The Girl I Love

TITLE: The Girl I Love


AUTHOR: winterwolf57

CHARACTERS: Chris Evans x Reader

GENRE: Romance, Hurt/Comfort, some Fluff and implications of lovemaking towards the end

SUMMARY: You and Chris were roommates and best friends until his girlfriend insisted he move in with her to keep him away from you.

A/N: I know, I suck at giving my stories titles that don’t sound cheesy as hell. ANYWAY, As promised, here is another one shot about the ever charming Chris Evans. Oh and if it’s not clear, (GF/N) means “girlfriend’s name”.

Have fun kiddos! XX



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Request: a Chris Evans one? Idk, I’m aware he has anxiety, and sometimes the whole fame thing can be a bit much for him but he always presses on and stuff? So maybe the reader is a close friend with a crush or their interests (I don’t think he has any romantic interests rn?) or he likes the reader but the reader maybe feels like, they won’t amount to much? Like they haven’t been presented many opportunities in life just yet and they feel very stuck, so it’s kinda like a positive encouragement?

Chris Evans x Reader

Whenever he managed to have free time, you and Chris Evans would meet for dinner. He had finally gotten done with filming the last Captain America film, and had been doing a publicity tour until the past week. As soon as he came back to town, you and your best friend had gotten to catch up and spent nearly every meal together, and it had been heaven for you. Though you had never told him, you loved Chris dearly and had for years.

But he was famous and had a promising acting career now, and you were still living in your home town, not getting up to much of anything. You were just a waitress, and though the restaurant was pretty high-end, it was still hard work and you dealt with horrible customers and a frustrating boss. You wouldn’t complain about it to Chris, though. He had bigger things to worry about.

He was currently worrying about convention season and having to go on tour with it. Even though he was a great actor, Chris still felt anxious about public speaking. You couldn’t help but think he was a good fit for Steve Rodgers—they were both shy sweethearts behind the role they played. You stared at his handsome face, no longer really interesting. You understood his anxiety, but knew that he didn’t need to worry—he always did well. He was a natural, and everyone loved him. Really, he could have girl he wanted.

“Y/N?” asked Chris, and you focused back on your best friend. He was looking at you with worry, and you were touched he cared. He reached over and took your hand.

“Are you okay?” he asked, and you just shrugged. Sure, your job had been getting more and more difficult as some of your coworkers had found out about your friendship with Chris and while some had started to treat you kindly (wanting to get on his good side), others had decided to try to punish you for having been his friend since childhood. But it wasn’t actually Chris’s fault, and anything he would try to do about it would probably just make worse. You tried to smile but he was still frowning, so you let it slip away.

“I’m boring you, aren’t I? I’m sorry, Y/N… How are you doing?” he asked, and you couldn’t stop the tears that started spilling out of your eyes. Chris was at your side in a second, rubbing your back and holding your hand. It was too much. He was so kind and meant something in the world, and you… well, you didn’t. You tried to explain it to him, but he wouldn’t hear of it.

“I’m just a stupid waitress and I’m never going to be anything more than that. I’m just a background face for people, and all I get is to be in love with a guy I’ll never deserve. I just, I’m nothing spectacular and I never will be,” you sobbed, and Chris made soothing sounds while you bit it out. Realizing just how pathetic you sounded when you spoke, you choked back another sob and quickly tried to evacuate your seat, but Chris held you in place.

“Hey now, no, don’t you think that. Y/N, you are beautiful and wonderful, and I never want to hear you thinking this way again. You’re what keeps me grounded, what keeps me going. You’re sweet and kind and I think you’re amazing and I love you,” he said, smiling in disbelief and joy as he realized what he said. You couldn’t believe it. He had to have meant as a friend, but then he kissed you and you realized that no, he didn’t.

You kissed him in return, and the two of you grinned at each other like fools. He kissed your knuckles, almost hiding behind your hands.

“How about we agree to focus on the positive now?” he offered, and you smiled and nodded. Yeah, you could probably focus on the love between the two of you. He returned to his seat, and the two of you finished your now date with smiles.

