It’s ready! Enjoy having snow ponies deck your wallpapers on your digital devices for Winter!  Inside you’ll find…

  • All characters Wallpaper in 2560x1440 | 1920x1080 | 1600x900 | and high resolution options for mobile devices
  • A PSD allowing you to choose any two characters for your own personalized wallpaper!

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I'm back

And things haven’t really gotten better.

I’m being sent to collections if I don’t come up with $300 in the next week.

I know I’m a piece of shit, but please, please help me. Again, donations are gladly taken HERE. Just enter my email address ( and click donate.

If you can’t donate, please please reblog. I am coming out of a pit of depression and haven’t eaten in three days and I don’t know how much longer I can do this. Please. Anything helps.

If you want to donate to Ferguson protesters, donate to Operation Help or Hush. They have done an amazing job at providing food (weekly Sunday dinners) and shelter (safe houses) for as many protesters as possible. They also have had health/wellness tables set up during Ferguson October.

You can click the donate link below to donate directly to their paypal or you can email them about sending specific items.

Operation Help or Hush:

Twitter Website Donate 


*Email Operation Help or Hush for shipping info. They will not be making their shipping address public due to safety concerns. Please do not post it.



Anyone who wants to can now make their own Loki Hoodie the same way I did - I’ve already done the hard part (designing, testing, drawing, and configuring the pieces). Now all you have to do is print, cut and iron (just like I did). I’ve included piece-by-piece instructions with FULL pictures and learn-from-my-mistakes tips to make things easier. If I can do it, you can do it.

For those of you who couldn’t afford the $150 finished hoodie, this is a great alternative :)




Hey y’all, sorry that I have to do this again but for those of you who don’t know money is tight in my family and me going to school in NYC is especially hard. I have been unable to get a job on campus because of the disorganization and most are reserved for grad students and getting a job off campus would only conflict with my class schedule. 

Basically, I am out of money. I spent the last in my bank account on a subway ride and my meal plan only has $9 on it. It would mean the world to me if you guys could click the Donate button on my blog and donate whatever you feel is necessary. Simply reblogging this would be a great help.

The semester ends in a month and I just need enough to buy food/groceries, subway fare (about $10-$20 a week) and supplies (11x14 photo paper which runs at about $60 and regular photo paper is which is like $25). Like last time, I’ll take the donation button off my blog once I think I have enough so you don’t feel obligated to click it. I really hate that i have to do this a second time and I tried to avoid it but again, it’s a last resort. 

I also have a store here where I make $5 commission, so feel free to purchase anything there if you would like.

Any sort of help from donations to reblogging this is appreciated!

anonymous asked:

How could you adopt a pet when you want hard working people to give you their money to supplement your income? You have made your decisions to live however you want but when you choose to be responsible for a pet, you should at least be able to provide from them. I think what you did was very clever subtle guilt-tripping, like "even if you don't want to donate to me look I have an innocent animal that needs your money too".

1- I’m not asking anyone to “give” me money. You know those albums that are “pay what you can”, and you can get them for free if you want, but you can also pay whatever amount you want if you feel like it? Yeah, that’s what these doodles are like. You can have them for free, but if you want, you can also donate a few dollars. Keep in mind that I also haven’t actually ASKED anyone to click my donate button. I literally just mentioned that it was there when I was explicitly asked about how I made my money. If I had asked, however, that’d be my right too.

2- Artists work just as hard as everyone else.

3- I can afford to feed my cat. She is loved, safe, well-fed and very well treated. When I mentioned what I used the money I got for, I was just trying to be honest with people about what the money they paid me went toward… which just so we’re clear, I didn’t have to do in the first place.

4- If what I really wanted was people’s money, I wouldn’t be giving away all my work for free. I’d charge for commissions instead of doing them for free. I’d advertise my books a lot more, I wouldn’t put them on sale so much, and I wouldn’t put copies online for free for people who can’t afford them. Let’s be honest here: if I’m really trying to take people’s money, I am doing a terrible job.

5- With all that said, I will be more careful about my phrasing in the future. My followers are lovely people, and none of them should ever feel pressured to donate. My cat and I are good no matter what. 

Hey guys! The Water Project is a non profit organization that helps provide clean water to about 1 billion people in the world. Through donating, we can help communities who are in desperate need of clean, safe water. Every single donation changes lives no matter the amount. 

Click Here to Donate Now!

Please let me know if you donate by sending me a message here or tagging me in a post so that I can update you on how your donation is benefiting others! 

As Christmas is coming up i want to remind you pets are forever. You can’t discard them once Christmas is over.
I went to the RSPCA today and its super upsetting how many animals there are that have been left by their owners, or mistreated. 
So please please don’t buy an animal unless you’re going to care for it for all of its life.
Click here to donate to the RSPCA today its not government funded  and relies on the donations of the public.

We have a new charities page!!

Our old charities page was incredibly unorganized and rather bland, so for the past few days I’ve been working on it. The same wonderful charities are on there, as well as some amazing new ones!

The entire page is revamped and easy to use - there’s an about section and two other navigation boxes: the first box is the about, the second is charities in which you click to donate whatever they’re giving, and the last box is charities that accept only monetary donations (but are still awesome charities!). 

We’re going to hit post limit soon, but I NEEDED to tell you all this so hopefully while we’re gone you can take the time to at least click to donate to every option available! If you have any questions or suggestions for charities to add, you can get ahold of me on my personal SJ blog, (it’ll redirect you to my non-SJ blog since it’s unused as of right now, but if you really want me to I can get it up and running) which I’ll devote some space to today for SJ-type stuff. 

Also, if something is pressing for this blog, submissions don’t count to post limit. If it’s absolutely important, submit us something.