I thought this was a great article showing the social stereotypes placed on women being sexualized! Does anyone else notice almost all these labels are negative? Judging women by their clothing, everyone does it but do we do the same to men?


Cosmo Used White Models For “Gorgeous” Trends And Black Models For Trends That Needed To “Die”

“Cosmopolitan has been heavily criticised over its choice of models in an online article about beauty trends in 2015.

The online version of the magazine compared “gorgeous” fashion and beauty trends with those that needed to “die”.

For the 21 trends that were “gorgeous”, every single photo used was of a white woman, apart from Nicole Richie who is bi-racial.

For the trends that needed to “die”, almost a fifth were illustrated with a woman of colour.”

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HEY COSMO! The verdict is in on your beauty standards -

Cosmo is in hot water for an article from January that resurfaced online this week. The article compares fashion trends that should live, with others that should die, but worryingly included only one mixed-race woman, Nicole Richie,  in the “Hello, Gorgeous!” column, and three black women and one Latina in the “R.I.P.” column. 

The magazine has since apologized — but it’s not exactly a promising step forward.

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Yes, look, now Cosmo is writing about this! (It was the guy who also tweeted about Louis 'pretending to be stright' in LFW) www*cosmopolitan*com/entertainment/celebs/news/a37906/louis-tomlinson-would-kiss-all-one-direction/?src=spr_TWITTER&spr_id=1440_158124492

COSMO.COM WOW!  We gotta love Alex Rees! 

Louis Tomlinson On His One Direction Bandmates: “I’d [Kiss] Them All

GIRD YOUR LOINS, because this is serious

It’s worth acknowledging that, when it comes to source material, British teen pop music magazines are perhaps not always the most reliable. But they make up for that with great centerfold posters, you know? And besides, sometimes they offer stories that are too good to ignore regardless of the fact that they may well also be too good to be true.

Case in point: this frothy snippet from the new issue of We Love Pop magazine (via The Daily Mail). A throwaway line worthy of launching a thousand ships from the new issue’s cover interview, a Q&A with One Direction somehow* includes a question of which of their fellow guys each member of the band would make out with. You’re having palpitations already, aren’t you?

And Louis Tomlinson replies, ”‘I’d probably snog all the guys, to be honest" — “snog” being British slang for kissing. ALL OF THEM! In less fantasy-fulfilling news, the other half of Larry Stylinson, Harry Styles, was apparently unable to choose or even answer the question (perhaps affronted by Louis’s response, who knows). Similarly, it appears Niall had no words; Liam, sweet Liam, on the other hand, reminisces fondly of a time when he and Zayn really did lock lips. “'It was like when you’re going to have a fight,” he explained, because, you know, #machismobullshit. “Zayn was like, "Come on then, come on,” putting his head close to me… then he just leaned forward and kissed me.“ <inserted a gif here>

*The magazine promises only an "unseen” interview with the band, not a new or even necessarily original one; it’s entirely possible this conversation took place before Larry mania and assorted other gay conspiracy theories rendered such a line of questioning improbable.