1.5 oz. (45 ml) Jagermeister
.5 oz. (15 ml) Simple Syrup


Post your cocktail pics using #TipsyBartender We will repost the best ones. Each month the pics with most likes wins $100, 2nd Place $75, 3rd Place: $50.

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MPLSzine invites you to join us for our first official Mix-Up at Club Jäger on April 13! This event is FREE and 21+.

Come celebrate the release of our tenth issue: We compiled the best of our first nine installments into a celebration of making it this far.

Hang out and network with past and future MPLSzine contributors. Doodle on napkins. Share ideas for future issues. Chat about possible collaborations. And enjoy music and drinks. 

2-4-1s on domestic taps and rail drinks will be offered from 4 to 7. 

See you there!


Peach Schnapps
Blue Curacao
Baileys Irish Cream


TAG ALL YOU PICS #TIPSYBARTENDER Each month the pic with the most likes will win a Tipsy Hoodie and the Tipsy Cocktail Book.

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A few friends of ours started this last year, and we’re playing it tonight!  Excited to play with Gigamesh and party with Bobby, and Playatta!

Dad Funk: Dad’s Night Out 2

The DADS are BACK!!!!! After a successful Dad’s Night Out last year, the Dads of America are back for another one to top them all! We’re gonna take you to the Dadzone!!! The Original Truth Squad and Wak Lyf boys will be out of town at a DJ Convention in Finland, so their Dads will be handling the party duties for the evening!!!

Don’t let their names fool ya, these dads know how to GET DOWN! So bring your mom, bring your dad, bring your grandpa, bring your grandma. This is fun for the whole family!!! This is a party by Dads, for Dads (also, MOMS!!!) Expect to hear your favorite Dadstep, Dadwave, and Pop music!

If you are not a mom/dad yourself, dress like one. No one will know the difference. I guarantee it.

DJ Sets by:
Dad Lyf (Wak Lyf’s Dads)
Papamesh (Gigamesh’s Dad)

Visual Graphics and Party Fun by:
Grandapayatta Dadda (Playatta’s Dads + Mom)

Presented by Dads Of America

Also, this is an official event of The Bobby Kahn Birth Month Celebration 2k11™!!! Bobby will be celebrating his 27th birthday on this joyous night! 

We will also be celebrating Sarah Morean’s birthday, and she will be making some art/props/decorations to make you feel like you’re at Mom and Dad’s!

Bonus Sarah birthday: Sarah Romance. It’s her birthday too.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: We are just pretending to be Dads. We are not actually attending a DJ conference in Finland. Wak Lyf and Gigamesh will be DJing, and Playatta will be there giving us pretty images and taking party pics. Last time we tried this apparently a bunch of you did not realize that this was all some elaborate joke. I wish I did not have to write this notice, but I do. 

May 14
10 PM


3/4 oz. (22ml) Jagermeister
1/2 oz. (15ml) Peach Schnapps
1 oz. (30ml) Cranberry Juice

Click on the link in my bio to watch us make this on YouTube.

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Club Jäger  |  Minneapolis

Looking for a place to go out at night and you can’t decide to dress classy or put on your favorite flannel shirt?  Are you over the loud obnoxious club scene and have a more mature taste in music, drinks, and unique atmospheres? You simply can’t go wrong if you choose Club Jäger.

Established in 1903, this trendy small dive bar is hidden in the far end of the North Loop and is unknown to a majority of non-Minneapolis residents and even some locals.   Every night live bands or DJs put on a performance ranging from 80s retro music, blues, hip-hop, electronic, jazz, and disco. 

Club Jäger offers a laid back and lively environment at the same time, which makes it easy to either have a chill night and drinks with friends, mingle with strangers, or dance until late hours.  It’s quite rare to have all of these options at one bar, and anyone can make their experience exciting and memorable here. – JB

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