ass sass of his words, his kiss on your cheek. His hands in his pockets, him leaning against a table waiting to walk you home, his knowing smile as he backs out of a room late at night. His hand in yours, keeping you upright as you stumble towards your dorm late at night, the last night, drunk and crying. The last thing you remember, before the “Oh, my God.”

You feel the world is taunting you, throwing the number of months you knew each other in your face when the pain and anger and frustration threaten to overwhelm you. You miss him more than you can describe - to your friends, to yourself, to the world around you - no matter how loudly you scream it to the sky ballooning overhead. But sometimes you see him - in a boy on the subway, in the way your friends reminisce about him, in his sister and in a butterfly that lands on your arm on a sunny summer afternoon in Manhattan. You think you might even have talked to him a couple times since, and you hope more than anything that now he still laughs the way you did when you were with him.

I love you, Colin. I miss you more than anything.


UWC Atlantic College



Tumblr:  &  Instagram: Error20091994 

My name is Tanya and I was born kinda raised in Zimbabwe. Long story short
I am 20 years young and I live in London . I am currently a student at London
College of Fashion University doing Menswear. Everyone always asks me why menswear lol but I just feel like a lot has still to be done with men’s fashion than with women’s.

ANYHOOO, Other than doing work and sleepless nights - I organise and style photo-shoots. I am what they call a feminist , I support the LGBT Community , I read and am very involved in politics. Enough of the boring stuff though, let’s talk about H.A.I.R because that is what I LOVE LOVE LOVE ! A lot of people always ask me what hair I have on and how I style it etc.. Sit down and grab a penbecause I am about to spill some juicy stuff. Haha , I don’t wear weave (nothing against weave but I like to get in from a long stay and throw my hair on the bed and chill) ..yes. You have guessed it , I wear wigs.
I like to change my look A LOT and it is very important to me that I do this because I sadly do this thing where I dress to my wig (DON’T ASK).Oh I also don’t glue or tape just grip the wigs on , I also don't wear human hair - Simply because I just can not be paying some crazy prices for hair and I like the
idea of not wearing another persons hair on my heads…its a little strange to me.  

…But seriously guys I am one for promoting synthetic hair because the things I have learnt to do with it for an amazing price, is just shocking. I am more than happy to answer any questions or help with wigs
and how to achieve certain looks.  Instagram : Error20091994 , DM/MESSAGE ME/COMMENT whatever if it’s fashion/hair/LGBT anything.

Hey UCSD, why not introduce yourself to everyone?

Calling all prospective and current UCSD students, introduce yourself to everyone. Tell us your name, year(just say 0 if prospective), major, specific college, and one random fact about yourself. This is to break the ice and get to know each other a little better. Thank you!

Yours Truly

Yours Truly

Mostar, this two-year affair has gotten too public, so it’s ending.

Mostar, sometimes you make me homesick and body-sick and I wish you were a stranger to me as much as I have been a stranger to you.

Mostar, I wish I could do more than buy, and beg, and curse in your tongue.

Mostar, I regret that your marijuana could not iron out my towering self-importance.

Mostar, I stooped to the forty-ninth kilo in stomaching your diet of greasy potatoes.

Mostar, if you charge me in Euros, I will not pay.

Mostar, I’m glad that your stares did the ironing.

Mostar, our time together has made me really indifferent as to whether it’s UNESCO protected or not.

Mostar, I’m also sick of the word ‘war’.

Mostar, I’m embracing the paranoia of your umbrellas, sauna-hot lounges and pharmacies on every bloody block.

Mostar, I wish I knew what you’d say when I’d walk by and you’d giggle or spit.

Mostar, sometimes your town squares smell of festering poverty and marble-paved wealth all at once.

Mostar, sometimes you town squares sound like welcome wood-fires and mountain breezes all at once.

Mostar, I’m happy that I saw the world throb all of a sudden, animated by the lights that douse the night in brain-grey, at six-past-curfew.

Mostar, I appreciate how your hills explode with apricity and cypresses, in vertical beams of gold and green, come spring.

Mostar, it took some time for me to be O.K. with your defiance towards minimalist Ikea-engineered interiors.

Mostar, I can’t say as to whether I support The War on Turbo-Folk or not.

Mostar, your lamp-posts rustle with obituaries.

Mostar, now how much are you willing to forget?

Mostar, construction is always rippling in my coffee.

Mostar, is it the bullet holes? Are you insecure?

Mostar, I think you can buy something like Clearasil from DM, only stamped over with fat German script and class-statements.

Mostar, once I saw you throw a tantrum.

Mostar, I saw young rage ignite old tyranny in the cheering theatre of the street.

