Who Wore it Best? Supernatural's Castiel vs. Constantine's John Constantine



"Dearest E!

I am writing you because my friends at the NSA sent me a copy of [what] Matt Ryan [told] you in which he claims to wear the iconic trench coat/suit/tie trifecta better than me. I must confess, I do not know Mr. Ryan personally and while he obviously is a more strapping, more chiseled, better looking young man than yours truly, I think the question of who ”wears the suit better” is moot. To my mind, this entire question is absurd. It’s like asking which work of art is better? Piccasso’s original “Seated Woman” or an excellent forged reproduction of the same work. No collector would ever seriously entertain this line of inquiry. The first would fetch tens of millions at auction, the second might only fetch a prison sentence. It’s like comparing the dew-swept grasses on the bluffs of Scotland to the astroturf in the planter at a mini-mall. No sane person would draw a parallel. 

All of that said, some readers might point out that when Castiel was introduced on Supernatural the script described his wardrobe as ”a rumpled suit and trench coat… A la Constantine.” In other words, Castiel’s wardrobe was inspired by—or more accurately, stolen from—the comic book version of Constantine. I don’t get bogged down in these trivial details, though.




For starters, shut up. For the love of all that is holy, SHUT. UP.

You are exhibiting just how stupid and how little you know about this show you claim to love so much. So please god, be quiet.

Constantine is a comic series that predates the existence of Supernatural. I don’t know why it’s so hard for you idjits to hop on Google and do some research, but apparently that’s mind numbingly hard for all of you.

So I don’t know how Constantine could rip off a show it’s been around longer than. That’s like saying the Jews copied Christianity/Catholicism.

But if you actually knew fuck all about Supernatural, you’d know that when Kripke loved Constantine, and made supernatural to be a part of that universe, when they were greenlit for more seasons he looked at failing Vertigo comics (which is what ultimately led to DC buying Constantine) and said “I’d like the rights to Constantine for my series.” Vertigo wanted Fox (THANK FUCK THEY DIDN’T THO CAUSE IT WOULD BE CANCELLED A SEASON LATER) to pick up something and told him to fuck off. So he made Castiel, as payback, look just like him.

So if you wanna be really technical here, Supernatural is the show that ripped off Constantine.

So please do your research before opening your mouths.

/drops mic

Another Supernatural Fan Who Doesn’t Wanna Be Lumped In With You Morons


“Don’t give up on life, Dean. Give in to it. And I’ll be here. For as long as I am alive.”

Since I.. Since I came back, I guess.. Those words, Cas’ words, were all I could think of. I was expecting more of all that I used to know - the screaming and never-ending torture - but all that was quiet. It was just those words, playing on repeat. Keeping me on my feet. I figured that even if Sammy wouldn’t forgive me, I’d still have Cas. He won’t… He won’t make me do this alone…

But Sammy is still here and he’s trying, and I’m trying. And Cas… He’s gone.

He’s gone. And I have… I gotta figure out how to just be alive again. Like… Really alive, without the worst parts of everything I am because I know they’re just gonna kill me again. Shit, I still gotta figure out who I am, what I want.
I gotta figure out how to just… live. For the first time.

I have to live. For me. I know that.

But I’m still waiting.

I’m holding him to that promise.