John Byrne at his drawing board. 2011.

A question was asked of John on his website today and I’d liked to share it and John’s answer.

I seem to remember you mentioning that were you to return to THE HIGHWAYS, the story would begin with following a different character (or characters) from the first issue’s opening scene. Have you given any further thought to that? Also, is there a chance we might see more of Megan at some point?

John’s answer

To be honest, Wallace — and at the risk of unleashing an internet firestorm — my enthusiasm for drawing actually COMICS seems at an all-time low. Don’t know if this is a function of geezerhood, but the notion of sitting at my drawing board, hour after hour, producing page after page of continuity — well, that’s just a pale shadow of what it used to be. I have so much fun with the commission pieces and the TREK photonovels that I have trouble envisioning a day when I’ll want to get back to the ol’ grind.

Chris Ryall has asked me about doing a ROG-2000 miniseries, and that’s somewhat appealing — but I also have the fear that I’ll get halfway into the first issue and run out of steam.

It’s a truly strange feeling — something I could not have imagined myself experiencing from the vantage of twenty or thirty (or forty) years ago. I just turned down a big commission comic for just this reason. I didn’t want to start and then find I couldn’t finish (or finished with inferior material).

John has made a few vague comments about “retiring” from drawing comics in the past. His most recent books Doomsday.1, Triple Helix, Trio and The High Ways did not reach a large audience. Promised books like Next Men: Finders of Lost Children, Cold War 2 and Citizen Zero were never published and he has been critical of the marketplace and comic book industry as a whole for years now calling them “high priced fanzines”. 

I for one hope that he gets inspired to draw something. I love Chris Ryall’s idea for a ROG-2000 series. I’d buy that in a second. I can not support John’s photonovels as they are done now. Too many errors are making it to the published page. 

I’ll always have his older work to admire and post here but it will be a sad day if I am no longer able to post anything new or go into my LCS and place an order for a John Byrne book.

John feels fans have contributed to the destruction of comics because they have too large a voice because of the internet. That companies listen to them too much. Well, maybe we should put that to the test. If we the fans demand that IDW convince John to draw more comics, he’ll have to do it right? Right?


IDW Chief Creative Officer / Editor-in-Chief /  Gentleman Assassin Chris Ryall let me loose in his office to chronicle some of the amazing treasures, trinkets, and invaluable mystic oddities that it holds.

What better way to kick off the first episode of Ryall’s Antiques Roadshow than with a piece of original cover art by Roger Langridge!  This particular piece is the cover of Popeye #2, which is due out in june!  It may not be an antique, but it sure is rad!

Now reading: Zombies vs. Robots. I picked up this compendium of the four-issue series at Ada Books in Providence last winter. Or… you know what? It may have been summer. Who remembers? Anyway, it’s a post-apocalyptic one-individual-is-humanity’s-last-hope type situation rendered in remarkable paintings done by Ashley Wood. It’s all very fuzzy and confusing… in a good way, mostly. Somewhat depressingly, the film rights have supposedly been acquired by Michael Bay.

ComicsAlliance marks what would’ve been Hergé’s 107th birthday with an art and commentary celebration of his character Tintin from top industry professionals.

I put this together for comicsalliance today!  Some of the coolest people in comics sent comments and art – follow the link to check out Maris Wicks, Jeaux Janovsky, Chris Ryall, Andrew Robinson, Vivek Tiwary, David Gallaher, and Katie Cook celebrating Hergé’s boy reporter.

(Super psyched. I love me some Tintin!)