One win for two championship games this week isn’t too bad I suppose. Last night’s game was a bit frustrating to me personally. I felt the two teams overall were pretty close, but they wound up with a number of very lucky plays that kept us from scoring, which didn’t combine that well with me not having the most wonderful game. Their first goal in particular felt rather very weak and I was very upset about it.

But, despite the details of it being personally frustrating losing to that team was not bad since they are pretty good actually. They put one goal in each period and the other two were maybe savable but they were deserved goals. We deserved at least a few ourselves but they didn’t materialize and the final was 0-3. It looked to me like we did score once but the refs disagreed and they were a lot closer to the play so I’ll take their word for it.

It was fun to play outdoors (with the roof) and even though other guys bitched about it I thought it felt good in the low/mid 20s (F). Though the nozzle part of my water bottle froze and that was annoying.

This is so bittersweet! My last #galaxynails for 2014. Today, I get to take the track with my heart and soul, the @cosmonaughties for the #championship game. If you’re in the #Boston area, come out for the @bostonderbydames’ last bouts of the season! Doors open at 4pm at the Shriner’s Auditorium! #rollerderby

I used @cultcosmetics Point Dume and El Porto in this mani!


Mainland Europe Championship - Parade of Champions 1




We totally won the Tuesday night beginner beer league, a resume worthy accomplishment for sure.

The championship game was a lot of fun, both teams going hard and making a bunch of good chances. We scored pretty early (I was on the ice but not involved) but then let them have one late in the first (I watched from the bench and was sad).

It was a good back and forth game from there. Most of our chances were from good passing or extended periods holding in their zone but we gave up too many breakaways to give them chances too. Both goalies made some solid saves and a few lucky ones too. It looked like we had one go quickly in and back out near the end of the third but the refs didn’t see it that way and we went to overtime tied at one.

Overtime decided nothing so we convinced the zamboni to wait and went through a shoot out. Each team scored on the first shooter and after that nothing at all until our eighth or ninth (I lost count) shooter managed to put it in and give us the very slim victory.

Personally I played very well, got only a few shots off but did a good job helping to shut down their big offensive threats, even though I had to take a penalty once when their star player managed to get the puck from me right at the blue line with no one but the goalie behind me. The guys killed the penalty off though so it was all good. I took our forth penalty shot, a first for me, and had horrible luck. The puck got on edge somehow from my first touch and I couldn’t get it to settle down again at all until I finally just had to take the best shot I could as I was at the goalie. Not surprisingly, no goal. But I still had a lot of fun and played a good game overall.

Very nice to finish the season with such a fun game and a win as well.