The WGA filed their final brief with the FCC in favor of Net Neutrality and against Paid Prioritization schemes.

And, um, they quote me in the first paragraph.

Wasn’t expecting that.

Hit the link above for the full filing.  

Make sure to see page 8 for spyscribe's submission.

My full statement is on page 10.

Here’s a bit I want to call out:

"But even more importantly, [The Lizzie Bennet Diaries] inspired legions of new creators to make their own shows – many of them filming on webcams in their bedrooms and delivering content to growing online audiences…. Removing open access to the Internet will stifle the launch of this entire next generation of creators. We cannot afford that.”

Every time I see a new show that mentions LBD as an inspiration, I am blown away. YOU GUYS are the future, and you’re worth standing up for.

I’m so impressed with how far creators are willing to go in terms of fan interaction in my webseries right now.

Yesterday Classic Alice released Alice’s cell number (which is absolutely unheard of and such a daunting task for them and just so incredible!)

And now Nothing Much to Do is doing a fan meet up! (And I’m curious as to whether or not they might include fan messages in the video for Hero? Maybe?)

Anyways. I’m impressed. I’m so in love with this medium and how people are pushing the boundaries.

My conversation so far with Alice Rackham
  • Me:Alice? Is this your number? Sorry to bug you!
  • Alice:Yup! NP
  • Me::) hello! I'm Samantha and I caught onto your vlogs this past summer. Very inventive idea!
  • Alice:Thnks, Samantha! I used to have the Samantha American Girl doll, did you?
  • Me:Ya know I didn't... But she was always one that I liked and wanted. I always used "I have an American girl doll named after me" as bragging rights :)
  • Alice:I loved the petit fours. So waxy. So pretty.
  • Me:What on earth are petit fours? Must google...
  • Alice:tiny cake!
  • Me:I see that now! They're so cute! *stomach grumbles*
  • Me:Oh ps; a friend from Australia (unacaritafeliz) who can't text you without insane fees says hello!

anonymous said:

I know it's a lot to ask, but would you guys be able to do other webseries as well like Classic Alice and NMTD?

We would definitely be open to it! :) It’s a challenge, but when have we ever backed down from a challenge. (Okay, maybe that one time, but it was a really big dragon.)

Speaking of challenges: to those of you who have sent in requests, we haven’t forgotten you! Believe it or not, even we, with all of our clothes-searching power, are having some trouble locating a similar blazer. Not to worry, though; we’re still looking!

Watch on


To me, webseries are extremely underappreciated. There are so many out there for you to watch, for free, that are well-written, well-filmed, and well-acted, and often times the greatest ones only recieve a really small amount of attention. :( 

Anyway, the point of that whole depressing rant was: START WATCHING THEM RIGHT NOW! These shows need love and support to continue: most of the time the creators are young, creative people who are talented and kind and just want someone to watch their work and give feedback. 

If you’re looking for a webseries to watch, I made this video for you. It has almost all of my favorite, coolest shows in a sort of tribute thingy. <3 Some are literary and vlog-style, some are not, but I tried to include a lot of different types of shows with a lot of different characters/themes. This is your introduction to the wonderful world of amazing, inspiring shows posted right here ON YOUTUBE. 

So watch this video, then click a few links and explore, give these little families love. I am sure you’ll find a webseries that speaks to you; there is truly one for everyone! 

And you don’t feel like watching the video, just take a look at the list below and pick one that strikes your fancy:

The Lizzie Bennet Diaries — Modern adaptation of “Pride And Prejudice.” The most popular, and very first literary vlog-adaption of a classic novel. All the characters are complex, relatable, and completely amazing; the writing is hilarious and heartwarming. Great transmedia. 100 episodes. This is a great place to start. Also, it won an Emmy. 

