I JUST NOTICED THIS. The fact that one boy has pink laces and the other has blue could support the theory of Charles being shunned from the family due to wanting to be a girl. The whole story of the two yellow dresses and the fact that mrs.D didn’t want mr.D to know led people to believe that the other dress was for Bethany, but I think it was for ‘Charles’ who felt like a girl. Later he must have been sent to radley either by mr. d because he couldn’t accept a transgender child, or by mrs. D to let her son have the life he wanted. Maybe charles is Bethany?? Who knows, we have never seen Bethany’s other than in drawings of herself, and we do know that she resembled Alison, and that would make sense if they were actually siblings.. Another part of my theory is that when Mrs. D got a call from radley and didn’t want Alison to leave the house, I think that it was Charles who escaped radley, and then hit Alison, and this is why mrs. d tried to protect him, because he was her son. Or should I say daughter now? Idk. I also think that because Alison and Jason were both accepted in the family but he wasn’t, caused him to lash out and become -A. He was jealous. He/she had no family, no one who accepted them. When you think of it this way, it really is heartbreaking.

Pretty Little Liars Big A Reveal Reaction.

    *Charles is -A*

     Me: *Gasps and screams the house down hysterically and wakes up the entire neighborhood so loud that neighbors call the police* “CHARLES IS -A!!! CHARLES IS -A!!!!”  


Theory: Charles

Remember everyone.. this is my THEORY its all just opinion :) its long but good, keep reading…

Firstly i want to start by saying there is no darn way that Jason is dead and Charles took over!!! They are not identical, they are not confirmed to be twins AND that is WAY too similar to the books so… noCharles DiLaurentis was #gettingwarmer so its not 100% correct. The name is Charles but not DiLaurentis.

So another huge clue! The Name Wren means RULER. A deep inner desire for adventure, set their own pace in life.. hmm 

Remember the clue in Monas mirror, sentence 3. A RULER’s list chained. Maybe its not an anagram.. but hidden meanings buried in the sentences.

Chandaliers rituals - prom, jewels, fancy dresses

sisters launched lair - built lair to avenge his sister (bethany)

A rulers list chained - wrens list of victims, handcuffed

Okay.. we see Andrew lurking outside Monas house the day they found Monas alleged clue. 

Theory: Andrew planted that there to get the ball rolling and the wheels spinning. Basically to start As game. He also planted the ice pick that would get the girls arrested.  this starts As dollhouse fun

Marlene mentioned that she put a lot of clues between season 3 and 5. This is the time Wren got a job (working for free) at Radley. He started to hit on Hanna, he tried getting close to Spencer again. Also, lets say Andrew is his younger brother helping him out.. he helped Mona join the decathalon team, he got Spencer taking pills again. Mona betrayed them by saying she killed Wilden, ruining their plans and “taking credit” for something she didnt do (remember what Andrew said about Mona). Wren manipulated Mrs.Hastings to basically stupidly visit mona and have to pull herself off the case, when he said “you take care of your end ill take care of mine” so this puts ashley marin back in the guilty light.

Remember the time Spencer kidnapped Malcolm? Eddie wanted to give her a book? I thought something was off about Eddie when Wren fought him on this. Then i realized… Wren KNEW Spencer was not in her room… therefore Eddie would know and report it. WHICH MEANS Wren knows about A, Spencer joining the team, and how to sneak out (just like Mona)

Theory: Wren stole the game from Mona. Cece was on his payroll. She is not loyal to Alison.

5x25 - the big clue was the age. Charles is 7 years older than the girls. (Jason, Melissa, Ian, Wren are all the same age.) Now the video shows us Jessica Dialaurentis on the old Campbell farm with a baby and 2 young boys.

Jessica DiLaurentis is a Campbell. Her maiden name was Campbell.

The boys do not look a day over 5 AND THEY ARE NOT IDENTICAL. One is taller, one is shorter their features are different. We can assume the smaller mushroom cut haired boy is jason! If they are 5ish (clearly not 7) then the baby is not Alison.

Theory: Mrs.DiLaurentis has one child: Jason. Ali is not born yet. The baby is Bethany. The other boy is Wren. Wren and Bethanys mother is Jessica DiLaurentis (nee Campbell) sister. They are hanging out on the family apple farm and Jessica is holding her new baby neice. She asks Wren if hes like to kiss his sister goodnight.. not Jason because that is not his sister

Now Jessica DiLaurentis has Ali. And her sister has Andrew. Bethany for some reason we will find out was sent to Radley. Jessica joins the board and keeps an eye on her. She asks her to call her aunt Jessie because she is her blood aunt! Bethany hates Jessica for having an affair with her father (jessicas own brother in law) - mr.kingston

The father has a mental breakdown when Bethany is admitted to Radley. Wren misses out on high school events to be with his father and sister at an institution. This drives him to go to school and become a doctor. When Bethany was killed (went missing) the father deteriorated, Wren suffered from “ambiguous loss” this drove his need for revenge on whoever hurt Bethany.

We will learn more about the night Bethany died. Im assuming Bethany was hit and Mrs.D buried HER alive. So wren killed her for revenge. He blames the other girls for a soon to be determined reason.

Wren is blackmailing Melissa with the info of her burying Bethany alive to have her help in his A game. She is black widow.. secretly helping the liars and knows EVERYTHING she will be endgame. However she didnt bury Bethany alive.. she buried Alison. But ali is alive. Melissa is innocent and Wren knows this .

Andrew kept his mothers maiden name (did not use Kingston for obvious connections) and got close to Spencer to help Mona join in school events and help drive Spencer crazy. Also supply her with pills. Andrew is now using Aria to get in and tap phones/spy. He is helping his brother Wren in the A game. He is Varjack!! #friend of A

So Charles Wren Kinston, Bethany Young Kingston and Andrew Campbell Kingston are not Jessicas children.. but her sisters kids. Thats the connection!

Wren is still considered a present character. Check out Julian Morris wiki page

Wren Clues are plastered through season 3 and 4, he is also mentioned through season 5. All wren is A clues are here: