Dear internet: Carol Danvers is a major in the USAF, which makes her about 32-34. Stop with all of this "So-and-so is too old to play her" bullshit.

Katee Sackhoff? 34

Yvonne Strahovski? 32

Claire Danes? 35

Jennifer Morrison? 35

Emily Blunt? 31

Go sell your ageist crap someplace else.

FINISHED! My #CarolCorps patchwork jacket is here in time to be worn to family holiday dinners!! All leather cut out by hand and stitched on with the machine but driven by hand around every letter. What a fun time that was. There will be studs and rivets eventually. I just have to save up to get them. Taking donations!! :P the Hala symbol on the back is supposed to be at an angle because I felt it was more….unique? Idk. I like asymmetry. I chose to put #feminist across the back because I am a feminist and I’m tired of people treating it like a bad word. Time Magazine wanted to ban this word? Ban this, mother fuckers. #captainmarvel #CarolDanvers #marvel @kellysued

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I'm all for a female driven Marvel film, but it should be Captain Marvel, not Black Widow. The character is way more popular with comic readers. Which may not be a big enough reason on its on except that Carol is just generally a more interesting character AND a better role model for girls than Black Widow.

Yo, anon, I’m sure you didn’t upset me intentionally, but this ask made me really angry.

Not because I don’t have answers. There are plenty of answers that I could throw at you, justifying why I want a Black Widow movie in particular, or arguing your specific points. No, this ask upset me because, for a second, my brain started whirring with all the answers you wanted to provoke me to give.

Well, you know what? No. You are not going to trap me into getting into a fight over which woman in Marvel is such a special snowflake that she somehow ~deserves~ to be the one woman to get a movie among all the men. I’m not going to get sucked in to arguing against Carol, who I adore, to justify my love of Natasha. It goes against everything I love about both Carol and Nat to place them in some kind of steel cage match for dominance to be the One True Token Lady.

Black Widow and Captain Marvel are both amazing, talented, competent characters who transcend their superhero archetypes, who are noteworthy for their personalities as well as their genders, and who are both currently headlining comic series that fans love. A Captain Marvel movie could not be a substitution for a Black Widow movie, any more than vice versa, because the characters are not interchangeable. They’re vehicles for telling dramatically different stories.

If you don’t want a Black Widow movie, that’s fine, although I’m not really sure why you’ve chosen to share this unsolicited opinion with a tumblr dedicated to literally nothing but that goal. But don’t you dare try to divide and conquer fans of female characters. We have women like Natasha and Carol to look up to. We are not buying into that petty divisive crap anymore.



By Kate Leth

Welcome to the latest episode of ComicsAlliance Presents “Kate or Die,” a series of exclusive comic strips created by one of our favorite cartoonists, Kate Leth! In this episode, Carol Corps officer Kate contemplates a future that will be made cuter and brighter (and badasser) by the existence of, we hope, a great Captain Marvel movie.



Here are some of my favorite shots that we took from the Dragon Con weekend. I attended the giant Marvel photoshoot with my boyfriend playingwfire who was dressed as Mar-Vell and in the process met a TON of amazing fellow Carol Danvers cosplayers and a handful of adorable Kamala Khans.

The best moment of the big shoot was when kellysue herself stood in front of the giant crowd of Marvel cosplayers, called out the Carol Corps and had us all lineup down in front for an epic shot. A weekend I wont soon forget.

Darrien Hunt, a person of colour and a part of the cosplay community, was shot dead by police for walking around with a toy sword.

If anyone going to New York Comic Con would like to join me, I’ll be wearing a black ribbon on the sleeve of my cosplay each of the four days. It’s not much, but I figure it’s at least something that we as a community can do to show solidarity.

If anyone has any other ideas, please feel free to share them.

The movies’ main women’s stories had, largely, revolved around their partner or paramour, and the one that didn’t — Black Widow (more on her in a bit) — fell victim to Kevin Feige’s hemming and hawing about lady-led films. “This isn’t for women,” that voice seemed to chide, reawakening the alienation and self-doubt I’d felt in my preteen years, “You don’t belong here.” Although that voice may not have been speaking the whole truth, it certainly felt that way.

That brings me back to Black Widow. Let me first make one thing clear about “Captain Marvel” — I am ecstatic. I am thrilled. I’m over the moon. It feels as though a weight has been lifted from my chest, that the tense knot in my stomach has eased. However, as psyched as I am about “Captain Marvel,” the fact that Black Widow has been left in the cold can’t help but cause discomfort.

This shouldn’t have been an “either/or” situation; it’s nonsense to argue that one or the other deserves a film more, when in reality it should have been both. In yesterday’s announcement, Fiege lumped Black Widow together with Hulk, saying that both will have big roles to play in the MCU to leave you satisfied — but he must have forgotten already that the Hulk has had two feature films and his own cartoon, where Black Widow has had none. What’s more, a “Black Widow” film is a treasure trove just waiting to be mined.


"I know we are all disappointed about the lack of a Black Widow film. Would it have been awesome to see Captain Marvel and Black Widow films announced? Totally. But I wasn’t expecting it. Feige has said on multiple occasions that, because Black Widow has been such an integral part of other films, she wouldn’t be the first woman to get her own stand-alone film. Is that total garbage? Sure! But Black Widow has still gotten some pretty kick-ass screen time; and, ultimately, isn’t it better to have two awesome female superheroes populating the Marvel universe instead of leaving Widow as the Token Lady? And this time, it’ll be a woman with actual superpowers (no offense, Nat).

It’s also worth mentioning that Black Widow, like Wonder Woman, would have been the safe choice here. Everyone knows Wonder Woman; her box office success is practically guaranteed. Black Widow is incredibly popular and well-established in the MCU; you can be sure she would have generated a good theater turn-out. But Captain Marvel is a complete unknown to most people; she’s only had her own stand-alone comic title for about two years, and she’s never been mentioned in any of the Marvel Entertainment properties. By taking a chance on Captain Marvel, Marvel is saying they believe in the power of a female superhero movie to stand on its own; they don’t need the, “Remember? You love Scarlett Johansson in black leather, guys!” audience for a lady movie to be successful. They’re going the Guardians of the Galaxy route and telling the world that an unknown female superhero is no more risky than Doctor Strange or Ant-Man. And I love that.”

An In-Depth Look At Each Of Marvel’s Huge Phase 3 Films (And What They Mean For All Comic Book Movies) | The Mary Sue

Captain Marvel and Inhumans movies, it means the moment of these two together in the big screen is approaching? you know, the slow motion moment strolling down the scene full of swag (don’t care if it’s cliché). For now still waiting for this big meeting in the comics, can’t even start to imagine Kamala’s first reaction. lol

p.s.: was sick and busy, still getting back  to my rhythm. -_-