I’m finally back on Tumblr after trying out some random stuff for couple months. I’m going to start a “challenge” where I attempt to (speed)paint all Digimons. I’m starting from the babbymons (Fresh/Baby 1). Other Digimons will mostly be separate pics but I put all these in same pic because they’re kind of just blobs :3

I hate damn near everything on this picture….except for Willis’ and Cocomon’s hands….Those I’m extremely proud of. Tried to make a field background for field reference in the Digimon Movie. HA. FUCK THAT. The words are shit. Everything except for the hands…is shit.

You wanna know what this movie taught me?

It taught me, no matter how alone you feel…you aren’t really alone. There are battles you have, but not all of them can be defeated by yourself, you have friends. You just need to look. No matter how bad the wound is, it’ll heal in time. You can be whoever you want, whatever destroys the barriers and fixes the problem. Sometimes you’re so deep in a problem that you see the people who are helping you as the people who are trying to ruin you and slow you down. It’s not true, all of them are worried, you gotta let them in, it’ll make you stronger. You can’t always run from the problem, go back to the beginning of it and confront it. For those of you who found Digimon boring or pointless….there are so many messages you need to see. I will love this movie forever, no matter what.