CreativePlayers brings you the true essence of Trill with this exclusive 10f1 Strapback.


Description: Authentic Cut$Sew Mitchell and Ness Wool Strapback

Embroidered bandanna print and leather accents


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Best Customs You Never Seen

Wassup Everyone,

CreativePlayer$ has been working hard these past months, collaborating with some of your favorite brands. We want to provide “heat” for y'all this summer. We apologize for the  suspenseful hiatias but we feel honored about the emails  received requesting new styles. We really took a lot of those opinions  and really molded a lustful line of headwear and apparel items for SSS 13. 

Our Denim Bucket Hat speaks volumes under the Summer Sun. Kissed with a hand design denim wash, and bold CP$ stitched logo it make this a must have for the summer. is where you purchase this bucket. Priced at $30, You cant go WRONG!!! 

We missed you guys…


Natalie Kenney (CEO/Creative Artisan)


CreativePlayer$ x TRUKFIT

This year CreativePlayer$ reach out to Marisa Flores and Lil Waynes Brand TruckFit to do a few exclusive Cut&Sew pieces for them. In early July I took a trip up to NYC to visit the TrukFit showroom and it was an amazing experience. The multi-level loft just screamed Lil Wayne and his showroom almost look like an extended room in Wayne’s House. I was greeted by a few of TrukFit’s Designers and Brand Ambassadors in hopes of being able to show them what I had to offer with CreativePlayer$. After an hour long meeting I left the showroom with 4 Exclusive Pieces and was ask to do my best recreation of the item. I came back home to Philadelphia and immediately began the creative process and called some of the main designers that make up CreativePlayer$

@PhratTeam_Swipe (Rapper-“FuckSwag”)

@Bsaintlaurent (Brandon Jones-Artist)

@BrandonGee (Brandon Gee-Skateboard Specialist)

Da.Graphixx (David-Artist)

Divine Works (Anonymous Artist)

“Long Hours and Handcrafted Art is CreativePlayer$ ”

Special Thanks To

Marisa Flores (Lil Wayne’s Stylist)

Official Release Date Coming Soon!!


CP$ Sighting x ASVPROCKY 

Location: Theater of Living Arts 2011

Creative Artisan: @Alwaysafactor

Highlight: Issues the Authentic Mitchell and Ness New York Knicks Mark Jackson 1991-1992 Road Jersey *SEEN IN ‘BATH-SALT VIDEO"

CP$ x Elle Varner

CreativePlayer$ had the pleasure of meeting Elle Varner when she had a show here at the Theater of Living Arts this October. She blessed the crowd with her amazing voice and I was able to hear “Imperfectly Perfect” for the first time Live. CreativePlayer$ designed a special Custom Cut&Sew Strapback. She was elated when she saw the intricate designed and continued to smile from ear to ear as she looked at the piece. We hope CP$ can become a staple in Elle’s wardrobe. 

Item: SanAntonio x Flowers

Rarity: 1 of 1


CreativePlayer$ presents ThesePinkLips Varsity Jacket

Linking up with ThesePinkLips to make this fun, innovative, and inspiring piece of art was alot of fun. We pride ourselves at CreativePlayer$ in studying already existing flourishing brands and collaborating with them to make one amazing piece. StayTuned to see what other collaborative ventures CreativePlayer$ takes in 2013. Just a Piece of Art I wanted to share with you guys.

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feat WAYNE JONES (Creative Director of CP$) 

The Luxury of being apart of the “Custom World” is the joy when your designer is able to bring your idea to LIFE. Wayne is rocking Custom Cut & Sew Leather Pants with Croc detail in inner front pockets. Look forward to CreativePlayer$ launching these exclusive pants in limited size runs. Until then #INdulge!

Stars Without A Gimmick 


CreativePlayers x Buckets Back

A CP$ Bucket Hat is a creatively altered soft cotton or denim hat with a wide sloping brim which is worn by both men and women. The brim offers shade from the sun and “haters”. The bucket hat has history back from the early 1940’s and has now resurfaced as a staple in urban streetwear. CreativePlayer$ will be the first to show you the best customized styled bucket hats you never seen.

Official Release 11/3/2012 @AmericanDreaming PopxUpMall

Location: 619N Front Street

Designed By CreativeArtisians:@fly_jones57, @idoit4damugga, @alwaysafactor

Phillies x Kente 


Price: $125.00

Description: Authentic American Needle Snapback was recreated with an original Cut&Sew Distortion infused with Kente Cloth on the Brim and the back Strap of the hat.

#CP$ the best customs you Never Seen!!!

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