Emma Approved — From the creators of The Lizzie Bennet Diaries. A more sophisticated, office-documentary adaptation of “Emma.” Like LBD, the writing is brilliant and the actors capture your heart: although to some people the main character is not as relatable/easy-to-like when the show starts out. Basically, give it some time, it’s very good! EA has even more transmedia than The Lizzie Bennet Diaries and incorporates cool fashion and even an online music club! 

Classic Alice — In this vlog-style web series, the main character, Alice, a spunky, nerdy, adorable student at Valeton University, tries to live her life according to the decisions of characters in classic novels. Her more fun-loving and laid-back friend Andrew films her for his documentary class. This show is very funny and also very cringe-worthy, which I love. <3 (Their first book was Crime and Punishment— need I say more?) The two main characters have great chemistry. :D The show is every Tuesday. Check it out!

Jules & Monty — A modern adaptation of “Romeo and Juliet.” And I know what you’re thinking: mother of god, not that play again. But let me tell you: this series takes the Shakespeare you think you know and turns it into something unique, relatable, and absolutely brilliant. It is vlog-style, and set in modern times: the feud is between two fraternities. The creators do a great job of making the characters complex, especially overlooked ones like the Nurse or Mercutio. Jules & Monty is hilarious and heart-breaking. It has a perfect, fresh, ending that puts a new twist on the one we all know. There is actually some Shakespeare incorporated into the script as well, but for some reason that makes it even better. It is 18 episodes. Watch this webseries right now, I promise you won’t be disappointed. 

Nothing Much To Do — Another modern, vlog adaptation of Shakespeare, although this time it’s the comedy “Much Ado About Nothing.” What’s interesting about this series is that it seems completely real. The characters appear to be normal teenagers: and not only do they make “plot” videos, but they also post cooking videos and tag videos. Also, Nothing Much To Do’s story is told on mutiple Youtube channels, which is realistic but can, admittedly, get confusing. I recommend going to the main channel and starting with the playlist “The Story.” This show is funny, cool, and innovative. I can’t wait to see what they do with it! 

Two Housemates — This series is NOT a literary adaptation, but it has a story just as wonderful as the rest. The show stars Ryan, a young, awkward, reluctant actor who, at his mother’s request, becomes housemates with the exuberant, lovable Kate. Two Housemates has some great cinematography and some amazing writing, but my favorite part of it is watching the two main characters interact with each other and become good friends, pretty much changing each other in the process. <3 

Kissing In The Rain — This intriguing, unique show follows two pairs of actors who are constantly being cast as love interests in films and having to kiss on screen. Which is all well and good, but when the camera turns off, things can get a bit awkward. Not only does this show include a ton of amazing kissing in the rain scenes from books and movies, but the cinematography is breathtaking and the script is really funny and down-to-earth. 

The New Adventures of Peter and Wendy — A lovely, funny, cute vlog adaptation of Peter Pan. One interesting aspect is that for parts of the series you are actually seeing through Tinkerbell’s eyes. There’s even a red filter when she’s angry. Cool, right? This series has lovable characters and hilarious rants. And like the old, beloved tale, it explores the struggles and joys in the journey of growing up.

Easy Abby — *Warning: adult themes* So basically, it centers around a young lesbian woman named Abby, who tries to find love and a good life in the difficult, daunting world of New York while struggling with anxiety and general uncertainty. This has won many awards: the script is crisp and well-written, and the acting is just amazing. Go check it out! 

Kate The Cursed — Modern vlog adaptation of “Taming In The Shrew.” The character of Kate is so well done here! While she is reluctant, tough, and often opinionated, she also comes across as hopeful and loving. James, her love interest, is just as stubborn and even more opinionated. Match made in heaven, right? Right? ;D The creators are also doing a great job at adapting the script into a product that makes sense in this day and age. If you like Shakespeare, or just strong, compelling characters, go find this series. 

