Call me a bitch cos’ I speak what’s on my mind, guess it’s easier for you to swallow if just I sat and smiled “ {LISTEN HERE ♥} 

01. shakira - SHE WOLF | 02. christina aguilera ft. lil’ kim - CAN’T HOLD US DOWN | 03. m.i.a. - BAD GIRLS | 04. skye sweetnam - BOY HUNTER | 05. marina & the diamonds - PRIMADONNA | 06. britney spears - PIECE OF ME | 07. nelly furtado - MANEATER | 08. christina aguilera - KEEPS GETTIN’ BETTER | 09. beyonce - DIVA | 10. lady gaga - TEETH | 11. joan jett & the blackhearts - BAD REPUTATION

if secret avengers gets cancelled i’m going to haunt axel alonso from beyond the fucking grave

buy the book

I know I have a lot of people following me for agents of shield stuff and i promise you

this is everything you want from agents of shield

gays in space? we have that


phil coulson ! specifically! look here’s phil just buy it

it has clint barton! tumblr loves hawkeye right? here’s clint barton being clint barton


maria hill! being cool! do you like your lady heroes morally ambiguous and super cool?? read it


and look here’s the team lineup! here’s black widow! spider woman! here are two cool ladies who hang out at spas and shoot things together!


look, I don’t normally make “save this comic!” posts but there are maybe three “big two” comics I’m reading right now because I’m sick to death of marvel and dc’s combined bullshit. this is one of them. do you know what that means? it’s a good comic.

It’s also nearing cancellation. So, if you’ve got the money, put it on your pull list, buy a copy, buy a copy for your friend who doesn’t have the money, love yourself. Love this comic. It’s everything you want and then some. But it won’t be for long if nobody buys it!

i. sorrowing man - city and colour (oh, how you have lost your way) // ii. eulogy - patrick wolf (but all our love and life and song carries on) // iii. birds - the veils (but there’ll be no warning when i die) // iv. be all and end all  - flip grater (something ‘bout death, something like we’re all going to hell) // v. hearts like ours - the naked and famous (‘til the fire blazing light shines again within our eyes) // vi. the forest - mirah (now it’s all just bones and a long way from home) // vii. this is why we fight - the decemberists (and when we die we will die with our arms unbound) // viii. timshel - mumford & sons (as brothers we will stand and we’ll hold your hand)

you are not alone in this // songs for the sons of fëanor [listen]

A playlist of songs by Lawson as if sung in an empty arena; headphones are recommended.

listen here - download here


For more information about these works, check out "Art History Through Sci-Fi Colored Glasses" by Irene Gallo.

"Pastiche? Mash-up? The best form of flattery? Whatever you want to call it, artists have enjoyed riffing on historical paintings for ages. For some, it’s a fun way to learn and explore issues of color, composition, and application of paint by intimately copying from a master. For others, it’s a means to tap into the feelings and emotions already assoctiated with the original image, (for humour or drama.) Seeing John Mattos’ great modernist takes on Star Wars made me want to seek out other views of science fiction via the classics. Here’s what I found…