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Stella/Dot (Olympia Dukakis/Brenda Fricker) is a lesbian couple from Cloudburst (2011). OTP // I do not want to watch any new (for me) film after this. At least during some time.

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Finally a film about lesbians, that is about far more than just lesbians. A film about two women who shared a life, a home, a love. A film about loving someone for a lifetime, and doing anything it takes to stay by their side. Watch it.


Title: Cloudburst
Language: Canada (English)

Plot: The touching story of Stella and Dot, an elderly couple whose love is young at heart. The pair are separated when Dot is sent to a nursing home by her ignorant granddaughter in order to gain her inheritance. Stella’s solution is to bust her nearly-blind girl out with the plan to flee to Canada, hoping to wed and avoid being parted. Along the way they pick up a hitchhiker to whom they teach the importance of love and family.

Basic Review:

  • Truly a heart melting film! This wonderful couple are hilarious together. They are complete opposites but effortlessly help each other understand life.
  • The film’s lesbian theme is tastefully addressed, depicting the life of the partners’ relationship as happy and healthy.
  • Composition is a strong point for this film, the cinematography was beautiful and harnesses the warmth of their adventure.
  • A beautiful story that everyone should witness!

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Leonardo da Vinci (Florentine, 1452-1519)

A cloudburst of material possessions, circa 1510-13

It’s raining stuff - scissors, a ladder, and a paint can are falling from the sky. Is that a lion walking in the upper left corner?

This mysterious 11-centimeter paper, where someone has scribbled household expenses on the back (bottom), has been in the British Royal Collection since 1690.