I use my cast iron pans a lot. They heat up well, are really easy to maintain (once you know how) and are incredibly multi-use (stove top, oven, campfire, serving).
Having discovered Reinink Family Farm’s organic eggs at the Ottawa Farmer’s Market, it’s almost all I cook in these pans these days, eggs also being as versatile.There is something significantly tastier about farm fresh eggs. They cook up better too, and damn those yolks are just so bright!
I recently found myself a small 8 inch pan at Value Village, which I promptly cleaned and re-seasoned for use. The first meal I cooked in it is on the left. It’s an approximation of a dish served at Wilf and Ada’s in Centretown. Eggs cooked in a spicy tomato sauce and served with lots of Parmesan cheese and arugula. I actually liked my version a little better and soon found myself making other eggy topped things in that little pan.
The dish on the right is simply a potato hash with spinach and topped with eggs and lots of fresh herbs. Butter was used aggressively for this one.
I really like that for both of those meals, I was able to cook on the stove, throw the whole thing in the oven and then serve, all in the same pan, without missing a beat. Oh and let’s not forget that these pans last basically FOREVER! So yay, to the cast iron pan! And yay, to farm fresh eggs!


Breakfast for my hardworking man!

2 eggs
Bacon strips
Sourdough bread

- Set oven at 325
- Lightly Grease muffin pan
- Put bacon strip in muffin pan first, then crack 1 egg over it
- Bake for 10-12 minutes (egg turns white, and hardens as you continue to bake it. I like my egg softer).
- Sauté broccoli in cast iron pan with a touch of olive oil and salt until crispy.
- Sauté both sides of sourdough in olive oil

Tah Dah! The eggs are easy to remove with a spoon!

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How to clean your cast iron. It’s really not that difficult, just don’t put cast iron in the dishwasher. I rub mine with oil and keep them in my oven where the pilot light stays lit.


Auction treasures today. Didn’t spend much at all. But then again, we weren’t buying any furniture today. The wall clock is way cool, and the six pack of coke bottles … Those are 32 oz bottles! Painted labels, no paper. I don’t even remember those! Poker chips are for my card sharp, 15. And of course the blue willow. And I can’t wait to make corn bread sticks in that cast iron pan…

Fine. Fine! I love it all!

Competitive shopping … Gotta love it

SWEET MOTHER OF JESUS!!! This is a Chicago radio station, which is the home of the Chicago Cubs and Chicago Blackhawks, and I almost shit myself when I saw they interviewed Vinny. Thankfully, it was an over the phone interview because if I would’ve found out that Vinny is in town, I’d have to get my cast iron frying pan, put on the war paint, get in my war tank  Hummer, go to war and take a prisoner and meet him.

Say Government Cheese

Waiting for my strip of bacon
to crisp & curl in the cast iron pan,
I stack cans in the pantry then hand
Mama food stamps that fell
from her pocket, Thank you, sweetheart.
On the table, Papa’s paper
creased & folded & his blue circles
a constellation of leads in the Classifieds.
Three sisters smile big at me in Polaroids
taped to the fridge, Kids at school call us
trailer trash & homeless once the river
rises. We all fall on hard times, sweetheart,
from time to time, pay them no mind,
Mama told me, we must fall before we rise

From Gastroposter Maria Zychowicz:

If you want to find the mild and sweet side of garlic with just hint of bad breath try to roast the garlic. Mine is roasted on top of the oven in cast iron pan. Season them with olive oil, sea salt, rosemary, thyme and pepper flakes

smirkle1979j replied to your photo:Potato & brussels sprout hash with black beans,…

Any cooking tips on this one? Looks so good I’m going to wing it tonight

Quarter the sprouts lengthwise, cut the potato into 1/2” pieces and dice a small onion.  Fry up some bacon lardons in a cast iron pan, remove them from the pan, put the potatoes, sprouts and onions in, add a little more oil if needed, plus salt and pepper (I added some thyme form the garden).  Press them into an even layer, cover and cook for 30 minutes, stirring occasionally.  When the potatoes are tender, add cooked black beans and bacon.  Bring to temp, then put on a plate.