Day Off (Open RP)

Eric was sitting at a table with his head laying down. Emily finally gave him a day off for once, and for some reason he decided to go to a bar. He’s not really that big of a drinker, so he’s be on the same glass for awhile. He sighs, staring at the glass as he thinks to himself. It probably would have been better to spend probably the last day off he’ll get for awhile with someone. But sadly he doesn’t really know anyone since Emily barely lets him go do things. And he would talk to some of the guys here if wasn’t so shy and awkward…

dj-elsen asked:

Eric froze and blushed, slowly looking down then gasping. “R-Roz…” He didn’t really understand how he was feeling. It was a mixture of feeling bad for him and wanting to curl up into a ball out of embarrassment.