Students from Scripps College created a mural using text taken from the 100 Natural Laws' of CLITERACY on a public wall only to have the piece defaced.

"If you’re doing something that challenges an entrenched system or power, you’re going to get blowback,” said wall Susan Castagnetto, Professor of Philosophy at Scripps College. “That kind of goes with the territory, and it means that you’re doing something that’s important and has some power.”  

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Profiles of Queer Asian American Students (13:47)

A series of video portraits of queer Asian American students at the Claremont Colleges.

Honors Media Studies Senior Project, Spring 2012

A space that was designed to combat gender violence and sexism should champion all genders. The role of feminism is not to police women. Womanhood is not yours to police, but it is yours to respect and embrace. If the Girl Scouts can do it, why not women’s colleges?
—  Janet Mock, on trans inclusive admissions policies at women’s colleges