sherriaisling said:

Cat!Newmann au: They are found and adopted by the Pentecost/Hansen family.

It takes a long time for Hrrrm to start recovering; he’s been ill for so long he can barely remember what it feels like to be well, he sleeps almost all the times, wakes up sick and shivering with Ewt sitting beside him, licking him over and over, trying to soothe him as he slips in an out of consciousness;

When he wakes this time, it’s to Ewt’s plaintive mewling; he opens his eyes and tries to get up- his paws hurt- feel like treading on branches above to snap beneath him; he opens his mouth to answer- and freezing-

There are humans outside.

Ewt- idiot- idiot Ewt, still keeps calling- alerting the humans to where he is and they will come- they will come with dogs and traps and sticks and they will take Ewt away or kill him and he will be gone and Hrrrm no longer cares for the pain or the fear, he staggers out into light so bright he can’t help but cry out from the pain-

Everything goes grey, and somewhere on the edge of awareness, he can hear Ewt’s paintive wailing turn to satisfied purring- then a shadow falls over him and he moans, unable to run or fight-

"Look sensei! He has a friend!" little fingers probe his back and Hrrrrm yelps, tries to lash out, but his claws don’t work- his paws are so heavy-

"He doesn’t look at all well." Hrrrrm opens his eyes stares up at a looming giant silhouetted in the sun, a second before great warm hands close around him like a pair of jaws, he trembles, tries to kick and can’t move, "He’s very ill Mako,"

"That’s why he was calling us! He was calling for help." Hrrrrm looks at the sound, and sees a much smaller human, holding a happily purring Ewt;

Well, at least he can claw her and run if he has to, Hermann feels himself go limp in the heavy- but strangely warm and gentle- hands, and the world slowly goes grey, and deepens to black.

Hrrrrm wakes to warmth, and darkness, and softness and soreness in almost every part of his body, he tries to call out and Ewt nuzzles him; the ground under them rocks alarmingly and Hrrrrm shrieks because- what is happening-

They are in a crate- like their home but smaller and closed in and- Hrrrrm has to admit- warmer, lined in soft cloth; it sways once more alarmingly, then settles with a bump;

"Cats, Stacker? Really?"

"Oh be quiet Herc," the top of the crate opens with a click and Hrrrrm cringes, the outside stinks of dog, "They’re for Mako, don’t let Max near them, the vet said that the little ginger and black one’s sick from rat poison."

"I’ll have a word with Chuck, but seriously Stacker, you have such a stray problem." A shadow fall across them and Hrrrrm cringes, another human giant, Ewt sits up in the half-crate and sniffs, "Oh, okay, you’re cute." He huge hand comes down and cradles the back of Ewt’s head, impossibly gentle for it’s size;

Hrrrrm gets up and his legs feel a little steadier under him, he half-falls from the crate, and looks around at the strange new world around him; the ground is strangely yielding under his paws, fuzzy, and giant shapes arch up around him- but there are small spaces in these space, and the place is warmer than their old home-

Then a bowl full of delicious smelling, gorgeous- duck oh god it’s duck- is put in front of him, and Hrrrrm’s stomach wakes with a roar- he can’t remember when he last ate-

Despite having a bowl of his own, Ewt ignores it in favour of grooming him as he eats, soothing, his body warm and comforting in the strangeness of this place,

But when the food is gone and Hrrrrm wonders if he might burst, and Ewt is curling up around him and the ground under them is soft and bouncy-

Hrrrrm might just get used to this new life.

I’m learning so much about how not-abnormal my cat is this morning!!! Thank you for all of your words about how your cats are also weirdos! It makes me feel like a better dad!!! Cats lovingly lick and bite arms and suck on shit when they make biscuits and hunt our feet when they’re bored! Cats: They’re Just Like Us!