Mom edition-

Assassin’s Creed characters According to my family 
part 1 / 4

Preference #83: They Get Embarrassed

Altair: 'Damn Malik.' He thought as he watched you and his best friend talk and then Malik mentioned an embarrassing thing from Altair’s childhood. Upon hearing the embarrassing moment, the master assassin tried to cover his face more with his hood and went walking off. You laughed and quickly followed your embarrassed love, who was trying to hide. 

Ezio: You were with Maria in the kitchen and she was telling you about all her children, even if it was a bit painful before. Ezio came by as Maria was finishing telling you about Federico. “Then I gave birth to this bambino.” She cooed and pinched his cheek. You snickered and Ezio blushed and rubbed his cheek, embarrassed beyond belief. You did the same to his other cheek and giggled. “Not you too, amore!” He said, looking at you in shock and you just smiled and shrugged. 

Connor: You two were walking around the Homestead. He had some free time and you two had decided to take a nice stroll. As you two walked over the bridge, he tripped. You stopped and looked at him, seeing a faint blush on his cheeks as he pretended nothing happened and continued to walk. You stifled a laugh and caught up to him, wrapping your arms around his. You knew he was embarrassed though. He was an assassin who tripped. 

Edward: He was singing a shanty and it was one you knew. He messed up a word and you corrected him and you two began to argue over what word it was. Ade then came, telling Edward that you were right and you smirked at the pirate assassin who glared at his quarter master and crossed his arms and walked away, embarrassed because he ended up wrong. You smiled at Ade, who in turned smiled back. 

Haytham: He never got embarrassed because there was never anything for him to be embarrassed of. He always did things right. 

Arno: You had asked him to bring lilies so you could decorate your home. He came home with daisies and you giggled and told him he got it wrong. He flushed in embarrassment and face palmed and left to get the right ones. You giggled and went to prepare a good meal for him when he came home. 

Written By: LadyAssassinEden



Dad edition-

Assassin’s Creed characters according to my family -  (aka a proof that my Dad talks a lot less than my mom)

part 2 / 4

(I just realized that I forgot about Desmond…*cries*)