Palmbug is out!! :-D

I’m so thrilled to see it on the iPhone! It’s like it was made for it. ;-)

If you like what you see, go download the Comique app to check it out- it’s free on the app store, and Palmbug has a nice long preview for you to get a taste :-) In addition to some other really stellar work!

TANZANIA, UNITED REPUBLIC OF, Kilimanjaro : Cricketers play on September 26, 2014 on the ice-covered crater of the Kilimanjaro mountain, Tanzania . The game is an attempt to play the world’s highest game of cricket, breaking the previous record set in 2009 on Mount Everest. The attempt comes after a gruelling eight-day trek up the vast extinct volcano, to play a full Twenty 20 game on crater just below its rugged peak at 5,7895 meters (19,000 feet). AFP PHOTO/PETER MARTELL

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NASA Architect Designs Tiny FireFly Camping Trailer

Former NASA Architect Garret Finney has just unveiled the FireFly, a trailer thats even more compact and utilitarian than its predecessor, the Cricket. With its super-efficient and lightweight design, this tiny trailer is a minimalist and robust mini home fit for any eco-camper.” – Inhabitat

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Reeeeeedraw! I don’t know exactly what episode this is from, but I was looking for screenshots to redraw and when I found this one, I just had to do it. Originally I was going to do the scene from lions and lambs where Rex is hugging Breach in front of the park. The line she says there just kills me: “I don’t know if any of this was real. But it was nice, having friends for a while”. I was having trouble with that one though, and I’m a sucker for cricket, so this one it is! 

Shoot me an ask if you know what ep this was!