Comments on this are going to be great

When I get comments on my doodles (especially nsfw) and they say things along the lines of, “I’m not really into this stuff but wow this is awesome/great/amazing, good job” i just- 

because thanks! Even though it’s something you’re not totally into, you’re still going out of your way to leave me positive comments (sometimes reblogs) and I appreciate it! 

Thank you for the kind words and comments today about the rough morning. Today got better. I was busy with work and Wy got a great report from school today.

It’s Friday. We’re watching a cute movie while dinner finishing cooking. We have a fun weekend planned.

I’m going to take it and run with it. The emotional explosion this morning was rough, but let’s hope it stays in the past.

Tomorrow is a new day (thank heavens).

I’m ready for the weekend.

evil-bones-mccoy asked:

for the blog rate: i'm very curious now as to what you thought of the bdsm bagginshield au i'm working on. that also being said please imagine the company doing a massage train in their downtime on the quest and usually bilbo's not right next to thorin for this but this time he is and thorin's all hesitant about breaking the hobbit because dwarves give intense massages but bilbo's like practically moaning 'go harder you tease' and thorin's like blushing really hard

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anonymous asked:

tell her! i used to make comments and jokes like that all the time because i considered them funny then one day one of my best friend called me out on it and was like you know that actually hurts my feelings and i literally stopped that very day. just be honest with your friend! she probably doesnt realize that its hurtful for you and she is never going to if someone doesnt tell her :)

Nah she realizes it, she just likes being an asshole. I’m gonna try and avoid her for a whole because she’s really draining and not that great to be around anymore. 😕


I kind of love the storyline. I mean, for some viewers, it’s very creepy, but that’s kind of what it’s supposed to be. It’s supposed to be this very messed up, twisted relationship in which Sansa knows she can manipulate Littlefinger to get what she wants, and he can do the same with her. And together they create this amazing kind of tag team. And, you know, to outsiders, it’s very messed up and strange, but to her it’s the only way she can get what she wants, and finally she has that power, so she’s gonna use it.

- Sophie Turner on Sansa and Petyr in Season 4 ( x )

Show Ray and Tina your support.

They are both still part of the RT Family, just at the beginning of a fantastic new adventure. Ray is an amazing streamer, and it makes him happy. He’ll go on to do great things, I’m sure.

Show them your love, because I can only imagine the kind of comments and tweets they’re both getting right now.

Once in the family, always in the family.

My mixed race video was posted on Daily Kos (which I wasn’t familiar with, but it’s a liberal site) and it’s such a strange feeling to skim through 250+ comments and not find a single racist/sexist/insulting one

“scarecrow is the worst batman villain" 

"he would be nothing without his fear gas”

“he’s boring and whiny”

“i mean i haven’t read any of the comics but i did see the movie lol”


Jesé’s goal vs Eibar | April 11, 2015

Jesé’s post-match comments:
“Scoring is incredible and even more so at the Bernabéu. It was an individual move and I like that kind of play. We are here to do that and we have to keep working. It was a deceptively difficult game because Éibar closed down at the back and made life difficult for us. I have always felt the support of my team mates, manager and the president. They are great players, great team mates, and I feel really at ease with all of them […] We go to the Calderón with high hopes and the motivation to get a good result. It is a difficult ground to play at but we really have to go for it. We want to show that we are the champions of Europe".

I really want an internet best friend who I dont have to worry about hanging out with all the time bc let's be honest I am horrible at keeping plans. someone I can send ugly snap chats do, someone who knows the names of all my friends and vice versa and could probably recite their biography with how much I talk about them. knows my family and pets names. knows who I'm crushing on. comments on Facebook/Instagram posts and has each others names in their bio. have hella great banter with. someone I could text whenever and just rant about dumb problems I have. someone who is going to accept me as I am and actually try to make this friendship work. we know everything about the other. we know when we wake up/fall asleep in our own time zones. ugh.
An Open Letter to Mr. Bob Morley.

Dear Mr. Morley,

As an avid fan of your work and the 100, I think I can speak for many when I say that I’m sorry to see you go from twitter. While social media can be great in that it spreads word quickly and gives a medium in which to interact with fans, we  understand that things can very easily get out of control, and sometimes people are not held accountable for the things they say online. People making inappropriate comments and being rude have no excuse. They should know better, and I’m sorry that they don’t. We are all genuinely appalled by these people and apologize that they (or whatever situation you’re in) drove you to this, and that as a result, we will no longer get to enjoy your interactions with fans or read about/laugh over your silly pictures with dogs, or woodwork projects.

