can we just talk about


how adorable 


and perfect


the 39 year old man is


honestly misha

why are you such a cutie patootie



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You Deserve Happiness, So I Left - Destiel

This is one of my favorite Destiel music videos, combining canon lines and looks with a gorgeous, calm piano cover of “I See Fire.”

annaby highschool AU where Anna is the punk who seems to inexplicably be friends with everyone but Ruby’s only got the weird trenchcoat guy who generally doesn’t understand what she’s saying

But Ruby’s confident, and when prom comes up, she bluntly asks Anna to go with her

Anna of course agrees and when the entire school seems to be gossiping about the change, the only one not surprised is Cas (“Ruby liked her,” he’d stated blandly, “and when Ruby likes something, she’s usually going to take it.”)

A few years post-graduation, at their wedding Cas says the same thing as part of his best man speech

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Breathe Me - Destiel AU

Another of my ultimate favorite Destiel music videos. (Not mine!) Priestly is one of my favorite movie characters of all time, so combine that with a little Castiel, and I’m in love.

anna leaves notes in ruby’s locker, little tidbits of why she likes her

ruby’s confused over the notes, none of them having been signed by anyone

cas is the only one who knows who the notes are from, being both anna’s brother and ruby’s best friend

(he doesn’t find it pertinent to tell ruby this information instead letting her figure it out on her own)

it takes four months of the notes for ruby to finally find out they’re from anna

(and even then it’s because ruby catches anna shoving the note through the locker vent)

ruby doesn’t say anything to anna at the time, instead letting anna believe that she was still unaware of the writer

but the next day, anna finds a note in her locker, one telling her that ruby loves french fries (something anna already knew) and wouldn’t mind going on a date provided french fries are offered

the day after the first date, they both find notes in their respective lockers; both notes read finally in the familiar, neat script that clearly belongs to cas