The Right Partner

A CA: The first avenger fanfic

stevexreader fanfic

1940’s skinny Steve, mention of Bucky. Two years prior to post serum Steve.

Based off author’s imagination

Warnings: NONE

    Oh boy, I didn’t know what to expect when James Barnes or “Bucky” came up to me and asked about going on a date— but not with him, with his smaller friend: Steve Rogers. It’s not that I would be embarrassed or anything, I would just be afraid that I might freak him out. I don’t know him personally, I know Bucky more; since high school. I see him and Steve go everywhere together but never actually talked to him. I don’t see why girls won’t be flattered by him, he seems sweet and be a loving boyfriend. But I guess because he’s shorter than most guys, he won’t seem a big catch.

"So what do you say?"

   I snap out of my thought and see Bucky staring at me, cocking his head in a “well I’m waiting” manner. “Um. Yes. I’d love to go” I say in unison, his eyes light up “Really?” he shouts in excitement “Oh! Thanks (y/n)! You won’t regret it!” he grins goofly and hugs me tight, and sets off in the opposite direction.

   I giggle to myself and shake my head “Dork” I say to myself. I continue my walk back to my parents house.

  “Hey mom!”

  “(y/n)! That Chad boy came by today!”

 ”Oh mom. You didn’t agree to anything stupid did you?” Great. It’s Chad. The hot head jock from high school that wouldn’t leave me alone despite my rude attitude and ignoring his letters and rejecting his invitations for dates. He just won’t give up. It got to the point where Bucky stepped in, usually I always handled it but he got tired of seeing me get harassed and bothered. “Why don’t you like him? He seems fawned about you,” I lean against the door frame and huff a breath, rolling my eyes “He’s a creep mother. And a lady’s man. He takes advantage of girls” I sit next to her “Besides, I have a date Friday” I smile.

    I can hear my mother shift on the couch “With who? That James boy? He’s a nice handsome young man, it’d be time you two start a life together,” “No!” I exclaim, with wide eyes. “Mother no. We’re just friends” I chuckle a little nervously. That would be weird. Bucky is like my brother. “Oh? Then who?” she coos setting an arm on the arm rest and resting her chin on her knuckles.

  “Steve Rogers”

 ”Oh” she says, but in a boring disgust tone, “Steve rogers? The skinny boy that always follows James around like a lost puppy?”

 ”Mother!” I groan, “He does not follow him like a lost puppy. You’re over exaggerating that”

  “Did I just hear my daughter say she’s going on a date with Steve Rogers?”

  I snap my head around to see my father walking into the family room, wiping oil off his hands with a cloth. “It seems you heard correct” my mother answers his question. “That kid is always picking fights with men twice his size,” “Dad. He just tries to help girls in uncomfortable situations” I say getting up off the couch and into the kitchen. “Yeah. But that don’t mean he ain’t no trouble maker!” he shouts back.


It’s Friday. Tonight is my date with Steve Rogers. Why am I so nervous? Calm down. It’s just a date.

   I exhale and close my eyes, calming myself.

"(y/n)! Alexandra is here!"

"Coming!" I hear my mother yell from downstairs. I take a last glance at myself. Everything seems good. Then I grab my purse and go.

"Hey girl" Alexandra shouts from the driver side "Looking good!" she whistles. I giggle and bend forward, curtsying my dress in a Victorian era way.


We approach a parking lot and park the car then got out.

  “Bucky said he and Steve will meet us at the corner between the ice cream parlor and the shoe store. “Okay” I nod, following her.

  Thirty minutes have passed and no sign of Bucky or Steve. “Are you sure he said this place?” I ask, “Yeah” she answers scanning the people’s face “I know he said this corner.”

 ”Well if they don’t show, let’s head back to your place”

"Okay. Yeah, we’ll do that" she agrees not looking or glimpsing at me. 