But please, above all things, know this: there are fans out there who support you for you. There are fans out there who want you to be happy more than we want you to have an online presence. Mr. Morley, if twitter is making you a less-happy person, go for it. Get the hell off twitter. It seems that’s the case here, and I applaud you for choosing to rid yourself of something you consider toxic for the betterment of yourself and your emotional condition.

We’re not pretending to know the reasons behind your leaving social media, but just remember that we support you in it, and hope you every success and happiness in the world. Come back when you feel like it, or don’t come back at all. We will love you any which way.

With love and support,

Fans of the 100

[Image: Self Invalidation]

What It Is:

Self-Invalidation is the term used for the comments survivors make about their personal trauma, things like: “I didn’t go through anything bad enough to still be hurting like this.” “It’s not like I’m a real survivor.” “It’s my fault it happened anyway.” “I’m probably just making a big deal out of nothing.”

It is can also be the idea that you don’t deserve help or to reach out to others. 

Where It Comes From:

 Inevitably on a survivor’s journey, no matter how great of a support system a survivor might have and how much they try to tune out everything else, survivors will run into some really gross messages along the way. Whether it is victim blaming, micro- aggressions, or doubt over the impact of trauma or how often it happens. 

Most self-invalidation is internalized messages survivors receive from either people in their lives or the media. This ranges from those who say that certain kinds of people can’t be raped, or that they should appreciate ‘the attention’, to doubt that the trauma even occurred. Sometimes the internalization even comes from messages from those who mean well- people who tell a survivor to ‘cheer up’ and ‘get over it’and those who try to ‘paint a silver lining’ by saying what happened wasn’t as bad as it could have been. 

Why it happens

Another piece of the puzzle is the why.  There’s not a single reason why survivor’s invalidate themselves, but a big one is the idea that if you can talk yourself into believing that it wasn’t that bad- that it won’t be that bad. 

If you don’t call it rape- it won’t hurt that bad.  This is an idea that is supported by society. We reassure screaming children that they aren’t hurting that bad, that they’re over exaggerating. That if they just calmed down they would realize everything is fine. We tell people to pull themselves up by the bootstraps and we tell people that if they’d just look at the silver lining it’d be okay. 

But the truth is these things aren’t solutions. When we minimize what happened to us- we don’t make the effects of what happened any smaller, we just ignore them. And things don’t get fixed when we ignore them. If you tell yourself that a bowl is simply cracked, not shattered- it doesn’t hold water any better. 

There are other reasons that self-invalidation happens of course, but this is the big one that usually needs to be addressed. That we’re allowed to feel like the situation is beyond our control but that pretending it isn’t as bad isn’t a long term solution.

What To Do About It 

There are a couple of different things that survivors who are struggling with Self-invalidation can do. The important thing is to remember that there is no one way to healing, and that there’s no shame for still needing time to heal or for having invalidating thoughts. Start out by reminding yourself that having invalidating thoughts doesn’t actually mean that you are invalid.  It might help to have a simple statement you say to yourself, “My trauma is valid, I am valid, It is okay to hurt.” 

 Some survivors find it helpful to remember where these messages came from. Instead of hearing the messages as an internal comment- they remind themselves or visualize it as coming from an outside source. They may choose to turn that outside source into an overdone characterization. By making the comment come from a cartoonish outsider instead, it makes it easier to say “No, that isn’t true and I refuse to listen to you.” 

Another step is to get validation from outside sources. You may find validation in reading articles that say that what you went through was trauma and that what you’re feeling right now is normal.  You may find validation talking about what happened to other survivors whether in person, over the phone, or online. You may even find validation from other people reassuring you that you’re a good person, that you aren’t broken, or that you have value – even if the person talking to you doesn’t realize what you’ve been through.

Validating statements or comforting quotes placed where you might see it often is another option. This soft nudge done often can help unwind the damage done by others. Visualizations like thinking of a stop sign every time you have a self-blaming thought, or of the thought getting swept away by a hurricane- may be useful . Sometimes hearing or seeing the words isn’t enough, there needs to be a sort of picture attached for it to really sink in. You might consider writing the invalidating thought down and burning it, ripping it up, throwing it away or otherwise discarding it.

