I am fully willing to admit last night might have been 10 times funnier because I’ve been raising my eyebrows a this at all summer. I suspect Hanning may have seen it during writers retreat, since it seems the original was posted sometime around mid June.

anonymous said:

Castle and Beckett of late seem to be very much married- so much so, that I'm thinking unless they do something that really tugs at the heartstrings, any wedding at this point might well be anticlimactic.

Well, I agree that very little will change in their relationship once they get married and for all intents and purposes it is just a legal stamp on their existing relationship (and personally, that’s what I think marriage should be), but the symbolism is still quite powerful and I think given the journey the audience has been on over the last 6 and bit seasons with them, I think it’ll be quite moving and powerful when it happens.

On the other hand I kind of get what you mean- I’m not worried about the wedding being an “anti-climax” per se, but I’m not really looking forward to it in the same way that I was in parts of S6. Unfortunately the writers only got to play the build-up with me once, and they’ve exhausted that emotional capital. I’m actually more looking forward to the newly-married C/B plots and episodes than I am the ceremony itself, in some ways. I do hope they actually deal with some of the storylines (what will Beckett do with her name? Is her apartment ever going to be touched upon? etc in the wake of wedding).