   ”Look!” she pulls my arm. I follow her finger and see Bucky first, but not Steve. I knit my eyebrows in confusion. Bucky approaches us, smiling at Alexandra and hugging her then turns to me with a sympathetic smile. “Where’s Steve” I ask, looking behind him to see if Steve was catching up to him. 

   He bites the inside of his lip looking down then looking at me “Come here” he says quietly pulling me to the alley way. I follow him. “Listen” he begins, rubbing the back of his neck “Steve…” he continues “He could-,” “He didn’t want to come” I correct his sentence before he finishes it. His eyes widen slightly then closes them “Yeah” his tone neutral “I’m sorry. I tried to get him out of the house but” his hand falls hitting his thigh. “He didn’t want to embarrass or ruin another girl’s night.” He didn’t say anything which told me I was right.

"Well he wasn’t going to" I say, "It’s okay Buck. Tell him I understand" I turn and starting walking. "(y/n) wait! Let me walk you home. Make sure you get there safe." I smile, sometimes he can be a gentleman "Nah" I shake me head, "You and Alexandra have fun" I nod once then wink at Alexandra. "You sure?" he asks taking a step forward "Good night Bucky" I say to answer his question.

  I turn back and walk down the sidewalk. As I walk further away from the busy streets and crowded stores, silence creeps in. Only the faint sounds of car horns and laughter from the back of clubs can be heard.

 I get home, to my parents surprise. “Hey honey. You’re home early. Did it go okay?” I smile at my mom and shake my head “He was a no show”. “Oh. That’s a shame” she half smiles “You okay?,” “Yeah” I respond back “I’m gonna go upstairs for the rest of the night,” “Okay” she says continuing reading her magazine.

"Good night Hun!"

"Good night mom!"


 The front door opens with a screech. Steve looks up from his sketching book to see Bucky walking in. “Didn’t feel like getting drunk tonight and crashing at Alexandra’s place?” he asks sarcastically. Bucky looks at him and scoffs “How could I? I couldn’t get (y/n) heartbroken expression out of my head all night” he slips off his jacket and sets it on his lap when he sits on the couch next to Steve. “Alex and I couldn’t enjoy the night” he huffs, kicking his feet on the coffee table.

"Buck. I did her a favor" Steve says sternly, not looking up from his sketch book, "She would just be like all the others. Embarrassed" 

"You know what your problem is Steve Rogers? That someone might actually take interest in you. She was looking forward to tonight. She knew who you were so it wouldn’t’ have been a surprise to her" Bucky snaps back at him, getting off the couch and striding angrily to the kitchen.

  He opens a cup board and pulls out a box of tea bags, a tea pot and fills it with water, he turns the nozzle on the stove and when no flames show up he lights a match and ignites the gas fumes. He sets the pot over the fire and turns opening another cupboard and pulls out two mugs.

    From the dark entrance Steve emerges “Was she really looking forward to tonight?” he asks, rubbing his forearm with his thumb nervously. Bucky stops in mid step pulling out the mugs, looking at Steve. He sets them on the counter making a loud clanking sound “Yeah” he says quietly. “And she knows what I look like?” he asks again. “Yeah!” Bucky says slamming the cupboard doors shut “I known her since high school. She always saw us hanging out together” he exclaims to him. 

   After their cup of tea and discussion Bucky decides to retire for the night “Well” he yawns rubbing his eyes “I done for the night” getting up form his chair and putting his and Steve dishes in the sink “Leave it. I got it” Steve says looking down at the table. Bucky doesn’t hesitate and sets them in along with the tea pot.

 ”Hey” Bucky says softly standing next to Steve. He looks up at him with tired eyes “talk to her tomorrow,” Steve nods looking down at his hands feeling shame ride over him, “Okay” he says softly back. Bucky pats his shoulder and gives it a gently squeeze, then heads out the kitchen and to his room.

Steve sits there quietly thinking about what Bucky had told him.





"Hmm!" I sit up rubbing my eyes. Who’s calling at this hour? It better be for a good reason!

