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Defending the Daily Show/Colbert with "It's a comedy show" is ridiculous...

They are just as much political commentators as anyone. I’ll bet you weren’t dismissing their outlook when they helped get 9/11 First Responders Health Care. We try to present the bullshit of American politics with a humorous bent too but that doesn’t absolve us from occasionally being wrong, ignorant, or racist. We aren’t calling for them to be pulled off the air or anything, we’re just posting something we noticed that rubbed us the wrong way.

I do love the Daily Show & Colbert, they do amazing work and shine a light on the ridiculousness of the human condition in a way I can only dream of. But that love is not unconditional, I realize they are not perfect and in many ways are quite imperfect. Basically I’m not a Republican and the Daily Show is not “America.”


LA show at the Variety..




all three of these incredibly hilarious comedians will be at the Variety in Los Angeles next month… performing… on stage… making people laugh their asses off. why do i care? because there is a very good chance that i’m going to that show. i LOVE Big S, i PRAISE Tits McGee, and i ADORE Cool Cat Amy. honestly, i’m just trying to see these people in person. they’re all either my heroes or very close to it, so it would be amazing to see them live and in person, just like i did with Juan Gonzalez last weekend.

i think that by seeing Juan and shaking his hand and commending his work, i grew as a person, even just a little bit. so right then and there i decided that i must meet or see all my living heroes at some point in my life. then i could die a happy person.

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The Kings of Pataskala Comedy

The funniest show about town

Written by Adam Sacks and Zack Phillips
Directed by Nathan Russell
Shot by Nathan Russell and Adam Sacks
Edited by Andy Bond
Graphics by Adam Sacks
Produced by Moujan Zolfaghari
Starring Birch Harms, Abra Tabak, Timothy Dunn, Mamrie Hart, Josh Patten, Sean Hart, and Michael Hartney
Featuring Moujan Zolfaghari and Nathan Russell