Happy Mother’s Day to the people who no longer have a mom to celebrate it with. Go out and pick flowers. Make a card. Make yourself a nice dinner in her honor. 
She was here. She mattered. You wouldn’t be here without her. 

I’m sure she’s damn proud of all that you’ve done and accomplished. That is worth celebrating. 

this is really important so please pay attention ♥

please read this i know its long but im begging you! ok so a while ago markiplier responded to someone calling him ugly by sarcastically posting a screenshot of him wearing badly applied make up. while the video that screenshot was from was completely harmless because he wasnt making fun of men putting on make up but of himself putting make up on badly BUT the screenshot by itself can be easily misinterpretated as being the usual ‘men in make up are ridiculous’ trope that has been used in media for a really long time. now lets me explain why this is very harmful for the trans community: people who may see that post could easily think that Mark meant it in a transphobic way so they start believing making jokes about trans people is ok and when people tried calling him out Mark treated like a manifestation of the 'tumblr special snowflake syndrome’ which basically silences trans people. i know it seems small but its the small things like jokes on the tv or a celebrity saying something offensive then refusing to apologize that make trans people feel helpless. please reblog this! im sorry for asking for this but trans people go through enough shit already so please help me so Mark sees this! Im sure he didnt mean it in a transphobic way but offending someone by mistake still warrants an apology!

I recently reached a pretty big follower milestone - another thousand, I really can’t believe it - and to celebrate and say thank you to you, my amazing followers, I’d like to do a Kingsman Follower Thank-You Fic Giveaway!

Several winners will win fics written by me of various length, based on the prompts they provide! Here’s how it will work:

- Please be following me; this is a thank-you to my followers and only those following me are eligible!

- Reblog or like this post between now, May 18th, and May 25th! At that point I’ll use a random number generator to select winners!

- I’ll contact the winners, who then have 24 hours to respond with their fic requests - I’ll select new winners if there aren’t responses! 

First Prize will be a 6k+ Kingsman fic of the winner’s prompt choice! 

Second Prize will be a 3k+ Kingsman fic of the winner’s prompt choice!

Three Third Prize winners will get 1k+ Kingsman fics of their prompt choice!

Additionally, through this coming week while the giveaway is running, I’ll be taking mini-prompts and filling with ficlets! This is all for you, my amazing followers; I am so, so grateful for your love and support, especially in Kingsman fandom. It’s amazing to be a part of this fandom family, and I really do appreciate all of your comments, notes, messages, kudos, likes, bookmarks - it means the world to me that you support me, I wouldn’t be here without you!! Thank you so much!! ♥♥♥

physicsandfandoms asked me to do a bit about my ace couple Bail and Breha headcanons for the Ace Card Day over at acesinspace. I thought about writing some meta, but since this is entirely headcanon anyway, I thought fic would be more fun.

The Princess and the Nerfherder | Bail/Breha, 2513 words, no warnings.

When Bail Antilles was eleven years old, his parents took him into Aldera for the great flower festival. He’d never been to the city before, though he’d heard stories about it, and his cousin Lenal, who was four years older than Bail and had visited the city three whole times, was always bragging about everything he’d seen there.

Bail had expected the city to be beautiful, and it was: all gleaming, soaring white structures and streets strewn with pink and red and white and yellow petals. And there were so many people! But there was one person he would remember more than everything else he saw that day.

Princess Breha was only a girl his age, but she looked like one of the spirits come out to walk among mortals. She was dressed like a flower herself, bright and sun-kissed, and she looked right at him and smiled as her hovercar paraded past.

He didn’t actually talk to her that day. And it would be years before he saw her again. But the memory of the flower goddess stayed in his mind.

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Remember at the secret session in London when Taylor was like “I couldn’t bake the cookies myself because there’s no kitchen in this hotel and I did try to buy an oven but they wouldn’t let me have one in my room” like she just casually went to BUY AN OVEN for ONE occasion I love her

This weekend was nothing short of magical.  So many characters, stories, hugs and tears…So lucky to be a part of the wonderful world of @danfredinburg ❤️ Goodbye SF. Goodbye Napa. Goodbye Dan. Hello NYC and the future. We are going to live life a little differently now. #wwdd #AdventuresWithDan #AdventureAwaits #DanDid