OMG! Rejoice at last Don and Sheri shippers! Actual official Pixar storyboards of them together. And a wedding no less!

We have actual old storyboards of Don’s and Sheri’s wedding! I love how the banner does not even mention her first name, it’s just Don and Ms. Squibbles.

Don’t you love how Squishy is clearly sweating as if to go, it’s ok, my brother’s just marrying my mother. I just have to grin and bear it. For mom. Just grin and bear it.

This was during the process where Don was green and Art was orange.

Also, I enjoy how this is basically as close a homage to the Godfather the storyboarder could give. When I heard this storyboard was to pay tribute to the Godfather, I was thinking, oh, um, any rated-R violence in that scene?

I found this storyboard here on Twitter.