Mostar, I just ran with the crowd.

Mostar, what took you so long to react? Did you want to tear-gas us all?

Mostar, were you disappointed when the rapt frenzy of that day petered out into a lone old crank in Spanish Square only two weeks later?

Mostar, don’t let your curb-side footballers, twenty years in a whole team, sit in bookies.

Mostar, when you ask me where the Stari Most is, I am programmed to reply “u pičku materinu”.

Mostar, I’ve dangled over the sliding glass of the Neretva too often to give you a convincing answer.

Mostar, you’ve torched at least four dumpsters this week.

Mostar, I’ve developed a smoker’s cough from sitting in the curdled blue air of your cafés.

Mostar, I admire your waiters who would rather finish their Drinas than take orders.

Mostar, you rarely live the house without perfect hair.

Mostar, your Kusturica dreams of laughter, summer and crime are safe with me.

Mostar, I love to live with you when you’re cheap.

Mostar, I could be boisterous off of booze, without breaking so much as a banknote.

Mostar, I’m flattered by your warbling old Babas who corner me in Konzum and question me in crumbled English.

Mostar, I’m not from “Africa”.

Mostar, thank you for teaching me how to laugh sincerely at that which paralyses us all.

Mostar, when it rains your streets slither with taxi tyres.

Mostar, I had to pick over the shoots of hypodermic needles in the rubble, to climb a concrete Tito-phallus from where I can see the best side of you.

Mostar, will you ever dress outside of the 90s?

Mostar, your warm indifference looks more like a smile now.

Mostar, continue to tolerate Abrašević, it’s actually not an anarchist cell run by junkies.

Mostar, I’m sorry I laughed at your misfortunes and blamed you for them.

Mostar, I’m sorry I was repulsed by your attempts at control.

Mostar, keep my childhood safe with you.

Mostar, I know you’ll forget me.

Yours truly,


UWC in Mostar

anonymous asked:

hi im a bfa student. question. how do i improve in animation ... i'm struggling so much with the basics of animation. like i can't get my timing, arcs and curve right. how do i overcome my demons??? i'm so worried i'll struggle in the following years in Digipen.

First and foremost, talk to your professor for sure. Set up a one on one session with them, its scary, but its amazing what you can pick out of their brains in a 30 minute meeting. Or contact your TA, they will be equally as helpful. If you haven’t already bought the recommended books I’d say get them and read them because they are super great and worth the money (try to get them used if you can). Or check them out from the library, then make some photocopies of the pages you find most useful. Also, ask your classmates how they approach it. Its interesting and insightful to see the different ways we all think about it and go about our process even though you’re all doing the same assignments.

Don’t be scared it will click eventually! We all learn at our own pace, try to think of how you learn too, is it auditory, visual, or kinesthetic. Knowing your tendencies will help you come up with strategies for learning quicker. Some things that help me are to imagine the action as a whole. Animating pose to pose I found was the easiest way for me to visualize it in the beginning. Once you get used to it you can start going on the strait ahead type animation. As for your arcs put your first and last pose on a light table and throw a sheet over it and draw the arcs between them. You can use that sheet as reference while you’re coming up with the middle poses and inbetweens. It will be important that you understand animation for your future classes so work hard and fight through this rough patch. There is a lot of support and help waiting for you to tap into it. :)

Here are my book recs:

Message me at spooky-kaneki or deloonoo if you have anymore in depth kind of questions.


As a TA for animation, please, please, please utilize us! We’re here to help you guys for a reason, and if you contact us, we will make appointments with you around your schedule.

Everything else Laney said is on the dot too; animation is just a happy balance of planning, doing, seeing your mistakes, and going back to planning. It takes a lot of time and practice! 


SOAR- What does it stand for?

S- Study Skills, in SOAR you will learn various techniques in which to study for tests, quizzes, essays, and much more.

O- Organization, you will learn how to organize yourself and your study tools in order to flourish to your maximum potential in all classes, and even life.

A- And

R- Research, in SOAR, you will write 2-3 research essays under the semi-guidance of Mr. Steinhauser and the help of other students. This will allow you to learn to not only write an essay for future classes, but also have to research a topic and really understand everything about it. 

