if you really think about it imagine chiron coming to yancy called by grover because of this really powerful half-blood, and he’s expecting this really impressive kid but instead there’s just percy, small and runty and overall unimpressive, but then one day grover’s being bullied by a bunch of bigger kids and chiron watches as percy rushes over and his fists are clenched and his green eyes are fiery, and there he is.

Did you know...
  1. Chiron (comet) relates to your deepest wounds, how you heal and discover the strength to overcome pain.

  2. Juno (minor planet) gives a good indication of the type of person you end up with. It describes what kind of significant other you actually need, maybe not what you want (those are ruled by venus).

  3. the North Node shows the general area you have to develop, the life direction in which you may go. the South Node is the place where you feel comfortable. Picture the SN as the roots, and the NN as the branches and leaves.

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“He must’ve just come from teaching archery. He had a quiver and bow slung over his #1 CENTAUR T-shirt. He’d trimmed his curly brown hair and beard for the summer, and his lower half, which was a white stallion, was flecked with mud and grass.”

The Battle of the Labyrinth

the image was too good not to draw

he has a wonky lower half since I didn’t use a reference :d