Hipsterhood — This webseries is about two L.A. hipsters who just. keep. bumping into each other. The script is really funny and the characters are brilliantly done. Best part: the dialogue is almost entirely heard in voiceovers. You can hear the characters’ innermost thoughts and it makes you feel even more connected to the story. Search seasons 1 and 2 on Youtube. (Also, for LBD fans, this series has Darcy as a guest star: *swoon!*)

Shakes — This well-written, creative series combines Romeo & Juliet, Hamlet, and Much Ado About Nothing. But put away all your assumptions, because this show puts a fabulous spin on every single one. Romeo is a sing-songy, adventure-seeking hipster. Juliet is a cool, tough, kind of bloodthirsty kleptomaniac. Beatrice and Ben are desperately trying to get by without murdering each other, or admitting their feelings. Hamlet is tormented by paranoia and nightmares, and Ophelia is tragically in love with him. Shall I go on? Seriously, this series deserves more attention: it’s one of my favorites. 

Seeking — *Warning: adult themes* The infamous “let’s make a bet series:” Can Ella find a decent, sane guy? If not, her best friend may just have to wash her dirty underwear. A hilarious, complex, sadly true-to-life story of love and loss that you won’t want to miss. Also, fun fact: every single guy that Ella dates is based on a true story that was sent in to them. 

Blankverse — *Warning: some pretty graphic blood* This webseries is AMAZING! It follows the life of young William Shakespeare, who is a bitter, kind of rude college student trying to explore and learn. Really, it’s too amazing for a description to do it justice: you have to watch it. But just so you know, other characters he meets include Ben Johnson and Chris Marlowe. Honestly, give it a look. 

Further Adventures of Cupid and Eros — This series centers around Cupid. Like, seriously, bows-and-arrows Cupid. Except, he’s not a baby in diapers: he’s a shy, hopeless romantic with an unfortunate love life. He just got out of a relationship and is taking it pretty hard. Lucky for him, he has his foxy best female friend Eros to guide the way. Cupid and Eros is brilliant, and they adapted all the mythology in an innovative, clever way. You will fall in love with this, mark my words! Side-Note: this series is only available on Vimeo and a few websites, not Youtube. 

Autobiography of Jane Eyre — Modern vlog adaptation of Jane Eyre. This is one of the more popular literary web series, and rightly so: the characters and plots are well-thought-out and intriguing. Jane seems, to me, like a girl that you might see at a coffee shop or a bookstore: she is quiet, but also knows what she wants and what she can do to get it. Also, Rochester is one sexy SOB. :D

Adult Wednesday Addams — Pretty self-explanatory, actually: this series follows the adventures of an adult, but just as creepily hilarious Wednesday Addams. There is no real over-arching plot in this one, it’s more of a series of glimpses into the absurdity of her life. Imagine Wednesday trying to get an apartment, interviewing for a job, going on a date, or having a one-night-stand. Sound interesting already? You won’t be let down.

Squaresville — This series really shows what it’s like to be a teenager. The thirst for adventure, the need to stand out and the need to conform, the anxieties of growing up and finding your place in the world: this show covers it all beautifully. In the first episode, the two main characters rebelliously sneak out in the middle of the night to plant a tree. A few episodes letter, they play Mall-scapades with one of the most developed, real guy characters in a series ever. God, you will love this show, hormonal teenager or not. 

Full Benefits — “So, work’s going to be weird for a while.” Full Benefits shows us the consequences, good and bad, of a one night stand with your coworker. It is from Collegehumor, so it is obviously first and foremost a silly, comedic show, but to me, the characters are pretty intriguing and complex too: and some of the situations are very relatable to the viewer. If you’re looking for a fun little series to watch when you’re feeling down, or just to have a laugh, be sure to look this one up. 

Importance of Being Mike — She had a dream that she was going to fall in love with a guy named Mike. Now she only dates guys that go by that name. Chaos definitely ensues. This series is the ultimate “crazy dates” show. And while it is definitely hilarious at times, I found myself really sympathizing with the main character and her dim, hopeless romantic ways, or with her cereal-loving, sarcastic roommate. The girl just wants to find love, and maybe, just maybe, it’ll be in the last place she expects. 