UWC is

UWC is going barefoot around campus

UWC is hugging someone for a minute even though you barely know them just because you both love hugging

UWC is being scared of someone because they’re so passionate about something at the start of the year

UWC is being passionate about it yourself by the end of it

UWC is learning to appreciate silence and sunrise

UWC is giving a castle tour and having a special memory associated with every room you enter

UWC is that temptation of pushing the button on the emergency poles

UWC is learning basic conversation skills in ten different languages

UWC is having late-night conversations with your roomie while you’re both in you own beds

UWC is the inner panic of taking a nap and waking up later than you should

UWC is being able to sing all throughout campus without fear of being judged

UWC is the half-fascinated-half-‘why-the-heck-is-that-a-thing’ feeling you get when you learn something quirky about someone else’s culture

UWC is recognising someone’s laughter from a mile away

UWC is going blind for a day, but being able to see for the rest of the year

UWC is seeing your own tiredness when you see that ToK essay you wrote yesterday at three

UWC is coming as a citizen of your country, but leaving as a citizen of the world

UWC is us.



alright so, this is pretty wild

since im sure most of you who followed me within the last 24 hours are here for gravity falls stuff and probably dont know that much about me other than the fact that i draw cute gravity falls stuff, here’s some fun facts about me!

  • hello my name is elena!! i am 19 years old (turning 20 in july), my personality type is infp, my zodiac sign is leo, i id as a demigirl, i go by she/her, i am asexual and aromantic, i am white, and i am neurodivergent. you can also find all this stuff out by going to my about page, which says the same thing but preluded by some cool pictures.
  • i am currently a student at the maryland institute college of art in baltimore, where i study illustration. but right now it’s summer break for us so im back at my house in upstate new york
  • here’s what i look like
  • i have a webcomic called bloom, which starting next week will go back to updating on mondays, and im also in the process of writing another webcomic called nightmareverse
  • as far as cartoons go apart from gravity falls i am also a big fan of steven universe, over the garden wall, princess tutu, and wakfu
  • my favorite game is mother 3, my favorite movie is the iron giant, my favorite band is daft punk, and my favorite book is the little prince
  • i make fanmixes as a hobby and take them way too seriously
  • if you need me to tag something for you to block that im not tagging already you can always feel free to come forward and ask me, no matter how specific it is
  • so
  • yeah
  • thats me

im fully expecting a ton of you to leave once you realize what kind of person i am and im cool with that. i wont judge you for unfollowing me. but i hope that those of you who stick around get a good blogging experience from my silly ass?? i am here for u guys

Our First Interview: Britte Geijer, Class of 2013

Well, this is super exciting… major thank you to Britte Geijer for volunteering to talk about her experience at Smith within the art department, her work, and for touring me around her awesome studio space.  Here’s our interview; enjoy, and if you want to be interviewed or know someone who should be, let us know!! 

Last Wednesday I had the opportunity to sit down and talk with Britte Geijer, class of 2013.  Britte is a studio art major at Smith College, and her work has expanded from her painting and drawing background to include video, installation, and photography.  You have seen her work in the show It’s Good For You! that was in the Jannotta gallery last fall.  She makes fantastic pieces that juxtapose specific objects, actions, and concepts, such as the impossible task of the hands with the impossible nails attempting to braid the horse’s tail that she projected as part of It’s Good For You!

Britte explains that she comes from an artistic family.  “My mom photographs and my dad is an architect and a painter, so I’ve always been doing some kind of art.  [At Smith] I thought I’d do something else with art on the side…[but] I dove into studying art here.” She says that the art history component of the program played an influential role in the direction her art took once she was immersed in the Smith program. Art history and 3D Design courses led her to begin working on inter-disciplinary medium projects, including photo, video, installation, and performance. 

On the pros of the Smith art program as opposed to traditional art schools, Britte notes that at “art school it’s so hard to get attention or help from professors.  People here are great- they are not only artists, but also great teachers.  [In] the art department, if you work hard and try to make connections, they are very readily available”.  

We talk about the work she’s doing now as we tour her studio.  “Right now I’m working mostly in photo or video- that’s what will be in the show at the end of March,” she says.  Her studio is bright pink at the top, remnants of when she painted the entire white studio as part of an installation piece last semester.  Trinkets, photos, and inspiration prints are pinned on the walls and books are stacked on the desk.  A tall camera stands in the corner.  “I’m kind of interested in - always have been interested in masculinity or aggressive femininity, the feminine macho is what I’ve been thinking of a lot, [and] young male sexuality, I take a lot of pictures of men”.  Accordingly her prints-mostly of young men- are scattered around the space, including one hung next to the “I AM Beyonce always” scrawled onto the wall.  Benjamin Franklin makes an appearance; Britte explains how his super organized schedule, with time set aside for working, socializing, thinking, and sleeping inspires her.

Another topic was conversation is the seminar she was in last semester, how that worked, and how artists of all different backgrounds and mediums got together to produce It’s Good For You!.  “I think most times with shows you think ‘how is this going to come together’, and it does…we had to figure out some way to work together and so we did.  Its really crucial to get to know other people- it’s been really nice to have that seminar then going into the smaller seminars this semester and knowing everyone.”

