Looking for a cheap and convenient way to experience nature? The Chicago Park District offers camping trips, and you don’t even have to leave the city.

The District provides tents, fishing and archery equipment, guided night hikes, the fixings for hot dogs and s'mores and even hand-washing stations, so even non-outdoorsy people can enjoy.

With the obscene cold temps the Midwest is experiencing I figured a little reminder of summer might be in order. 

I can’t tell which kid this is, but it could be my father. One thing I like about this photo is the guy in the hat sitting on the park bench in the background. At first I thought he might be asleep, but then I noticed something on his lap. So maybe he is reading whatever that may be. Or maybe he is napping and that’s his newspaper he set down. Also, I think this is Chicago. I remember concrete lamp posts like that in the parks. 


Today is the Grand Re-Opening Ceremony of Garfield Park Conservatory!

This morning Chicago Park District Superintendent & CEO, Mike Kelly, and other park district officials re-opened the Garfield Park Conservatory! 

This is the first time the Fern Room and Desert House are open since their closings for extensive repairs due to the hailstorm of 2011.

Events are happening today until 8 p.m., as well as this Sun., April 26 from 9 a.m. - 5 p.m. See schedule of events.

We hope to see you there! Happy Earth Day!

-Teens in the Park

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Happy Throwback Thursday!

-Teens in the Park (TIP)

Another kid shot. I can’t tell for sure if the older kid is my Uncle Bob, but I am going to guess yes, which would make the baby my Dad. The look of the one car that I can make out would be right for this to be 1942, so I’m going to go with that guess. As for a location, well most likely it was one of Chicago’s many parks. And while I don’t recognize the man at the picnic table it’s nice that he dressed down for the day by not wearing his suit coat.