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miyuki nervous in front of his s/o father?

Miyuki Kazuya: It was rare for him to ever be nervous. He kept telling himself that it would go well. That her parents would absolutely love him, he’d show them he was reliable and dependable, the day would end and done! Though, now, he felt like a lost dog huddled in a corner as he felt her father’s piercing gaze on him.

“Miyuki-kun,” Your father sternly addressed the young catcher as he directed his gaze on him once again. “Thank you for taking care of _____.”  Miyuki stiffened a bit, but stood up to bow to the older man.

“No, thank you for bringing ____ into this world.” Miyuki said seriously as he looked at your father with stern eyes. Your father, smiling a bit, nodded to Miyuki before pouring him a cup of tea. Miyuki had survived when you introduced him to your father. Now the next goal is asking him for your hand is marriage. How he was going to get through that was a whole different story.

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Opal looked over the titles and finally selected one. It was a rom-com, which wasn't usually her cup of tea, but she wanted some laughs. Besides, her father had told her that it was her mother's favourite. She wished her mother was here. Maybe she'd be able to help in a way that nobody else could. Watching this... maybe she'd speak through it somehow.

“Did you pick one darling?” Pike asked smiling as he walked back into the room.


He left early morning, when the stars were still hovering on the horizon, with strict words to the men stationed outside his home in the Western Commons. He didn’t like the idea of leaving Julia alone while he traveled to Garrenhoff but it could not be helped. The old man did not travel anymore.  Malcolm entertained the idea of taking Julia with him but he did not want to subject her to meeting the old man just yet. Better to leave that for later and not risk ruining a good thing just yet.

Herzog was dressed and having his morning tea when Malcolm arrived. He motioned for his son to sit and help himself. “You look well, Malcolm.” His voice, always so void of warmth, affection, was no different at the early hour.

Malcolm poured some tea in the delicate cup, “I have a busy afternoon, father. What was so urgent that it could not wait?”

“Busy afternoon I am certain.” But Herzog reached over and handed Malcolm three ledger books; deep green with gold print embossed on the front. “The past three years’ financial records including a listing of all properties, holdings, investments, and valued goods.”

Malcolm looked at the ledgers and set them aside, “You couldn’t have had someone bring these to me?”

“You will see why I did not do just that when you go through them.”

Silence fell between them.

Herzog lifted the tea cup to his lips and motioned to Malcolm, “City life suiting you?”

Malcolm couldn’t help it but he betrayed a smile; just a flicker; “It is.”

Herzog narrowed his black eyes, “You met someone.”

“I have.” Malcolm responded hesitantly.

“About time. It’s been over ten years since the last one.”

“Don’t.” His voice was sharp; a warning.

Herzog nodded, “What’s her name?”

“Julia Varro,” He smiled again into this cup, “She’s quite beautiful and intelligent.”

“Is she from a good House?”

Malcolm narrowed his eyes, “It doesn’t matter.”

“It matters, Malcolm. It’s the only thing that matters.” His voice sounded heavy suddenly. Weighed with something untold. He stood up.

“The only thing, father, that matters to me is if I have feelings for her.”

“Then I sincerely hope you find a woman of good stock and breeding with a strong House behind her that you love, Malcolm. I hope that you are that lucky for the sake of our House.”