The Deal:

New York gets: Carmelo, Billups, Shelden Williams, Renaldo Balkman, and Anthony Carter

Denver gets: Danilo Gallinari, Raymond Felton, Wilson Chandler, Timofey Mozgov, Knicks 2014 1st round pick, and two 2nd round picks from the David Lee to Golden State sign & trade

Minnesota gets: Anthony Randolph and Eddy Curry’s expiring

Landry Fields gets: to stay in New York; Chris Paul just happens to be in this photo.

Carmelo Anthony, via da New York: Chicago, Houston o LA nel suo futuro?

Carmelo Anthony, via da New York: Chicago, Houston o LA nel suo futuro?

New York si è affidata a Phil Jackson per rifondare la franchigia: nel futuro della squadra della Grande Mela però potrebbe non esserci Carmelo Anthony, che nonostante le ultime dichiarazioni positive sull’arrivo di Coach Zen, non rientrerebbe nei piani del nuovo presidente (e general manager) dei Knicks.

Il giornalista di ESPN  Stephen Smith ha rilasciato alcune dichiarazioni molto importanti…

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alexroidriguez asked:

Why do the Knicks grind your gears?

ok let me just tell u something about the knicks… after the brief tragedy that was the mike woodson era i was like ok im gonna lower my expectations.. ‘the next few seasons are gonna be eh, rebuilding blah blah blah’

… enter phil jackson. after america’s grandpa became the president of the organization basically everyone got fired and the whole team (except for fucking carmelo anthony) got released/traded/had their contracts bought out. 

‘ah… bold…’ i thought… ‘this better work…’ well it fucking didn’t

the knicks are now a tragic 14-58 on the year (the league-worst), mike woodson (who is somehow now a magic success) is walking around talkin shit, phil jackson’s doing interviews half-cryin/half laughin, the players just want 2 go home, everyone just want to be put out of their misery…what the hell happened phil? how did this “project do awry?”

The Nets are crazy. If they surrender Favors and five first-rounders here (…) they would have paid an unthinkable price for Anthony and Harrington, whose mid-level contract is fully guaranteed through 2012-13 and partially guaranteed for two seasons after that.

Jordan Farmar would be their full-time point guard. Their likely starting lineup would be Anthony, Harrington, Farmar, Brook Lopez and Anthony Morrow. Their bench would consist of Travis Outlaw — perhaps the league’s biggest new free-agent bust right now — and zero other useful assets. You don’t trade five first-round draft picks for that roster.

SI’s Zach Lowe solidifies a growing sentiment: that both the Nuggets and Nets don’t have a clue.

The Nuggets are turning down a trade that “nets” them 2 or 3 1st round picks, plus last drafts 3rd overall big Derrick Favors, and for what? Because they don’t want to inherit $8 million on a contract THAT IS EXPIRING???

Meanwhile the Nets are selling the farm for the above mentioned lineup - a team if they’re lucky might get swept as a 7 or 8 seed the next 2 seasons - when they should be using these next 3 years to build through the draft before moving to Brooklyn.

Meanwhile, Carmelo to the Knicks is all that anybody really wants.