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CLaw and the PR Game

So here we are again.  Talking about Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Martin. Just like their PR people want us to.  Let’s take a closer look.  (It’s long - sorry.)

It all started in August of 2014 when Jen was papped getting on a helicopter in NY - a heliport that takes people to the Hamptons.  The next day we get a story about a romantic dinner at a vineyard on Long Island.  How did paparazzi know that Jen would be at the heliport?  Why have Jen linked to a still-married man?

Two weeks later - the awful photo hacking hits the news.  Jen in private photos leaked all over the web.  As someone who worked in PR for many years, crises like these are not completely unexpected - you get a heads up that something very bad may be on the way, and I’m sure this happened with Jen and her pictures.

If you don’t like what people are saying about you, you change the conversation (thanks Mad Men for that quote!) - to get people to stop talking about the pictures, her PR people needed a BIG story that would bury any talk of the pics. What better way to do that but to place Jen in the middle of one of the most high-profile splits in Hollywood?  So many angles for stories. 

Any other guy and the photos are still in the story - GOOP and Chris and Jen and the kids and an expensive divorce - those photos at best appear at the end of an article.

So we get stories of them being together, Jen wearing the Love button, the infamous concert pap walk.  And my absolute favorite pics - the private airport pics:

These are long lens pics at a private airport with PR reps in attendance - Paparazzi were called to take these pics as well as the pics at Teterboro Airport on Easter (another private small airport).  Paps don’t hang out in places celebs aren’t likely to be.  JEN’S PEOPLE CALLED PAPS, AND JEN WAS FINE WITH THAT CAUSE THEY WORK FOR HER.

And do you notice that sometimes Jen is fine having paps take her pic:

And sometimes she’s not:

There are definitely times when Jen knows she’s suppose to pose and times when she doesn’t expect paps and hides.

So why does CLaw continue?  

The pics aren’t really an issue - true. 

But there’s still angles to sell.  Maybe Chris wanted Jen to return the favor and make him look like a desirable bachelor especially as people perceive Gwyneth as having been in control of their relationship and split.

Maybe it helps Jen solidify her status as one of the biggest stars on the planet complete with rock star boyfriend (coincidence that her $20 million pay day leaked on the same day, as the new happy together stories?)

Maybe they are using this relationship to hide things about each of them (changing the conversation again!)

What I do know is that Jen has said that the loss of privacy, paparazzi hounding her, not being able to go to a supermarket if she wants - has left her anxious, angry and sick.  

Jen has said she hates people knowing where she is and what she’s doing.

But yet, Jennifer approves her PR people to hire paparrazzi and is okay to being publicly linked with Chris.

If Jennifer is in a real relationship with Chris Martin, then Jennifer Lawrence is an enormous hypocrite.  She is an active participant in selling this story.  Those pics at the private airports are all you need to know that Jen is okay with this.  

So either Jen is a lying, publicity-hungry starlet who has no problem using her real relationship to make her more famous, or this is all FAKE and done to sell a story and hide what she doesn’t want people to see.

Think about it.


Blogger Anges (of Hungary) creating a gender-swapped Avengers cast photo series. 

“For her alternate movie universe, Agnes recasts Captain America as Amber Heard, Iron Man as Kate Beckinsale, Bruce Banner as Mila Kunis, Thor as Jennifer Lawrence, Hawkeye as Shailene Woodley and Loki as Kristen Stewart.

And Black Widow? Oh, he’s played by Chris Pine”

Via Robot 6


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