Britte has done several internships in New York, including working for a fashion art photographer, a clothing designer, and at a gallery.  Last summer she used the Praxis grant, and she has also received the Brown Fine Arts foundation grant from the Smith College Museum of Art. After graduating this spring, she plans to spend time living in the Bay Area with her best friends and seeing what work comes her way.  

What’s up, everyone!?

Hi everyone! My names Casie Kamph and I’ll be posting on here every Monday for the rest of the semester. I’m a senior here at UW-Eau Claire and I am double majoring in Creative Writing and Public Relations and plan to graduate next fall. I’m involved in a few things here on campus. I’m an ambassador (I give tons of tours), I lead a bible study for Intervarsity Christian Fellowship, I’m President of Tau Sigma National Honor Society for Transfer Students, and a member of Mortar Board and Future Student Affairs Professional Organization. With any free time I have I like to build forts, watch movies, read books, and play outside. I am also a huge dog lover – so when dogs come to campus, you bet I’ll be there!

So there it is, folks! A little blurb about me to get us started. I’ll be back next Monday with an installment of “A Cas of the Monday’s”. (Still working on the whole title thing, but you get my drift.)

See you next week, Blugolds!



Two years ago, amidst a pile of pages, I received my Hogwarts letter.

While the motto was not “Draco dormiens nunquam titillandus” the letter spoke of using education as a “force to unite people, nations and cultures for peace and a sustainable future”. Long? Yes. In Latin? No. Obtainable? Maybe.

Hagrid did not come to disturb my vacation on an old house on a small island with a cake to tell me that I am a wizard and wish me happy birthday. Rather, the letter came with a brochure showing smiling children of diverse backgrounds standing before a castle. “Imagine finishing high school in –“it said before listing out several countries and proceeding to state that I would receive a full scholarship.

“I can’t be…A UWC student…I’m just me. Just me.” I thought to myself, confused as to how I could receive this letter.

However, I felt a spark inside me, knowing this was it. This is right. I needed to try.

After months of the application process (Harry did not need to apply…Aunt Petunia tried though…that did not work out so well), I finally received word that I would be able to attend UWC-USA. Not exactly Hogwarts but we never did learn about the magical school in North America did we? It was all about Europe. As long as I was not a Beauxbaton, I would be fine. Right? Voldemort was dead. All was well.

Not exactly.

Shortly after, I found myself pulling up towards a castle hidden in the mountains.

“It’s real,” I thought, “Hogwarts is real.”

My adventures began then. Walking up several stairs to reach my room, eating in a dining hall with a buffet style meal, exploring the hidden passages in the castle, hiking in the forbidden forest, laughing with friends as we eat chocolate frogs, learning all we could be it in class or outside, and making the most of a wonderful opportunity.

However, similarly to Professor Quirrell,  I found myself slowly submitting to Voldemort’s dark influence as my mind was plagued by confusion and fear as time passed by. I knew it was not Voldemort exactly but I also could not admit to myself the truth.

But, just like Harry, I fought back and I won…For the time being.

I came back for my second year, refreshed yet nervous, unsure if I would face evil again this year. The year began with laughter and joy and I found myself smiling with no fear. I found my own Dumbledore’s Army and we spent hours together, always having fun or preparing ourselves for whatever challenges we would face.

And mine came soon.

Once again, I faced Voldemort and I was unsure of what to do. Part of me wanted to give in, as Harry had done when he learned he was the last Horcrux but I thought about Dumbledore’s Army and the bonds we had formed together. I knew I would fight until the end, for them and for me. I would not give up.

Now, I am facing my N.E.W.T exams after completing two years here. Am I quite ready? No, but I do not think I ever will be completely ready. I have studied what I can and will continue to do so, as Hermione has taught me. Have I defeated evil? No, not quite. Sure, Voldemort may be gone but some Death Eaters remain. However, their strength has weakened and I have the support of my friends beside me.

Am I ready to leave?

That is a tough question. Yes and no. I have learned here and grown to the best of my ability and I believe I need to move forward to continue growing. I am ready to explore the world more and try new activities. I am scared though, to leave the friends I cherish so and have helped me throughout the months here. I am scared that I will have to face evil again but, this time, I will not be at the place I have called home and with the people I call family. But magic is helpful and so is technology.

 I do not know what the future holds for me but I also do not think I necessarily need to. We have a bond now, formed by months of living alongside each other and I can only have faith that the bond remains strong.

And, like J.K. Rowling once said,

Hogwarts will always be here to welcome me home.