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As some of you may very well know, I am, and have been, living in an abusive and painful place I have finally been offered the opportunity to break free of this horrible life under one condition. I need to afford a plane ticket and some back-up money within the month. I really need to be out of this situation as soon as possible, and am at a supreme lack of money.

My goal is $400 dollars as soon as possible.

Would you like to help? Then you can do so in on of two ways…

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please click that link to donate to my fundraiser! i had a good follow-up call on an application today so i might not need to fundraise next month, but every little bit counts! please also consider signal boosting, since without meeting rent, i will be evicted and thus homeless. it’s possible i could talk to my landlady and avoid the late fee if i’m not on time, but one of the new office employees is already set against me because i was late last month. 

please donate or share since this is an emergency situation. 05/03 is this sunday! every little bit counts!

How can I help the Nepal relief efforts?

We were horrified over the weekend to learn about the earthquake in Nepal that has claimed at least 3,800 lives. Displaced communities are particularly vulnerable to human trafficking following natural disasters.

Please CLICK HERE TO DONATE to one of these 7 vetted charities that are doing critical relief work for affected communities in Nepal.

(via My Live Below The Line Challenge)  $7.47 bought me, 2 lbs of potatoes, 1 doz. eggs, 1 lb of lentils, 1 large can of pinto beans, 1 can of diced tomatoes and chilies, 1 onion (which I had to have the cashier re-ring because she charged me for the wrong kind), 2 heads of garlic.  I left  a few cents to account for salt.  At $.005 a teaspoon, I have 6 teaspoons to work with this week.  See why I chose these things…HERE.  

Please, click here and donate and share!  

Even $1 will help!    My deepest gratitude in advance!

Tomorrow, a recap of what I ate today.  

Gin xo

anonymous asked:

It's official, I just read a tweet that makes me weep for humanity. I was checking the Nepal thread and a tweet came up from TH. To see if fans had some sense of decency, I clicked. Nope. One will donate to them if TH follows her. I hope she's young and will one day realize the depth of disgust with which that tweet would be received. Yay!! Horrific circumstance is the PERFECT time to beg for a follow.

I noticed *shudder*


  • Phone number of the UNICEF Earthquake Emergency fund (1-877-955-3111). You can call them in North America and let them know you’d like to make a donation for the Nepal earthquake. 
  • UPDATE 1: If you would like to help, you can donate to GlobalGiving’s Nepal Earthquake Relief Fund 
  • UPDATE 2: You can also text GIVE NEPAL to 80088 to donate $10 to Nepal Earthquake Relief Fund. Message and data rates may apply. Only works for US mobile phones. More info here.
  • You can also donate to The International Federation of Red Cross (IFRC) who is working with the Nepal Red Cross Society, marshaling resources from nearby countries to help earthquake victims. To donate to the IFRC’s disaster response, visit The International Federation of Red Cross
  • UPDATE 3: here are some other links where you can donate:
  • Save the Children
  • UNICEF (click donate to be taken to your country’s donation page)
  • CARE
  • Mercy Corps

*We will update this post with links and info in the following hours/days*



Anyone who wants to can now make their own Loki Hoodie the same way I did - I’ve already done the hard part (designing, testing, drawing, and configuring the pieces). Now all you have to do is print, cut and iron (just like I did). I’ve included piece-by-piece instructions with FULL pictures and learn-from-my-mistakes tips to make things easier. If I can do it, you can do it.

For those of you who couldn’t afford the $150 finished hoodie, this is a great alternative :)




Nepal: Donations

Here are a couple trusted organizations you can donate to. Only donate to trusted sources as there might be spammers and exploiters out to take advantage of this devastating situation. 

Save the Children

UNICEF (click donate to be taken to your country’s donation page)

Canadian Red Cross

British Red Cross

American Red Cross


Mercy Corps

The links I posted earlier are also trusted sources, and they will eventually be donating to one of these organizations.