Imagine what you would tell a friend who was struggling with these thoughts. Gently tell yourself these same things, some find it helps to do so while looking in the mirror or a picture. 

When you’re in a decent place, one where you do believe yourself- it can help to write yourself a letter for the moments when you do struggle. Tell your future self that you believe them, and that what they went through was bad enough. It can help to even list out, though possibly not in detail (or make it so that the detail can only be seen if you look further. Like in white text on a word document or in a second envelope if you write a physical letter to yourself.) because it can be hard to be reminded of those things, especially when you’re already in a bad place. 

It’s important to remember that these things aren’t going to be an instantaneous fix. Doing one thing will not suddenly make the invalidating thoughts go away forever, and none of them may work at first.  The most simplified approach is to try and stop ruminating on the thought- acknowledge that it is there and then move on, to contradict the thought, and introduce sources of validation into your life. 

can we please be disappointed by zev’s lack of appearance w/o shitting all over morrigan and leliana

I was rewatching Not What He Seems– because why wouldn’t I– and got totally distracted by one line in particular:

“Sorry to break it to you, kids, but you don’t know your uncle at all.”

And it just stopped me cold. Because if there was some sort of Stan-swap going on and our Stan actually is the twins’ grandfather, that comment would be absolutely correct. They wouldn’t know their great-uncle “at all” because they’ve never actually met him. 

Hyena III by generalstussner
I didnt want to upload another shot of the Hyena.. but somehow i edited it today and liked it… so here we go ;) I also looked at a lot of other shots and cant wait to show them to you.. :-) What i really liked about this shot: How it walks.. all feet are in a row :-) Models just need to look at hyenas ;) Also it looks like its coming towards me (us - taken at a little flickr-meetup in the Zoom) Thank you all for your views, comments and faves! Have a great start in the week! Will visit your streams later this evening!

??? (quizzical face) ???

I have so many comments and questions after that episode:
1. Why is Caroline still singing??? Please stop already!
2. This no!humanity Caroline is slowly making me dislike Caroline…she’s boring. End it already.
3. Stop ruining other ships to prop new ones…it makes you look pathetic, writers.
4. Done with no!humanity all together. Enough!
5. Enzo…you had the potential to be a great character…the writers ruined that however.
6. Sarah Salvatore…girl I genuinely don’t care about you. Please go somewhere!
7. Why? Why? Why must Damon once again be told he is not loved? Could someone just please love this damn boy!
8. Damon telling Lily what to say to get Stefan back…..I CAN’T!!! Sibling moments break the fuck out of my heart. No one can ever say those boys don’t love each other.
9. But why, once again, does Stefan get love and Damon gets shit? Couldn’t they both get it???
10.Elena…just take the damn cure and go. It’s time. Bye Felicia!
11. Tyler and Matt…uhhhh…I can’t.
12. Doesn’t Lily need Bonnie’s blood to get into and out of 1903???
13. Hybrid witch/vampires? Really?! Fine…why not!
14. So is Kai going to be one? Because I thought if he died the whole coven dies and he has to technically die to become a vampire……
15. Bonnie’s gonna be pissed!!!!!!
16. How the hell is Bonnie going to kill all those things? Cause let’s be honest it’s going to be her. She doesn’t have enough power for that. Ooohhh can all of the Gemini Coven give their power to her? Can her body handle that? Why am I asking this…TVD doesn’t require logic.
And last but not least: 17. WHERE THE FUCK WAS BONNIE SHEILA BENNETT???!!!!!!

2009 Phan Tweets/Comments (Dan ver)

Aries - I think I have a crush on you

Taurus -  ily. we have the same likes and dislikes, except i like your glasses <3

Gemini - I want to be there so you dont have to be brave

Cancer - I’ll have that persons hug :D

Leo - I want YOU to tie me up

Virgo - oh great now I’m a furry

Libra - Uma Thurman just watched me have sex

Scorpio - You could go swimming in those eyes


Capricorn - four and a half hour skype calls are the best

Aquarius - I love @amazingphil

Pisces - wow 5 hours and 42 minuties on skype xD that’s a new record. the best thing before you fall asleep though :) goodnight guys <3