When I walked in, the first and only words out of my mouth were: "Sebastian… Tap my keg!" 

I don’t think I’ve ever seen him laugh so hard. 

Then finally he says, "I will definitely tap your keg!"

Once the picture was taken he finished with, "You have to tell everyone that I was totally drunk in that picture!" 

I died of happiness today. 


2013 Stanley Cup Summer: Jonathan Toews proves his leadership qualities

How boss is this?

Not only is he holding a can of beer in his hand while wakeboardingscurfing, HIS BEER IS THE FIRST THING HE THINKS OF WHILE TUMBLING INTO THE LAKE.

And he saves it. Rescues it from a watery death, even while he’s going under, because he’s Jonathan Toews and he’s clutch like that.


Saint Patrick’s Day Celebration Around the World

  • Empire State Building, New York
  • Chicago River, Chicago Illinois
  • Annual St. Patrick’s Day Parade, NYC (“world’s oldest and largest parade”)
  • Sydney Opera House, Australia
  • Dallas, Texas
  • Dublin, Ireland
  • Moscow, Russia
  • Disneyland Paris, France
  • South Boston, Massachusetts
  • Kate Middleton present traditional sprigs of shamrock to officers and guardsmen at the base at Mons Barracks in Aldershot, Hampshire, England

*New York Mayor Bill de Blasio and Boston Mayor Martin J. Walsh opted to skip this years St. Patrick’s Day parade over gay rights dispute. In addition 3 beer companies, Guinness, Sam Adams and Heineken withdrew their sponsorship from this years parade to support LGBT rights.

photo credits: ©whatmattdoes / ©max talbot-minkin / ©ramin talaie - getty /mike young / ©dtdg / ©02varvara / d464darren hall / ©history /© chris jackson-gettyimages