I’m sorry for the last one guys.  I had to.  It was time.  It can’t just all be fluff.  This is The X-Files were talking about here.

So, this one is short, but I needed to recover from before.  Hope you enjoy, and I’ll be back with more soon enough!  ill-show-you-later, snappingonthelatex, pennydreadfull, bobsbff, wherethefandomsat, elcementeriodelasmariposas, lydelia-dumaurier.. who am I missing?


She stopped sobbing hours ago, but her eyes are still stinging and her nose is red.  Interestingly, she feels better than she has in years. 

He remained calm and steady through the entire storm.  They never said a word to each other as he gently cradle her face in his hands and kissed away her tears as they fell.  Eventually she quieted, and they emerged better, stronger somehow.

Instead of Emily’s picture mocking her from the depths of a box, it now sits atop her mantle offering her a sense of comfort.

It’s taken them forever to get all the lights properly strung around the tree, but finally after all the awkward spinning and looping around and between each other, the tree is illuminated in sparkling white.  

She steps back and puts her hands on her hips and studies their work with a critical eye.  When she’s satisfied that there are no branches barren of twinkling miniature lightbulbs, her shoulders relax.  

He is digging through a box filled with ornaments, while she locates the hooks.

"How did you get so many of these things?"  He questions as he realizes that there are three boxes full of them.

"I’m not sure."  And she really isn’t.  

He starts handing her bulbs of varying colors, one blue, one green, three red, a shiny silver one.  She deftly hangs each one in a strategic place.  He knows there is a strategy, he just can’t seem to decipher it.

When he runs out of the colorful orbs, he moves on to a box filled with what appears to be every Peanuts character Charles Schulz ever penned. For some reason, this makes him extremely happy.

She doesn’t bat an eye as she begins hanging Linus and his blue blanket, Snoopy and Woodstock, and a perfect miniature rendition of Schroeder’s piano on the tree’s branches.

When he finds the one of Lucy holding the football in place, he actually laughs outloud.  

The last box is empty, and she’s only got two hooks left.  She suddenly realizes that his ornament is not there.

"Where is yours?"  She asks.  He left it dangling from his rearview mirror.

He returns with it in a matter of minutes, and she hangs the peace-offering alien between Pigpen and Sally.

She repeats her action of before and steps back to judge her work.  She grimaces when she realizes that the top of the six foot tree is mostly bare.

He approaches her from behind and loops his arms around her waist.  She leans back against him and sighs.  It’s not a happy sigh, but it’s not exactly unhappy. 

"Do you need my assistance?"  He smirks when he sees the state of the top few branches.  She doesn’t say anything, but he feels her head bob against his chest.

He disengages from her with a peck on her cheek and begins moving bulbs around.  He puts Charlie up a few branches and to the left.  Aviator Snoopy gets moved to the right.

He places the star on top, and she shakes her head with approval.  Finally, it’s perfect.

Penso di aver paura di essere felice perché ogni volta che lo sono, succede qualcosa di brutto.
—  Charlie Brown