Crystmas with the Crystal Gems.
  • Steven:*wearing a Santa + Rudolph suit* Hey! Why is everything decorated in red and blue?
  • Garnet:Do you like it?
  • Steven:Well...I'm pretty sure I told you red and green...
  • Garnet:*stares quietly*
  • Steven:But...we can just tell everyone we are all colorblind.
  • Pearl:*gags* WHY do we have an open kitchen, Steven? *drops to her knees* I can't take it any longer!
  • Steven:*looks towards the kitchen* AMETHYST, the cookies go into the oven! Don't eat the dough!
  • Amethyst:Sorry! You didn't make it clear!
  • Steven:*rubs Pearls back* Well, at least everyone is
A Bitter Christmas - Louis Tomlinson

Major editing session soon, sorry for not doing it now.

A Bitter Christmas

Snow fell in the outskirts of London, covering the mostly deciduous trees and grass. I tucked myself away in the downstairs bathroom getting too overwhelmed by everyone in my house tonight. I opened up the curtains in the bathroom seeing the snow I knew was already there. It was settling on the small window sill. It wasn’t calming to watch the snowfall, rather it was making me anxious. If it kept snowing how would I get alone time tonight. All these questions running through my head are making me insane. All while there’s a dinner party going on right on the other side of the door.

I washed my hands, drying them slowly on the red hand towel on the wall. The winod was slowly becoming frosty, getting a white filmy look to them. I could hear them talking in the living room just down the hall from this bathroom. I had had enough of everyone despite how much I love them. You get tired of people after a few short hours, especially if they’re very loud. Louis doesn’t get bothered by his family no matter how loud they are.

I come from a smaller family, not used to there being so many young kids. Being already twenty-seven, I don’t understand that I could have ever been that crazy. Running around and just regenerating all this energy in such a short period of time. Luckily they should crash soon and finally go to sleep. Personally I think that seeing family should happen in small bits of time over time. I’ve been awake all day with people at my house since this early morning.

A knock came about the bathroom door; I looked to the clock and realized tucking myself away had take a lot longer than I thought. I had been in this small room for almost fifteen minutes. Someone must think that I’ve either died or passed out. I collected myself quickly, opening the door and leaving it cracked behind me.

“Alright in there darlin’?” Louis stood leaning against the door frame, not letting me past him. He was wearing this fit blue sweater with a white collared shirt peeking from the sleeves and collar. He sounded more tired than when I mentioned the restroom twenty minutes ago by now.

I placed my hand on his side, looking him in the eye, “Fine. Tired that’s all.” I went to slip past him but he still stood in my way.

“C’mon {Y/N} I know you weren’t just staring into space in there.” I was staring out of the window, completely different thing - doesn’t count.

“For your information, I was collecting myself.” I stepped closer to him. In hopes he would need to take a step back and I could slip past.

“You’d tell me if something were wrong right?” he was at a whisper now, looking me in the eyes as he had done as I did and taken a step closer.  

I slipped past him, turning around to face him, “Tired, that’s all.” I slapped his butt. Walking down the hall I went into the kitchen rather than the living room to grab something to drink. I sipped on water, seeing Louis back in the living room.

“I want to see you and {Y/N} tomorrow afternoon.” Louis’ mother came in with Louis following her.

“What about the day after?” He tried to reason.

“Oh, well. As long as I get to see you two tomorrow or the day after I’m happy. We’re gonna get going,” she turned to me, giving me a kiss on the cheek, “and I hope to see you guys soon.”

“Okay, sounds good!” I hugged her, saying goodbye to everyone else as they left. I was partially relieved that I would finally have some alone time. I had woken up in such a good mood, now all worn out.

Louis and I decided to clean up everything so we wouldn’t have to deal with it tomorrow. Since it was his birthday today, I was planning to give him his things tonight. He has seemed to chill today, he usually likes it to be crazy and full of fun. This year (I thought) would be no different. He just woke up in a bad mood, not really getting over it throughout the day.

“Happy Birthday, again.” I hugged him from behind and kissed behind his ear.

“Thank you.” He was giving me simple answers all day and they didn’t sound very - very full of energy…

“I still have to give you your presents!” I took his hand, dragging him behind me upstairs. I made him sit on the bed, a small smile appearing on his face. “This one has to be my favorite.” I handed him a quite obvious bag. A sports bad with that soccerball compartment and a special soccer ball inside.

“No fucking way.” he unzipped it, “How did you make it look so nice?” The black pieces had his initials in them, white.

