Nightmares Bottle from the Etsy Store of wanderingmaid for $15. Having sold my own crafts, $15 is really cheap considering the amount of time this took and glitter used. Wanderingmaid’s description of the Nightmares Bottle:

This vintage look bottle is filled with mystical black “dust” that only the dark night can bring as well as tiny antiqued papers with classic nightmare themes on them that you may want to keep bottled up! Outside bottle has shimmery black tulle wrapped around the neck. Bottle cork has a crescent moon seal on the top in midnight black and comes sealed in black candle wax but can easily be opened to add your own nightmares when they creep up in the night.


Japanese textile artist betibettin crocheted this awesome bowl of ramen that looks good enough to eat, although we’d recommend using it as a pillow for a post-ramen nap rather than an actual meal. Each ingredient has been expertly crocheted, right down to the tiny curls of green onion.

betibettin created a fascinating video tutorial for this project so we can see just how each ingredient was made. We were particularly curious about how he made the noodles and broth look so realistic.

You can check out more of betibettin’s crocheted creations via his YouTube channel or right here on Tumblr at betibettin.

No please excuse us while we go heat up some Cup Noodle.

[via RocketNews24]

DIY Chunky Knit Infinity Scarf Pattern from Knit 1 LA. This Outlander-like scarf is knit on size 19 needles using Cascade Magnum. At first I thought this would cost a fortune for the yarn but my local store carries it for $22.50 for a skein - and this pattern only uses 1 skein. The colors this yarn comes in are amazing. 


Embroidered Butterflies

Exceptional handmade embroidery art work by Kirsten Chursinoff, a textile artist, writer and instructor based in Vancouver, Canada.

All works made with cotton floss. Backgrounds felted with embellisher machine, synthetic and wool felt with yarns, cloth scraps and some hand embroidery.

Photo from top to bottom:

1. Buckeye Butterfly 

2. Orange Tip Butterfly with forget-me-not flowers 

3. Garden Tiger Moth 

4. Western Tiger Swallowtail on a Queen Anne’s Lace umbel inflorescence 

5. Cabbage White 

6. West Coast Lady (Vanessa annabella) 

8 Fake Blood Recipes from For more bloody DIYs and fake blood recipes go here. Easy to make realistic fake blood for any situation:

  • Spray Bottle Blood - thin, can use for spraying clothes.
  • Dark Thin Blood - smear on walls.
  • Thick, Realistic Blood - darker blood with cocoa.
  • Gross Blood - flakes of skin and scabs
  • Fake Flesh - chunks of flesh from kitchen ingredients
  • Dripping Blood
  • Scabs
  • Prop Guts - combines fake fless and blood recipe

Retro Painted Flowers | The Postman’s Knock

Have you ever wanted to make your own painting but didn’t know where to start? Well this painting is the perfect place to start - it steps you through every single part of this piece, and it’s so easy that I reckon if you can hold a paintbrush you can recreate this! I love the retro flower look and you can use whatever colours you want. Paint it on paper, on a canvas or on your wall!

Natural Vanilla & Pumpkin Spice Salt Scrub Recipe - This homemade natural vanilla and pumpkin spice salt scrub recipe is reminiscent of that most delectable dessert, pumpkin pie, and is made with all natural ingredients for a heavenly fall experience in your bath or shower.


My collection of hand made Harry Potter Halloween decorations is getting out of hand - I might need a bigger yard next year.

I make customized headstones for any dearly departed fandom character on my Etsy shop, here.

I’m working on one for Rory Williams, now, but need to get a bigger piece of Styrofoam first..he died quite a few times…

Ombre Rope Necklace | Brit + Co

I bought some rope with the intention of making a few hanging planters (please see previous posts to hear about how this ended up) and now have a bevy of rope. I was thinking of making some jewelry, but didn’t want to look like a lost sailor. I love ombre so this is perfect - it adds colour but still gives you the neutral of the rope. You could even double dip this to get some more colour - if you have an outfit that you’ve had trouble accessorizing, this is the perfect solution.