  I reach over to my night stand and lazily grab the phone, knocking it to the floor “Ugh” I groan sliding my body down the side of the bed, trying to grab it. When I finally get a grip on it I hold it to my ear “Hello?” I yawn, stretching my three free limbs.

"Hey, (y/n)?" a voice says.

"This is her. May I help you?" I yawn again, my body setting on the floor,

"I’m sorry to call at such a late hour. This is Steve. Steve rogers"

My eyes shoot open. Steve? Is it really him? “Oh” I say, not quiet knowing what else to say.  

 "Yeah. Hey…" he drifts off.

I bite my lip, thinking of what else to say “H-hi Steve” I stutter a little. “Hi. I didn’t mean to wake you up… I just-” he stops and sighs through the phone “Steve. I know what you’re going to say. And it’s okay. I forgive you. There’s no need to apologize”

"Yes there is" he says softly in that deep voice "—I should have gone— I should have went!" I can tell he’s getting frustrated. And I’m really not mad, yeah a little heart broken but I didn’t lie when I said I understand.

"Can—" he sighs again. "Can you make it up?" I finish for him. "Yeah, that" he says. I hesitate for a moment "Okay Steve Rogers. You can.’  hear exhale a sigh of relief "Than you" he says. "You’re welcome. Just be there!,’ he chuckles a little "I will. I promise."

Another awkward silence is between us, both waiting on the other either side of the phone.

"I can’t—"

"See you—"

We both say at the same time. My cheeks feel hot in embarrassment. I open my mouth to speak but close it. “Um…” Steve hums “Sorry. You first.”

"No. You go ahead"

"Okay. I was gonna say: I can’t wait till our date"

I blush a little, “Yeah me too. Good night Steve Rogers” I whisper.

"Good night Miss (y/l/n)"

I hang up the phone and climb back into my bed, blushing madly; staring up at the ceiling; holding my small pillow to my chest.  

Ice Cream Keeps You Warm in the Winter (Part 1)

TITLE: Ice Cream Keeps You Warm in the Winter


AUTHOR: winterwolf57

CHARACTERS: Chris Evans x Reader

GENRE: Romance, Humor, Rated G

SUMMARY: You move to Boston from your home country to start a life of your own. As you walk back home from work and take your usual route by the park, a little boy runs up to you and asks you to help him hide from someone who, as he put it, will “tickle him to death.” Curiosity gets the better of you and what happened next was something you would never have expected in a million years.

A/N: Hello everyone! I know, I know, it took forever to upload this story. This is actually part 1 of the story. I decided to split it into two since it’s actually pretty lengthy (at least in my head.) Just for record purposes, please note that this is purely fictional. The only “fact” in the whole story is Chris’ love for ice cream.

This was originally a dream I had which I tweaked a bit and turned into an RPF but for some reason as I was writing the main character, I was imagining Felicity from Arrow. Not necessarily her physical appearance but the way she rambles awkwardly when she’s nervous.

And just to explain the title a bit, I was doing some research once and I came across an article that says that despite being known as a “cool” summer treat, ice cream actually makes you feel warmer. I imagine this story being set in the end of the fall season hence the title.

For your reference, please refer to the guide below:

Y/N = Your name

Y/NN1= Your nickname

Y/NN2 = Your other nickname

That’s all for now. Have fun kiddos! XX


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Rain Part 2 : Chris Evans x Reader One shot

A/N : Feels ahead, I don’t really know why I wrote a part two, but it just felt right. 



Sitting on the couch in the living room of your mothers house, you gorged on ice cream. It had been three years since the day you stormed off from your birthday party and told Chris you didn’t want him in your life, two years since you got married, a month since the accident, and a week since you both agreed to get divorced. You never thought that you’d end up in Boston, living at your mothers house yet again. But since you had to  take a leave from work due to the accident, you weren’t able to afford to live on your own, and you mom sure as hell wasn’t going to  let you struggle out there on your own. So, she showed up to your house in upstate New York, the house which as part of the divorce agreement you guys had agreed to  sell and split the profits, packed up your stuff and hauled your ass home with her.  She even got you back in to  physical therapy.

