How The Exclamation Mark Went From :-O To ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

A friend of mine who I occasionally Gchat with messaged me last night about a guy she’s been seeing on and off for over a year. The nature of their relationship is precarious because this guy is non-committal. While he seems to enjoy her company – they spend Saturdays at bars and Sundays at brunch together – he is not interested in a monogamous relationship with my friend. Of this guy, she chatted me, “I hate him!”

I did not take her proclamation as a literal expression of hatred. For that, she’d have used a period, which in addition to its other functions has taken on the role of notating earnest textual anger. Instead, I saw it as a facetious acknowledgement of her frustrations – a shrug of sorts.

Months ago, her disparaging comments were declarative, but now that their relationship seemed to be settling into a permanent state of flux, her commentary acknowledged her powerlessness – she even seemed amused. The sentence’s punctuation affixed to it a subtext: “oh well! What can you do!” A period would’ve suggested that her complaint was important and needed addressing. The exclamation mark added to it an air of lightness. Read on for how the exclamation mark’s meaning is evolving. 

Common Smartphone Mistakes You're Making At Work

Now that everyone has a smartphone glued to their hands, there are all kinds of new ways to trip up. Here are a few things you’re probably doing that you need to avoid when it comes to smartphone use:

1) You check your phone during client meetings.

2) You have your phone out when someone is in your office.

3) You are on your phone at networking events.

4) You’re checking email during a business meeting.

5) You have your phone on the table during a business meal.

6) You take very personal calls in your cubicle.

See the full list here.

Are you guilty of any of these smartphone mistakes at work?

I hate dating in this technological era, because people put so much weight on texting and social media. At least back in the day we had to talk on the damn phone and laugh and hear their voice because I only had 250 texts a month, including sending AND receiving…like for real. Cut the bullshit. Make physical time for me and to hang out, or don’t bother at all. I’m not interested in liking your photos and seeing some lame text void of your voice, expression, emotion, and mannerisms. Sorry. If you want to date me, you can see me, but your likes and adding on social medias mean jack shit. And yeah, answer your damn texts once in a while so we could actually PLAN to hang out. I’d rather converse in person, but for that to happen, we have to make plans to meet in person. I don’t want a stupid censored movie of your life to look at all the time, I want YOU.

Scary Security Footage, Faulty Elevator Almost Squishes Man

Scary Security Footage, Faulty Elevator Almost Squishes Man

My fear! My BIGGEST fear!!!

Watch this foreign news video of an elevator closing on a man’s sides as he walks half way in and it starts moving.

Maybe he could have caught himself if he wasn’t on his mobile device…

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