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Leote Rec #63 - Lydia Lunch

Lydia Lunch
is an American singer, poet, writer, actress and self-empowerment speaker whose career was spawned by the New York No Wave scene. Her work typically features provocative and confrontational noise music delivery and has maintained an anti-commercial ethic operating independently of major labels and distributors.

Lunch moved to New York City from Rochester at the age of 16 in 1976, with nothing but “a small red suitcase, a winter coat, and a big fucking attitude. Lunch eventually moved into a communal household of artists and musicians. Soon Willy DeVille gave her the name “Lunch” because she often stole lunches for The Dead Boys.


Lydia Lunch - The Agony is the Ecstasy
Harry Crews - Bring Me Down
Clint Ruin & Lydia Lunch - Meltdown Oratorio / Son of Stink
Automat - The Streets (feat. Lydia Lunch)
Lydia Lunch & Philippe Petit - Black Spring
Omar Rodríguez-López & Lydia Lunch - Welcome To My Church


SCHEDULE: monday: 11pm ||| thursday: 11am ||| saturday 5pm (GMT)

Found this picture on Jim Mark’s Facebook. The picture was posted on November 4, 2014. The caption for the picture: “woke up at 4:15…turned lights on and unlocked door…crew started showing up shortly after…..began filming about 6 am….broke for lunch 12:30…continued shooting til probably about 5… the time compete crew left close to 6….got in car and went to vote….downloaded pics and now it’s time to shower and eat….it was a really really GREAT day !!!!!! The movie Wildflower due to be out next year ! BTW that’s me with Wildflower :)”.

anonymous asked:

ARE WE TELLING STORIES ABOUT RACISM IN THE SOUTH!? So, I'm from California, but I was working on a ship that had come into Charleston for some time in drydock, and there was a Subway that the crew went to for lunch. One day, we went in, and this crazy old white guy was shouting racial slurs at the (black and Indian) employees- we, uh, we left pretty quick. This was the same port where a redneck from Minneapolis tried to beat me up in an elevator. In short: drydock sucks.



Had too much fun with the lunch time crew at #CitizenYogaDetroit. Thanks for the post practice play sesh @gypsylovefreedom13 🙏 hope to see you soon! 😘✨ #citizenyoga #cyd @iamcitizenyoga and I will be hosting our 2nd #ProcessToProgress #Inversion #workshop March 7th! Post a photo or video of you in (or attempting) an inversion to win a free pass! Tag me & @iamcitizenyoga and hashtag 👉 #citizenyoga so we can see your entries! 🙌🌺✨


I recently learned that the best place to shoot anything is at a restaurant, because chances are free food will be involved. I helped out with some pickups for a Bravo show a few weeks ago and one of the places we shot was Good Stuff Eatery. GSE is owned by Spike Mendelsohn, of Top Chef fame (I have written about GSE before here, and about Spike’s pizza place, We The Pizza, here).

The staff plied us with milkshakes and fries and sodas for the four or so hours we were shooting and then treated us to lunch as well. I had a stuffed portobello burger. My favorite thing at Good Stuff, however, remains the flavored mayos. Clockwise from top left the mayos pictured are: chipotle mayo, sriracha mayo, mango mayo, and Old Bay mayo. You’re supposed to dip fries in these, but I mostly just eat them plain with my fingers.