#tumblrboysbelike This is for all the boys and girls out there who have been told they should give up. For those people who have been told that there is no way they could reach their dreams. For the people who have been crushed by the tyranny of adversity and forced into an oppression in their own mind by the corrupt thoughts spread by others.

You are the people that WILL succeed because you are the strongest people out there and you’re the ones who will look back at what those people said and think “fuck them, I can do it!” Because you can. The only limit in your life are the limitations YOU set so expand those limitations and reach your dreams.

"The bravest sight to behold is someone struggling through adversity and not giving up."-Seneco (a roman philosopher)

He told me he loved me today, and all I thought about was you.
Your lips, your smile, your loving laugh.
And I think he saw you living in my eyes
Because he left me shortly after that.
—  Please stop haunting me. 11.23.14

I think I could write you everyday for a thousand years and you would never feel the need to respond.

I could pour my love out to you into harmonies and lyrics but we both know you’d never listen to those songs.

I want to give you everything I am, so very badly. But, you’d just throw it in the trash, and maybe that’s where I belong.

—  I would, I could, I can’t.