When oodlesodoodles came and visited NYC (and by proxy, me), she came up with this great Dogpound/Bradford doodle, and then commissioned me to make some more komainu/shishi Bradford. And I dearly love the more mythological Bradford look. 

Plus he can do that whole terrifying ‘i am just a statue hanging out observing you nbd UNTIL YOU HEAR ME GROWL’ thing. Brr.


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  • Remember how in season 1 “TCRI” Leonardo states that Donnie’s tracker led them to a burrito in a microwave?
  • Then later on in season 2 “Metalhead Rewired”, a burrito in a vending machine led the turtles to the secret Kraang hideout. *foreshadowing*
  • In “Newtralized” Raphael is not using Hamato shuriken, but, instead using shuriken that looks just like Bradford’s from “New Friend, Old Enemy” *could this also be foreshadowing for something big later on in season 3* 

Maybe the rumored Dark Raph story line, or maybe I’m over thinking.