Emily Bett Rickards and Colton Haynes in London 1/?

CH: “If we had you know, an extra couple million dollars budget per episode we’d be able to use the 8 extra days for me to get something that is like a stunt choreography, because I can’t walk and chew gum at the same time.”

New school. New Boy. {Dylan O'Brien}

You pushed open the doors to your new high school. Sighing you walked to the office. 

"Hi, how can i help you?" A lady says smiling at you.

"I’m new here." You answer.

"Okay. Whats your name?" She asks.

"Y/N." You answer. She hands you a piece of paper and you leave.

You shove your headphones into your ears and walk down the hallway to your first period class. You walk to the beat of ‘Jealous’ by Nick Jonas. Walking into Chemistry, you sit down beside a cute boy with dark brown hair and pretty brown eyes. He smiles at you. You give him a small smile before turning towards the teacher. You adjust your shirt as you drop your bag to the ground. 

"Ah. Our new student has arrived. Y/N, can you please stand up?" The Teacher asks. You stand give a little wave before sitting back down.

The class drags on and then the bell rings. You walk to your second period Social Studies Class. You sit down and turn to your right. The Same boy is sitting there. He gives you a slight smirk this time. Your raise your eyebrows at him before turning away from him. The teacher asks you to stand up and you give the class another wave before sitting back down.

As the class drags on like before, a small piece of paper lands on your desk. You open it up.

Your really pretty. It reads.

You turn your head to the boy beside you who is avoiding eye contact with you. You giggle a little bit. The bell rings. Lunchtime. You head to the cafeteria. You grab your lunch and decide to go sit outside. Once you get outside, you walk past a table where the boy from your first two classes was seated. He grabs your arm.

"Hey." He says.

"Hi." You say back. 

"I’m Dylan and i think your very pretty. Can i get your number?" He asks.

"I knew it was you who wrote that note!" You laugh.

He shrugs his shoulders but lets out a soft chuckle. 

"So can I Have your number?" He laughs.

"Sure." You smile giving it to him.

"Thanks. I will defiantly be calling you later." he says before dropping his one eye in a wink. 

You blush lightly before walking away. Maybe a new school wasn’t such a bad idea.


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Things I picked up from this new interview: 

1.  There’s going to be a big love triangle:

WHAT?!? Love triangle WITH WHO AND WITH WHO?!? 

2.  New love interests that sparks a lot of jealousy in the team:  

Yup.  This is the first of many ‘Jealous Oliver Queen’ gifs to come.  

I am most curious about that love triangle…


1.  Thea, Roy and her new DJ friend? 

2.  Oliver, Felicity and Ray Palmer?  

This seems like its the most probable one…but Stephen Amell did say they’re shooting 2x10 now and he still hasn’t shot a single scene with Brandan Routh apart from the premiere scene.  So if it’s this…it doesn’t seem like they’ve got into the love triangle aspect of things yet.