“Look inside.” I pointed to the parts of the bag, getting too excited. I wasn’t thinking about sleep anymore.

He unzipped the biggest zipper, pulling out a hoodie with his favorite saying on it and some boxer shorts that had his last name on them. “I tell you I don’t want anything, I have all I need. Still you seem to give me something I so badly want.” he held up the boxers, chuckling.  

“One more, baby cakes.” this time I pointed to the smallest pocket but still pretty spacious. He shook his head, smiling as he opened it.
“Oh, baby.” he held up to plane tickets to Lima, Peru one of the places I had mentioned that we should go sometime. He had also mentioned going on a trip soon, so I took that and did something about it. His face lit up with excitement and he embraced me softly.

“How’s your day been?” I usually ask him this every night but it was more special asking him now.

He sighed, looking up at me, “Good. I don’t really see an importance in birthdays any-”

“What!? Your birthday is so important and well I don’t know, it should feel special.”

“Please just don’t interrupt me baby.” he looked at me clearly a little annoyed. I covered my lips, feeling a major blush on my cheeks.

“Sorry.” I whispered, sitting on the bed beside him.

He began again, lying back on the bed with his hands behind his head. “It’s just been kind of a pissy day. I love my family but I just get too stressed out by them and want to be alone no matter how badly I wanted to see them. Sometimes when I’m with you I just want to be alone…” he trailed off, staring at the ceiling.

“So, you just wanted to be alone on your birthday and I shouldn’t have scheduled that?” I whispered, my feeling actually a tad hurt. When I was younger I would get my feelings hurt in an instant and cry about it but now I’ve learned how to control them. With all this stress I kind of just, wanted to cry. Louis had never told me so plainly that he wanted to not be around me, especially after being so lovey dovey.

“I didn’t mean it like that-”

“You did mean it like that. I knew this whole day would just turn out bad and look where we are.” I was letting my anger get the best of me. I like people to be plain with me but he never seemed like the kind of person to be so harsh with it. I began changing out of my navy blue dress, heels and everything else I wore. I didn’t want to keep talking and if we did tomorrow would just be episode two of tonight.

“Listen to yourself! I say that I want some alone time on my birthday and you make me feel like shit for telling you! How mature does that sound!?” he began to yell, way over the line. You sure as hell know I’m not putting up with any man yelling at me about how I’m acting.

“You are down all day I try to cheer you up. I try to get your family here so you can see them and it turned out that’s not what you needed! So what!? I’m your girlfriend that doesn’t know everything about you but I’m trying. I’m trying to see what makes you happy when you’re down. Peoples birthdays are supposed to be the best day of the year and you make it out to make me feel terrible. You’ve been shooting me looks ALL day that just let me know I’m doing a terrible job if you realized it or not! Stop telling me how I’m acting and look at this. You started this argument and now tomorrow is gonna be just like this!”

“You see that!? You yell about things that are already past-”

“Im talking about things that happened a few hours ago!!”

“Jesus fucking christ {Y/N}! Stop interrupting me!” he scowled at me harder than I’ve ever seen him scowl at anyone. I was really starting to piss him off. I still had a fight to pick with him but I didn’t know how it would turn out. He quieted down, “Stop interrupting me, stop trying to make me feel better, stop trying to act cute or ‘fine’ when you’re clearly not. STOP acting like a teenage girl and grow up!” He yelled the last bit, not feeling bad about a single word he said.

“Might as well stop acting like your girlfriend too eh? It sure does sound like that’s what you’re asking me to do. I’ll go on right ahead.” I grabbed my purse, after I had changed, walking out of our bedroom.

Christmas Boxes For Wildlife Rescue Centres 

Today we will be bringing you ideas of what you could include in a box for a local wildlife rescue centre 

Wildlife centres care for and rehabilitate sick, injured and orphaned wildlife with the end result being the release of them back into the wild. 

Their work is so so important!

What can you include in a box for a wildlife centre?

  • Tea Towels
  • Towels
  • Small Knitted blankets 
  • knitted or crochet hats to line birds nests
  • small dishes, shallow and deep ones 
  • cuddly toys for babies to snuggle and cling onto 
  • newspapers, you can shred them into strips too for hedgehogs
  • White kitchen roll 
  • Blue kitchen roll
  • Puppy training pads

Items to check with centres first to see if they need 

  • Fresh Fruit and veg 
  • peanut butter 
  • cheese
  • honey
  • dog biscuits 
  • meat flavoured cat food 
  • bird seed 
  • sunflower seeds 

These are all ideas and if you want to contact centres or check their websites then they will also list items specifically needed :) 

If you do not have the Funds or the time to do all this?