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anonymous said:

Are you into fluffy fanfics? Bc I'm writing one that's Chris Evans x reader so it's from "your" pov & the first chapter is really cute imo and I'm currently writing the even cuter 2nd chapter.. Would you read it?

omg yes yes yes I would love to!!! send it in my ask box c:

Snowed In

TITLE: Snowed In


AUTHOR: winterwolf57

CHARACTERS: Chris Evans x Reader

GENRE: Romance, some Fluff and implications of lovemaking

SUMMARY: The snow didn’t stop falling outside and you were probably snowed in, but despite it all it was very warm, comfortably so, where you lay, next to the person you loved the most. 

A/N: Hello there! I’m so sorry it took this long to upload a new story. Anyway good news if you haven’t seen already; this is going to be my first multi-chapter (and by multi-chapter I mean 2 chapters) fic!

This one is written in the readers/your POV. For the second chapter, despite it happening at exactly the same time frame, I thought it might be interesting to see this in Chris’ POV as well. I can’t promise I can come out with it this weekend though since I have other important things to do like watch Spider-Man and mingle with people in the real world, but we’ll see.

Have fun kiddos! XX


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All of You

TITLE: All of You


AUTHOR: winterwolf57

CHARACTERS: Chris Evans x Reader

GENRE: Romance, Fluff

SUMMARY: You and Chris went to the same school together. He’s been trying to muster up the courage to ask you out for weeks and his best friend Tom isn’t making it any easier for him. 

A/N: So this is a one-shot I made a while back based on a dream I had. It was also partly inspired by Norah Jones’ version of “Love Me Tender.” You guys ought to listen to it if you haven’t already. It’s such a sweet song I’d really want it to be my wedding song someday. You can listen to it here.

Anyway, I’m not sure if this is considered fluff (sorry, still trying to figure out all these terms) but it’s definitely rated T. 

Have fun kiddos! XX



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TITLE: Role-play


AUTHOR: winterwolf57

CHARACTERS: Chris Evans/Loki x Reader

GENRE: Romance, NSFW, Rated M for sex

SUMMARY:  Chris comes home to find you crying in your bedroom. You were embarrassed to admit that you were crying because of a Loki fan fiction you were reading. Curious, he gets you to tell him all about it and gets just as wrapped up in the story as you. But the fic is ongoing and there won’t be a chapter update until next week so he was stuck to ponder on what might happen next. Frustrated and unable to bear waiting another week for a new chapter, Chris decides to make his own story, but instead of typing it down, he decides to do an impromptu role play. It’s basically just you and Chris having some fun in bed while he tries to do his best Loki impression, which he can actually pull of surprisingly well.

A/N: Hi guys, me again. I decided to upload a Chris story this time as I’m still not over CATWS.

Okay so I’m new to this whole fan fiction writing and I’m not really sure about the terms I’m supposed to use, but I’ll go ahead and say that this story is rated M. This is my first attempt at writing anything of that nature so please be kind! :)

Anyway, hope you guys enjoy reading it as much as I did writing it. :) XX



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Snowed In

TITLE: Snowed In


AUTHOR: winterwolf57

CHARACTERS: Chris Evans x Reader

GENRE: Romance, some Fluff and implications of lovemaking

SUMMARY: The snow didn’t stop falling outside and you were probably snowed in, but despite it all it was very warm, comfortably so, where you lay, next to the person you loved the most. 

A/N: Hello, dear readers. So finally, here it is, the last chapter of Snowed In. I worked well into the night to finish this one and I really hope you guys enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it. Like I mentioned before this chapter is going to be in Chris’ POV.

Hope you like it! XX

P.S. If you missed the first chapter, you can read it HERE. You can choose to read either as a stand-alone fic though to be honest. 



Disclaimer: I did not create the GIFs above. They were made by the lovely people on the internet and I am merely borrowing them for the purpose of this fic.

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