I’m going to miss New York. I always knew I was a city boy at heart, and after officially deciding to further my education here once the time comes for me to leave Bellmont – which might be sooner than later, if I’m being honest – it’s hard to say goodbye to something when I know it’s only temporary.

In the meantime, since Finals are looming around the corner, I’ll be putting my now copious amount of free time into studying, sketching, and working my fingers off until they’re sore. Not that it’ll be hard to leave me alone, as most people tend to do that already, but if you need me – try not to. I’m otherwise pre-occupied.

happy three months!!! ♡

as ollie has kindly reminded us, today marks 3 months of ohana. it’s entirely bizarre to think that it’s been a full three months, because it almost feels like it’s been a year, or two, or three or a lifetime. i have half a mind to write a whole long, rambly message, but we all know that a) i’m too lazy to write that and b) you’re too lazy to read it, so instead i’m just going to keep this short and sweet. you all mean the absolute world to me, and it never ceases to amaze me that in three months we’ve managed to create 3 separate sites for our little group, each just as fucked up as the next (and it’s safe to say that ohana has turned us all into monsters that don’t know how to play nicely with others). there isn’t a single thing that i would change about our family - not even the copious character deaths/death threats we have collected (taylor, i am looking at you); i love you guys to a degree there is no equatable measurement for, so happy three months, ohana, here’s to another 23423423472394 lightyears of fucking shit up and ruining each other’s lives (♡‿♡✿)

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:[ ♦ ]:.       “Y’sure? I think you’d be pretty popular with that shiny look.” Grin widened a bit more, an almost mischeivious gleam within silvers before he grabbed a much cheaper shampoo bottle. This one would do just as well as the expensive one he was sure. He wasn’t the kind of man to spend copious amounts of money on bettering his appearance anyway, opting to stick to what was practical. “I think if my hair did wind up blowing all over the place, I’d just wear a hat all day or cut it off. Sounds more trouble than it’s worth like that.”

‘Let’s go to the place Saint-Sulpice,’ said Des Hermies, and after a silence he continued, 'Speaking of dust, “out of which we came and to which we shall return,” do you know that after we are dead our corpses are devoured by different kind of worms according as we are fat or thin? In fat corpses one species of maggot is found, the rhizophagus, while thin corpses are patronized only by the phora. The latter is evidently the aristocrat, the fastidious gourmet which turns up its nose at a heavy meal of copious breasts and juicy fat bellies. Just think, there is no perfect equality, even in the manner in which we feed the worms.’
—  Là-bas by Joris Karl Huysmans

if it’s not a rainy day, i won’t go outside.
i worry when my mind wanders off without me
will i come back to you?
i think it’s only okay for now because you’ve forgotten,
the damage i have forced upon you, the baggage i carry with me
I’m really scared if you don’t come get me at some point and time i won’t come back, and i will have let you down. ..
yet again, i can’t seem to stop fucking up, even when i know something bad is coming my way unavoidable like the boulder at my door.
pink floyd invades me.
i’m taking so much from myself,
in copious amounts, soon there will be nothing left, and it’s terrible. ..
that i don’t mind.