This happened when I decided to count up the numberof webseries I’ve watched which has turned out to be a LOT. Some of them I’ve liked more than others but every one is unique in its own way. Many use transmedia as a secondary way to tell a story and others have used the vlog-style formatto show their interpretation of a classic novel whilst some have created a television quality series. Every one of them is worth watching! There are so many I haven’t had the chance to see yet but here’s my list of every webseries I’ve watched so far:

Let me know if there are any more I should be watching!


Classic Alice is a tale of a girl named Alice, who lives her life according to classic literature. In order to keep Alice reading, we need your help.

Please help us #SaveAlice by donating to or sharing the Classic Alice Indiegogo campaign.

And if you’re not a fan of Classic Alice yet, it’s still not too late to fall down the rabbit hole.


A few things have got me thinking and I’m not going to make this a bigger deal than it already is, but I do want to question the mentality of why it would be a “yay!” worthy thing for me to be gay? WHO CARES. Me being a homosexual person DOES NOT make me a good person. It is NOT my defining characteristic. I don’t want to be seen as “gay Cara!” I don’t want to be your catchall. I don’t want to be YOUR anything. I’m not your anything. Being gay is neither a good nor a bad thing, it’s just me. And it’s not something to be celebrated or lauded. I don’t laud your heterosexuality.