WOOO! I finally finished it! 8D Please forgive the bad photo though; it’s still night here, so the picture didn’t turn out well when I photographed it. I’ll upload a better quality pic later.

Anyway this is the first speedpainting in the painting/glitter project I’m working on, which is a series of headshots of canon characters that will be painted in acrylics and glitter. First up was technically Nightmare Moon, but this one is the “official” first one. Nightmare Celestia, otherwise known as Solar Flare by some. C:

So I looked up several versions of nightmare!Celestia, and many of them had her completely black, or red, with hair composed of fire. Now, the designs were great, but I wanted to do something a little different. Instead of a dark red or a complete black, I went with something that darkened Celly’s pelt, but not drastically so, so I chose to use a beige brownish color. For her mane, I was gonna go with just a fiery look, but then I painted over that so I could go with what I did with NMM; a nebula, only with red, yellow, and orange instead of green, purple, and blue.

It’s because I completely redid the mane that this took longer than originally intended; it clocked in about 9 hours of work. :/ But, it was tons of fun to do, and very well worth it! 8D

As far as the painting itself, this badboy will be on sale very soon. True to the intention of the project, this image will be exclusive. There will only be 10 prints of her made, and the original will be able to be bought. Once those things are gone, however, THAT’S IT. Nothing more will be made of her. I will be posting up a journal about it here soon, so keep an eye out for that if you’re perhaps interested.

In the meantime, feel free to ask any questions if you have any. And thanks a bunch for checking this out! 8D