Crynime is Cancelled.

We are sorry to announce that Crynime is no longer under production.

We started the project with different crew members in mind, but as time goes, the members of the LNC came and went, and our story and script simply could no longer keep up with the change.

And as amateur artists and producers, stepping into this for the first time, we admit that it was wholly our fault to have hyped this up to a standard that we were unable to achieve, and we take full responsibility of it. The project had become too complicated and time-consuming for our crew to manage, there was a lack of co-ordination on the producer’s parts and inability to balance between our own lives, careers and educations and producing Crynime.

We’d like to thank everyone that have supported us, all our talented team members and (back up) voice actors - those who have left, and those who remain, and any fan artists - to have given us the honour to work with you, and we apologise that we could not do your talents justice. 

We’d also like to thank the members of the Late Night Crew who have co-operated with us, and big thanks to Red and Snake for helping out with proof-reading.


> The rights for all media (Music, Arts, etc) created by the Crynime crew, for Crynime, will go to their creator, and they can do what they want with it - be it publishing, destroying, or scrap it for their own. Make sure to check out the cast and crew of Crynime in our staff page. They are extraordinarily talented people and a 10/10 suggest if you ever feel like contacting them to be a part of your project.

> The right to all script and story of Crynime goes to our brilliant head-writer, Hino. She has decided to continue Crynime as a fan-fiction on her own writing blog. So if you are curious to how the plot of Crynime plays out - go follow her.

> We have kept no profit from this project, any we have made off merchandise will be donated to charity.

> However, if you specifically demand a refund for your merchandise, the creators of Crynime will personally pay you back and try our best to compensate for the commission Society6 has on our merchandise (shipping unfortunately not included).

Simply submit a refund form to, as follows:

Subject: Crynime Merchandise Refund.

Please include:

- A screenshot, or a quote, of your order receipt mail/order confirmation Society6 has sent to you when you have purchased your merchandise.
- A photo of your merchandise.
- Your PayPal.

We will respond to your inquiries ASAP, and refund your payment.

Refunds end in a month’s time (28th Febuary).
So contact us as soon as you can.

> Our YouTube Channel, Twitter, and Tumblr will also be deleted 1 month from this post. Please refrain from contacting Kiwa, Lunast, or any of the Crynime team members about personal Crynime matters. All questions about Crynime sent to the teams’ personal blogs will be disregarded. Alternatively, if you have any questions about the Crynime fiction Hino is working on, please contact her for details.

> We would like you to respect our decision and not send any of the team members or producers negotiation or harassment regarding Crynime. There was more factors to the cancellation of the show than just financial and time issues that was making this project a bigger source of stress to us than it is happiness. We hope you can respect and accept our decision to withdraw.


We are terribly sorry for any inconveniences we have caused. It had been a delight to engage with you all.

Once again, thank you for your support.

We hope you nothing but the best.

cryaotic replied to your post:

Heeeeey now, my James is not in love with her. I just think that since he’s single now, and she looks JUST like his late wife, they should just kiss already. D:

Yeah? That what you gonna do when I die? Be like, “Oh well” and move on to the next doppelgänger?


A drawing for cryaotic, I’m not too sure how to tag people but I think that’s right///

I’ve been a really big fan of Silent Hill and Cry so seeing him play it is just so awesome! I pretty much come hope from school anticipating another video and dreading when the series will end ;-; 

I would be so grateful if I could get Cry to see it// maybe even use it as like a video thumb?? I dunno, I’ve never done something like this before so I don’t know how it goes. 

Anywho - Download and credits to textures and logo found here

Since my brother took his Xbox back, I just end up on youtube watching this guy play Catherine even though I have the game on hand. I meant to only watch a few episodes but end up watching the whole thing. It annoyed me how he kept using the same climbing method but he improved and he was so optimistic and calm in which I would have thrown the controller against the wall. He’s a pretty chill dude. I think I’m gonna go watch some of his other stuff.

OK did cryaotic do something?? like. his videos arent getting as many views as they used to, or so i think. is it something i should be concerned about/know? im genuinely curious here so pls hmu if u know thnx

Dear Cry, 

What is the hardest thing as a Let’s Player? You inspired me a lot with your videos and made me want to be one. However, I need to know first of the hardest part for you. I know you won’t see this post so I hope you have a nice day.


This girl

P.S: What do you want for Christmas? I will buy it for you. :] And sorry for a short letter.