Spooked — This series is longer than the others, about the length of a normal sitcom, and definitely has a more “professional” feel to it. Spooked follows a dysfunctional team of paranormal investigators, and each episode has a new case for them to solve. The entire show is just really well-done and interesting; you’ll adore the characters and their relationships and skills. Of course, it has a creepy element to it as well, if you’re into that. :D

Green Gables Fables — Modern vlog adaptation of Anne of Green Gables. Although it seems a bit more “homemade” than some of the others, the girl who plays Anne is great and really nails that character and all her quirks. Bonus: this is one of the only webseries to feature an actor older than 30, and he does a phenomenal job. 

University Ever After — This show is so creative! It takes place in a college dorm, where all of the students are disney characters: Belle, Rapunzel, Snow, Ariel, Ella (Cinderella.) The best part of this show is the script: I just LOVE seeing all their little references to the original stories. This series is really, really cool! And believe it or not, it also features original music. Yes, that’s right, there IS some bursting into song, and it’s marvelous. 

The Lives of The Lazy — This cute little series follows two high-schoolers who are determined to become masters of procrastination. The two main characters, long-time best friends, have a great dynamic that is really fun to watch. I would recommend this for anyone who wants a little more “lazy” in their life. (Okay, kind of cheesy, I know, just watch it already.)

Neighbors — Really short, really cute. If you like fun, love-hate banter and some hardcore sass, this is the series for you. Each episode is only about a minute, but for some reason they’re completely satisfying. Go watch it! :D

The Bucket List Comedy — What does a man do when he finds out he’s going to die soon? He calls up his friends and makes one hell of a bucket list. This comedy is extremely funny and extremely creative, and suprisingly enough, you may come to love every single person in this insane, unlikely group of pals.

Warpaint (short film) — This film changed my life. Simple as that. It’s beautiful, and sad, and incredible. Warpaint, above all, is about moving on and saying goodbye, but it’s also about exploring those unspoken, hidden parts of yourself and letting people in. Go watch it on Vimeo, and get ready to see the world differently, or at least shed a tear. 

A master post for the underdogs of the web.


  • Autobiography of Jane Eyre-The Autobiography of Jane Eyre is a modernized web series​ adaptation of Charlotte Bronte’s ‘Jane Eyre’​

  • A Tell Tale Vlog- Edgar Allan Poe attempts to keep a writing vlog while Lenore the Lady Ghost haunts his study.

  • Carmilla- Carmilla is a modern adaptation of J. Sheridan Le Fanu’s gothic novel of the same name. 
  • Classic Alice- When college student Alice receives a bad grade on an essay, she partners with her friend Andrew to film a documentary about living her life according to classic literature.

  • The Goreys (Season One & Season Two)-Meet the spookiest family on YouTube.

  • Green Gables Fables- Green Gables Fables is a youtube mini-series modern adaption based off L.M. Montgomery’s Anne of Green Gables series.
  • Jules & Monty-Jules and Monty is a web retelling of Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet created and produced by students at Tufts University.

  • Kate the Cursed-Kate the Cursed is a web series based on Shakespeare’s Taming of the Shrew developed by Emily Lubbers and Zoe Lorenz.

  • March Family Letters (coming December 2015)-The March Family Letters is a vibrant, fun, and modern reimagining of Louisa May Alcott’s Classic growing up story “Little Women”.

  • New Adventures of Peter & Wendy-A modern adaptation of the classic novel “Peter and Wendy” by JM Barrie.

  • Nothing Much to Do-Set in a contemporary New Zealand high school. ‘Nothing Much To Do’ follows the life of Beatrice as she navigates her way through a new city with the help of her best friend and favourite cousin Hero, her school friends, and her ever frustrating rival, Benedick.


  • Adult Wednesday Addams- Wednesday has finally moved out of the Addams Manor.