Daily Reminder - a simple click

Click these links to provide food and other resources to people in need:

give free rice
help children in poverty
give free mammograms
feed the poor
stop child abuse
help end homelessness
impact kids cancer
fight hunger and poverty
help homeless veterans

autism therapy

give books to children

fight poverty

stop violence against women

feed hungry children in India

fight cancer

Tarahumara Children’s Hospital

monthly featured charities

donate food

donate mammograms & prevent cancer

give water, food, education, and money

provide pure water

provide free vitamins

vaccinations for children

help fund education

provide clean water

Click these links to provide food and other resources to animals in need:

give 10 pieces of cat kibble
give 10 pieces of dog kibble
give food and care
give free cat litter
give animal care
protect wildlife habitats

save the rainforest

help big cats

save baby seals

rescue ocean wildlife

help rescued animals

feed rescued primates

protect threatened wolves

save wildlife/habitats

feed shelter animals in South Africa (can click 5 times)

feed a big cat

feed abandoned animals (click “le clic du jour” up to five times)

provide pet food

protect the rainforest

protect wildlife habitat


Please Read! - Anthony Misiano akaHarley’s Joker” is one of the best cosplayers I have seen in a while. Not only does he cosplay but he is an actor who loves to be a part of everything. He’s worked on a lot of projects including dozens of plays, dozens of short films, and about a dozen commercials. He is currently a lead role in a film named “The Restaurant”. It’s a horror comedy hybrid film that has a load of potential. It’s currently running a successful “Kickstarter” campaign and would be doing even better with your help! Right now they are at over $9,000 and their goal is $18,000 (which isn’t too far away). With your help they can most definitely achieve that goal. Click the link below and donate as much as you can. Even if all you can afford is a few dollars, that’s fine. Every dollar counts in helping Anthony Misiano do what he loves the most. Reblog as much as you can and share this with your followers as well! 

Kickstarter Link :


The Many Faces of Kathmandu

Nepal suffered a devastatingly catastrophic earthquake just before noon on April 25th. Over 1000 have been confirmed dead and many thousands more are injured. This tragedy has hit me very close to home as I have been to Nepal several times and have fallen in love with the country and people. The Nepalese are some of the kindest, warmhearted and resilient people I have ever met. These photos I took last year have immortalized a few faces of Kathmandu and they haunt me in the wake of this disaster.

Nepal is very poor and will have an extremely difficult time rebuilding in the weeks and years to come. The people of Nepal need our help. Please consider donating to one of the following reputable sources. Let us all come together to help these people during this difficult time.

Save the Children

UNICEF (click donate to be taken to your country’s donation page)

Canadian Red Cross

British Red Cross

American Red Cross


Mercy Corps

Support for Top Surgery

Hey everyone :)
My name is Emily. I was a long time user of Tumblr for about five years until it got the better of me and I decided to delete. That was about eight or nine months ago, and now i’m back- temporarily. See, in that time I met a boy- the love of my life, and we need your help.

This blog is solely an attempt to help fundraise for his top surgery. I’ve created a GoFundMe account to raise the money and i’m keeping it a secret from him until his birthday on April 25th (or later depending on how this whole thing goes)

Everything is appreciated, a donation, a share, or even some kind words and support.

Click here to donate :) 

If you have any questions or comments feel free to let me know!

Thank you guys <3 <3 <3

La Senda Verde is a privately run Bolivian animal sanctuary that has become one of Bolivia’s leading wilderness gateways. The sanctuary works with local community schools as part of a program for conservation and against illegal traffic of wild animals and is currently caring for more than 300 animals, all of them rescued from trafficking. You can help. Simply click to provide month’s worth of food and care for five rescued animals.

A List of Action Alert/Petition/Click to Donate Pages

I have compiled a list of all of ones that I know ^^

Action Alerts: (enter email in action alerts box) (email signup) (Texas specific)

Petition websites:

Facebook petition groups/pages:

Click to give pages: