Three new Jurassic World posters have been revealed over this weekend. The first features the Indominus and Claire (Bryce Dallas Howard) eyeing each other through the paddock, while the second sees a young park visitor observing the mosasaurus catching a shark in the Jurassic World aquarium. 

The third of the set, released Sunday morning, depicts Owen (Chris Pratt) on his motorcycle racing alongside the “raptor squad” of Blue, Charlie, Delta and Echo.

In addition to the posters, a new trailer will be released on Monday along with the opening of early ticket sales for the movie! 

I have a great need

for Claire and Dean and Cas to have to go undercover somewhere in 10x20

and so Claire just strolls in like, “Hey, I’m Claire, and these are my dads”

and Dean chokes on whatever free food he just picked up and stuffed into his face

and Cas tilts his head and squints a little

and really the possibilities from there are endless

MBTI as female archetypes

[note: this prompt was gratefully taken hijacked from readingontheroof]

INTJ: The strategist who plans out her team’s movements and saves the day despite not being well-liked. 

ENTJ: Head bitch in charge who doesn’t take shit from anyone.

INTP: The Nerd Supreme, glasses-cute who saves your ass using quantum theory.

ENTP: The charming yet nerdy one who can blend in seemingly anywhere.

INFJ: The seemingly stoic, silent girl looking wonderingly out the window.

ENFJ: The mother hen type, she gathers her flock around her.  Can be dangerously manipulative.  

INFP:  The quiet, sensitive one with a heart of gold.  

ENFP:  The adorably whimsical, outgoing girl passionate about seemingly everything.

ISFP: The artsy hipster with a flower crown in her hair and indie music in her eardrums.

ESFP: The outgoing yet sensitive girl who will stick to her morals no matter what.

ISFJ:  The quintessential loyal, generous heroine-type.

ESFJ: The queen bee, universally beloved and extraordinarily social.

ISTP: The deadly lady assassin: you’ll never see her coming.

ESTP:  The fun, risk-taking, action girl.

ISTJ:  The bookish, quiet Hermione Granger type, but always able to save everyone’s ass in a crisis.

ESTJ: Female Javert the strict, rigid dictatorial girl nobody can score anything off of.