Castle 7x05 Sneak Peek # 1 “Meme is Murder” Castle Commercial Shoot

Heeeyyyyy, Castle!

In light of my recent posts on the subject, congratulations on having an episode with and about Russians that wasn’t terrible! I am very pleasantly surprised!

- Accents that were actually legitimate-sounding? Check.

-Real Russian names, of the kind normal regular people have? Check. (TV shows are generally better at this than movies though.)

-A featured location that is NOT one of the only two (now three, if you count Sochi) Russian cities people know about? Check.

-A reference to a political conflict (Abkhazian war) that is not mainstream knowledge? Check. (Although am a bit confused about the details with the ethnicities of the characters and the backstory but oh well)

-Abkhazia being pronounced the actual Russian way by the person playing the Russian ex-citizen? Check.

-The Russian bad guy having a code name that isn’t ridiculous? Check!

(“Polkovnik” just means “Colonel,” but having an American wartime baddie known only as “the Colonel” is totally something tv shows would do, so this is perfectly fair)

Plus no one was a Russian Bride trying to marry an American, no one was a prostitute (although yes it was alluded to), and there were no scenes set in a tacky Russian night club/restaurant with a lot of vodka.

Thank you, Castle writers.

Is it me or Nathan and Stana’s chemistry is over the top this season? Like their chemistry has always been there, but this season they’re taking it to another level.

I don’t know, maybe I’m misunderstanding things, but they just seem so playful with each other. They’re more Castle and Beckett (especially in these last two episodes) and I really like it. What do you think?

'Child's Play' (7x04) Detailed Thoughts

So we’re into our stride now with the season, the fourth episode reflecting the case-of-the-week mode the show is in, following last week’s UST-filled out with another comedic  ep, albeit one with a completely different focus. I didn’t think this ep was bad, per se, but I didn’t think it was great either- my overwhelming feeling at the end of it was how neutral I felt about it, about how pedestrian it had been.

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Castle 7x04 End Scene “Child’s Play” (HD) Castle Alexis
Random Thoughts On: Castle 7.04 (Child's Play)

Wrote this super fast, so hopefully it makes sense lol

I think this was a decent ep overall; unconventional case, sweet & believable subplot, some cute Caskett moments. I can’t complain :)

-I loved the family scenes this ep; all of them eating dinner together, Beckett kissing Castle goodbye in the morning, really sweet stuff. The Alexis subplot was great, very realistic, and I’m glad they actually compared Castle’s disappearance (albeit briefly) to Alexis’s abduction. I would love to see the two of them discuss this more in the future.

-The case itself was a little weak, but all of the classroom stuff was great. Lots of funny, genuine moments, and I loved the kind of mini journey Castle went on with Ms. Ruiz. Teaching man; it’s not for the faint of heart!

-Not a ton of noteworthy Caskett stuff this ep, but after last week, I can hardly complain. I did miss their case-related banter, but I’m sure it’ll be back with a vengeance next week. Castle feeding Beckett was cute, and I loved the scenes where Beckett went to the school. Emily’s little jealous bit was adorable, as was the two of them handing out cupcakes at the end. And for one tiny moment, I imagined it was the two of them bringing snack into their future child’s classroom. Can you blame me?


-One note on this season so far, and kind of last season as well: I feel like the case writing of late has been really lackluster. Lots of predictable killers, plot devices that are reminiscent of things we’ve already seen on the show, evidence that doesn’t quite make sense, etc. I’ve heard others express the same, so I don’t think it’s just me. Regardless, it’s kind of a bummer. I know we’re seven seasons in, but all those years have shown that the writers are capable of crafting really smart, interesting cases. I’d just like to see them do it a bit more often. But who knows, maybe next episode they’ll start doing exactly that. Fingers crossed!