I love smut but I also really love::  

  • Cute domestic feelings
  • Fights
  • Trips
  • Random walks in the park.
  • Challenges that help our characters grow as individuals and as a couple (if they are a couple). 
  • Going to stuffy family events together.
  • Getting stuck in a huge traffic jam and trying to figure out ways to entertain each other and also slightly stressing that the gas will run out because traffic just isn’t budging. 
  • Lunch dates in the middle of the work day.
  • Shopping for anything. 
  • One muse waking the other up in the middle of the night because they can’t sleep, and the other talking with them until they both fal asleep. 
  • Concerts.
  • Camping trips. 
  • Swimming hole adventures/water fall jumping. 
  • Planning a party for their friends. 
  • Going to a fair/carnival and riding rides, and overeating funnel cake, and entering pie eating contests and one muse winning and the other being super jealous so that later they have a rematch at home because competition is fun. 
  • Dorky small gestures of affection like a pack of gum left on the kitchen counter. 
  • Angst like ‘Hey my great Aunt Melinda is in the hospital and I know you don’t know her but she and I were surprisingly close and I’m really sad and will you come visit her with me?’ 
  • Break ups because those happen too. 
  • Getting back together after the breakup and repairing whatever was broken.
  • Or maybe not and breaking up again.
  • Making home videos because you’re bored and why not? 
  • Laying in a hammock in the back yard because it’s 70 degrees out with a light breeze and it’s going to get cold soon so let’s take advantage. 
  • Stuck inside on a rainy day and even though we’re in our twenties, fuck the blanket fort let’s play a rousing game of the floor is lava. Loser has to pay for pizza. 
  • Getting in the car and driving randomly because even though it’s cliche it’s not the destination it’s the journey alright? And I just want my journey to be with you. 
  • Embarrassing moments that happen because no one is perfect so yeah, maybe my muse farts in front of yours or mis-says a word, or mine finds your embarrassing emo phase pictures on myspace and prints them and frames them for your mom as a christmas gift. 

I just need more. My muses need more. And if you do any of these with my babies I will love you forever.

And do not reblog this. If you want any of this, inbox me, but if you reblog this and I get 10000000 notes but none of this I will find you and I will caps lock at you.