Then do not worry! We are spread out across the UK and our aim is to help as many animals as possible!

You can Donate from as little as £1 via The following Wishlists 

catslover88 will be donating to Katz Castle -  Surrey Amazon list

suchaprettyfire is in the North west of the UK - Amazon List

charitycrochetandknitsforanimals is covering the East MIdlands -Amazon List

For every £1 Donated charitycrochetandknitsforanimals will make and donate a knitted catnip toy or fish, on top of ones already being made to be donated!

p.s i know this one is about wildlife, but this is just to let you know if you help more items will be donated :D

A cat like this could be the cat you sponsor with a Christmas box!

Sandy as you can see has been waiting for a forever home for 2 years!

We can not believe that at all as he is gorgeous!

This is the description of Sandy from the Katz Castle website

Sandy is a large gorgeous ginger and white boy who is looking for a very special new home. He arrived at Katz Castle some months ago as a stray, but, as he was not adopted, he became a popular resident at the shelter.  However he decided after a while to return back to where he’d originally been living rough which meant crossing some busy roads. Although he is dearly loved by everyone at Katz Castle, we cannot have the worry of him doing that again, so he is looking for a new loving home a good distance away from the area, and with someone who will spend lots of time with him.

Sandy is an extremely  friendly and affectionate boy who loves to be stroked. However he can sometimes be unpredictable as we believe he has been cruelly treated in the past, although he has mellowed considerably whilst living at the shelter. Sandy is 4/5 years old. He is a big cat but he has become a bit of a ‘plumpkin’ whilst living at Katz Castle as he loves his food. Sandy would not be suitable to live with children, and he does not like other cats or dogs.

There will be cats, dogs, rabbits, rodents and so many other animals that will be in this situation too and it is so heartbreaking! :(

You can build a box of your own! Or if you are not able to you could donate items from one of the following wishlists

catslover88 will be donating to Katz Castle -  Surrey Amazon list

suchaprettyfire is in the North west of the UK - Amazon List

charitycrochetandknitsforanimals is covering the East MIdlands -Amazon List

For every £1 donate charitycrochetandknitsforanimals will make and donate an extra catnip toy :)

Me: So I don’t mean to be THAT person but uhm….Tf! So YYYYYOOOOUUU can kick my ass like Bruce Lee for seven days straight EVERY MONTH, but yet I still haven’t gotten randomly hot af?! Wtf is the point of not having a period if I can’t potentially ruin a least one person’s life every month?!
Mother Nature: …Wel-
Me: Also tf is with SOME PEOPLE *only mad bc I’m not on of them* get to eat wwwwhhhhaaattttt eeeevvveeerrrrr tf they want and still look fine af! Yet I could eat literally nothing but foliage for the next month and STILL see my life flashing before my eyes when I try to run!
Mother Nature: Well I mean if it makes you feel any better most of thoes ppl aren’t healthy on the inside.
Me: You did not just say that to me…
Mother Nature: What? Its true!
Me: BIATCH YOU, ME, AAAANNNNNDDDD MY DOCTOR KNOW NEITHER AM I! I went to McDonalds last week and the attendant ask me if this was something I really wanted to do with my life before I even ordered!
Me: Also another thing! Have you seen Santa?! I saw the Polar Express and I still believe, and yet this fool STILL hasn’t gotten me what I wanted! Tf is he lost?!
Mother Nature:
Mother Nature:
Mother Nature:……..I know damn well I’m going to regret this….but what did you ask for?
Me: Simple shit really. I asked for a new Xbox, some make up and clothes, some new shoes, a new laptop….
Mother Nature: okay not bad…
Me: A puppy, a boyfriend…
Mother Nature: Well we are starting to get a little unrealistic here here…
Me: Peace on earth, and all my student loans paid off, but really I’m on the fence about the fence about the laptop. Like my old still works pretty well…
Me: I would also settle for getting adopted by Queen Beyonce or Mother Nicki
Mother Nature:….you know you’re an adult right?
Me: Which is just more reason to be mad that I still haven’t gotten randomly being hot af!

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Goyle is adorable in Smitten by eilonwy XD

Thanks!!! :)

Smitteneilonwy - M, 5 chapters - Summary:The plan had seemed perfect. Foolproof, in fact. But Draco should have remembered what is so often said about the best-laid plans. Written for Round 2 of the Dramione Couples Remix on LJ. My chosen couple were Oberon and Titania, from Shakespeare’s “A Midsummer Night’s Dream.”