  • Ask a Slave (Season One & Season Two)- Ask A Slave is a comedy web series based on the actress’ experiences working at Mount Vernon portraying one of George Washington’s slaves. All questions and interactions are based on true-life events. Watch Lizzie Mae, housemaid to President and Lady Washington, respond as modern-day Americans say the darndest things about history.

  • A Bit Much- A Bit Much is a new webseries based on William Shakespeare’s classic comedy, Much Ado About Nothing. The series takes the War of the Sexes out of 16th century Sicily and into the equally scenic and exotic, Camp Messina in upstate New York.

  • (character) (Season One & Season Two)- A rag tag bunch of lovable randos stage the financial romance “1-1= None: Accounting on Her Return” on Theatre Row in Hollywood.

  • Squaresville (Season One & Season Two)- Squaresville is a funny, weird, quirky, indie teen web series about growing up in the suburbs with nothing to do. Each episode is filled with funny situations, weird characters filled with teen angst, hipsters, romance, drama, and adventure. It tackles the universal issues of growing up misunderstood, teen issues, gay and lesbian issues, relationships, and friendships, all with a light, off-kilter touch. Squaresville is full of comedy, drama, and everything else you want out of your favorite tv online.

  • the Unwritten Rules (Season One, Season Two, & Season Three)- Based on the book, “40 Hours and an Unwritten Rule: The Diary of a Nigger, Negro, Colored, Black, African-American Woman” by Kim Williams, the web series examines the comedic realities of a Black Co-Worker in a predominantly white workplace


  • Kissing in the Rain-Two sets of actors keep finding themselves kissing in the rain, all while grappling with their off-camera feelings between takes.

  • Hipsterhood (Season One & Season Two)- Hipsterhood is a web series about two hipsters in Silver Lake who keep seeing each other around town, but can’t get to that next step of actually talking.

  • Til Lease Do Us Part- A new lesbian web series about two exes living together by The Gay Women Channel.


  • Teenagers- A web series that explores teen angst, freedom, sexuality and racism through the eyes of several teenagers as they navigate their way through their final year of High School.

  • Blank Verse- Blank Verse is a webseries about William Shakespeare and the great writers of his time, re-imagined as modern day university students.


  • Misspelled- Murder, mystery and magic collide in this story of 5 clueless witches! Can they overcome their differences to save themselves from impending doom? They don’t know, but they can google it.

  • My Immortal- A fan-made Harry Potter parody based off of Tara’s most famous creation: Enoby (Ebony?) Darkness Dementia Raven Way, the original mallcore goff who turns the lives of Harry Potter, Hermione Granger and Ron Weasley upside down.


  • Chronicles of Syntax- Chronicles of Syntax is set in present day and revolves around Sian (later referred to as Syntax) and a secret government facility called the Fallen Angel Network. It is Sian’s job to beat down the bad guys and find the rest of her team, which sounds easy but these guys don’t remember ever being chosen, and there’s someone else trying to get to them first. Only when she gathers all the members of her team can she access memories sent back through time, information that could stop the oncoming apocalypse.

  • Job Hunters (Season One & Season Two)- Job Hunters is a dystopian comedy web series set in the near future about a world in which college graduates are sent to report to MAEWIN - a program designed to match recruits with job based on their ability to fight their peers in an arena from 9-5 each day. These recruits then spend their time off living together in government sanctioned safe houses.


  • Little White Lie- Sami and Duder Reese are in a band. They are brother and sister. And they suck. They steal all their music and try to become famous in this webseries.

  • Musical: The Online Musical- You’re the first audience member in 6 months to show up to the musical that is the life of Henry and his fellow townspeople. Find out how the town has fallen into ruin and why only Henry knows the singing and dancing ways of the land. Then…help Henry.


  • RWBY- RWBY is a new animated series from Rooster Teeth, directed by Monty Oum. The story focuses on a group of four girls in their first year at a legendary academy where they will learn to fight monsters.

 Feel free to add any other web series that you know of to the list, along with a link and description.