Cisgender People

Fellow cis peeps:

Stop asking trans and non binary people about their private parts like wtf seriously does anyone come up to you asking about your genitals?? No bc it’s fucking rude and invasive and nobody else’s business!!!

No More Goddamn Poly Manifestos is a short (12 pages) zine about nonmonogamy from the perspective of a nonmonogamous person who is largely tired of nonmonogamy bullshit. It contains writing and reflections on such subjects as “I don’t want to be part of your sexual revolution, I just want a relationship that works for me” and “straight cisgender polyamorous people aren’t queer”! You can buy it on gumroad - it’s PWYC, so you can pay zero dollars if you want! Or you can chip in a bit of money if you think it’s worth it, it’s totally up to you. Enjoy. 

Y'know what I hate

When anyone will automatically shame and hate someone because they are cisgendered. Like, yeah, cis people have it a lot easier in the real world than say Agender or transgender people do. But not on this shitty website. You can’t say cisphobia is not a thing when people hate on kids for being cis.
Teenagers feel sorry for their fucking biological gender that they identify with. Like what the fuck is wrong with you for making someone feel that way?
This entire fucking website says “tolerate everyone, equal rights, love” and all that bullshit and then you turn around and slap anyone who you don’t consider oppressed and make them feel fucking awful.
Yeah, some cis people are transphobic. But guess what. There are TRANS people that act like they are cisphobic, slamming any white cis people they see, saying that they aren’t allowed to feel oppressed for ANYTHING.
Like how about you fuck off and leave them alone? You don’t need to take things out on people just because they are cis. Stop acting like you’re better than them and all high and mighty. You’re not. You should consider them equal to you.

when a character is not canonically trans: "Why do people have to headcanon every character as trans??? There is absolutely nothing to say that they would be!!! It’s so disrespectful to the creators to make this character something they’re not!!!”

when a character is canonically trans: "People are free to interpret the character’s gender however they want!!! Don’t shit on people just because they see this character as female when they’re stated to be nonbinary!!!"

Tumblr, the place where being gay,trans and/or non white isn’t a choice or isn’t anything to be ashamed of, yet being white cisgender heterosexual male is the epitome of all evils and everyone from said group should feel guilty for being oppressors by default.


This is an open letter to cis people who feel the need to define who trans people are. 

This video is inspired by my response to an absolutely asinine video I came across yesterday. You can read my lengthy response here:

A transcript of this video can be found here: 

Send this video to any cis person trying to define who you are.



I don’t understand why cisgender people are so fascinated and concerned with the gender of a stranger. I don’t understand why they spend so much of their time worrying about the gender of a stranger. I don’t understand why they think it’s appropriate to comment on the gender of a stranger. I just don’t understand cisgender people at all.

if you claim that all men are assholes, including transmen and men outside of the traditional binary, then you’re a fucking asshole. you can’t generalize a certain group as being one thing. everyone is a different person and will stand for different things. to condemn one group for the actions of few is naive and completely ignorant.  

the meaning of the word of “cisgender” as explained by cisgender people

pronouns are a part of gender expression but pronouns don’t necessarily indicate gender identity

i feel like this is important to keep in mind that someone who uses he/she pronouns isn’t necessarily cis and someone who uses they/etc pronouns isn’t necessarily nb/trans