Once Upon A Time AU: The Huntsman meets his True Love

The Huntsman looked at the girl that had been brought in by the guards. Something stirred inside him, as if he recognised her though he had never seen her before. 

“Excuse me, if you could point me to the way out of here, I’m making my escape.” The woman grinned at him, a cheeky glint in her eyes and for the moment the Huntman had lost his tongue as well as his heart. 

Steggy AU Peggy has been restored to her youth by an infinity stone to be with Steve.

Clint came out of the new room he was working on at the farm house. Steve had just come in after helping out in the barn. 

“Hey, Steve, I found something in the other room you might want.”

Steve turned slowly as Clint rolled the door open, a stunned look on his face.

Peggy smiled as she stepped out of the shadows and into his line of sight. “Hello, Steve.”